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Chapter 2973: You Just Care About Nirvanic Rebirth!

On the horizon, several figures were currently closing in at extreme speed.

The blazing fire was too eye-catching.

It could not be hidden at all.

“Ye Yuan, accept it! You’re of the human race’s fleshy body and can fuse with phoenix divine blood.

This is greatly beneficial to you! Phoenix divine blood can help you comprehend the origin of fire, letting you have the technique to rise from the ashes.

The benefits are too many to enumerate.

Furthermore, you have the origin of chaos blood.

Comprehending bloodline power yields twice the result with half the effort.

The more bloodlines, the stronger your strength will be!” Mi Tian said.

When Ye Yuan heard, he was rather moved too, reaching his hand out to grab, collecting this drop of blood essence.

The human race’s bloodline power was extremely weak, but their compatibility was extremely high.

Many human cultivators would think of ways to collect powerful true spirit bloodlines and fuse it into their own bloodline, thus transforming into a powerhouse, which was also the bloodline martial artists that everyone was talking about.

Bloodline martial artists were often not regarded highly by people.

The majority of them were not strong either.

But that was because high ranking true spirit bloodline was too difficult to come across!

Those who possessed high ranking true spirit bloodline were all true spirit clan’s powerful existences or descendants.

How could it be so easy to obtain?

Heaven qian grade true spirit bloodline was even what human powerhouses tried their utmost to obtain even in their sleep.

Seeing Ye Yuan accept the blood essence, Feng Qingxuan finally let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Yuan was the last strand of straw to clutch at.

She had no choice now but to place her hopes on Ye Yuan, letting him persevere for a while longer.


I’ll help protect you! But if Emperor Vast Heaven powerhouses appear, I’ll leave!” Ye Yuan said straightforwardly.

“Many thanks, Sir!” Feng Qingxuan said feebly.

At the same time, she sneered coldly in her heart.

If a Vermilion Bird Clan’s Emperor Vast Heaven powerhouse came, did you think that you could leave?

If not because she was at the end of her rope, why would this young lady waste a drop of blood essence to beg a piece of trash such as yourself to help?

She only hoped that this boy would not be too useless and could last a little longer!

As long as the nirvanic rebirth this time succeeded, my strength would directly reach grand completion Emperor Cloud Heaven.

Even if Feng Caihua that old spinster came, I won’t be scared too!

She did not care about Ye Yuan’s life and death at all.

In Feng Qingxuan’s view, Ye Yuan would definitely die without a doubt.

There were not just these five Emperor Cloud Heavens hunting her down.

Once she entered the nirvanic rebirth state, those pursuers would swarm over.

At that time, there would even more many upper Emperor Cloud Heaven, even grand completion Emperor Cloud Heaven existences that would appear.

How could this human boy possibly survive?

Ye Yuan naturally did not know what Feng Qingxuan had in mind and already met with those five Emperor Cloud Heavens.

“The Fire Phoenix Clan is conducting business.

Get lost if you don’t want to die, boy!” From afar, the handsome youth in front roared.

These five Emperor Realm powerhouses all looked human.

But the phoenix clan bloodline in their body was very powerful.

Of course, it was much worse compared to Feng Qingxuan.

“Apologies, this Ye has to try my best to do what was entrusted to me.

The few of you had better not go over,” Ye Yuan blocked the way and said.

Among these five people, four were lower Emperor Cloud Heaven, and one was middle Emperor Cloud Heaven.

It was seriously not enough for Ye Yuan to look at.

His goal was the fire phoenix blood essence.

He did not want to kill people.

Except, he did not want to kill people, but these few people clearly did not plan on letting him off.

The handsome youth smiled coldly and said, “Looks like this boy is bewitched by that little slut! To actually stand up for her recklessly and blindly!”

“Hahaha … this boy just came out to the real world, right? He probably doesn’t know what kind of existence my Fire Phoenix Clan is!”

“Kid, that little slut is undergoing nirvanic rebirth and deliberately made you come over to court death.

If you’re sensible, hurry up and get out of here!”

The five people did not place Ye Yuan in their sights at all.

A mere human ant, they could kill him with a wave of their hands.

In the same cultivation realm, the Fire Phoenix Clan’s bloodline advantage was too great!

Ye Yuan could feel that these few had already reached battle spirit rank chaos bloodline.

Placed in the Fire Phoenix Clan, they were considered youth talents too.

It was just that, to Ye Yuan, it was completely inadequate.

Seeing that Ye Yuan was unmoved, the handsome youth snorted coldly and said, “Kid, you’re courting death yourself, then I’ll send you off! Feng Ying, go and kill him!”

Next to him, the youth called Feng Ying had a disdainful look, and his hand started to form seals.

“Fire Luo Sacred Seal!”

The surging flare directly enveloped Ye Yuan inside.

Ye Yuan did not even dodge and was swallowed up by the large fire.

Feng Ying smiled coldly and said, “Mantis trying to stop a cart!”

The handsome youth could not even be bothered to look at Ye Yuan and said coolly, “Come on, that little wench is undergoing nirvanic rebirth.

It’s precisely a good chance to kill her.

Killing her, we’ll have made great contributions!”

The five people were just about to move when the flare dissipated.

Ye Yuan was standing there without moving like he was completely fine.

The handsome youth jumped in fright, his eyes full of incredulity.

“A-A-Are you a human or ghost?” The handsome youth cried out in alarm.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “The few of you are too weak.

This Ye can’t be bothered to make a move.

It’s better to leave.”

When the handsome youth heard that, he felt great humiliation.

In this Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven, apart from the four symbols family clans, who dared to speak to them like this?

A human actually said that they were too weak!

This was the greatest humiliation!

The handsome youth’s expression turned cold, and he said in a solemn voice, “Attack together! Kill this punk!”

In an instant, five fire phoenixes suddenly appeared, carrying a terrifying bloodline aura.

The five people cut across the sky, charging over towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan shook his head slightly and said, “People should have self-awareness.

You all are so weak, don’t you know it?”

Done talking, Ye Yuan threw a punch out lightly.


The void trembled, the five fire phoenixes were directly blasted flying.

The handsome youth somersaulted dozens of times in the air before barely managing to stabilize his figure.

The five people looked at Ye Yuan, their eyes full of astonishment.

“Leave!” The handsome youth fled at a splitting pace without even turning his head back.

Feng Qingxuan’s consciousness had not completely entered the state of annihilation yet.

Seeing this scene, she could not help saying anxiously, “Sir, why didn’t you kill them?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “I have no grudges nor enmity with them.

Why should I kill them?”

Feng Qingxuan felt like she was going crazy and said anxiously, “Sir, there are still Fire Phoenix Clan members in the vicinity.

You let them leave; they will definitely get reinforcements!”

Ye Yuan still said calmly, “It doesn’t matter.”


Feng Qingxuan’s heart was burning with anxiety.

She actually found an idiot!

She was also very surprised that Ye Yuan was so strong.

But she did not think that this kid was simply a complete and utter fool!

This boy clearly did not have any real world experience, to actually be so benevolent to the enemy.

Ye Yuan looked at the burning Feng Qingxuan and said coolly, “You just care about your nirvanic rebirth.

As long as an Emperor Vast Heaven doesn’t come, I won’t leave.”

Feng Qingxuan could not hold back and wanted to let loose a torrent of abuse, but she did not dare.

If Ye Yuan left, she would really have no hope.

But how could she let this moron understand that he did something that was foolish to the extreme?

Was this a problem of you leaving or not?

Originally, those people could not immediately find her position by sensing.

But now, with those few fellows leading the way, they could find her in no time.

Following that, you would be facing dozens of Emperor Realm pursuers!

Do you know that you’re courting death or not?”

Feng Qingxuan was burning with anxiety, but she also did not know how to persuade this overweeningly arrogant idiot.

She was going crazy!