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1556 Seven-Floors Exquisite Pagoda, Changes Of Seven Floors Daoist Technique, Breaking Out of The Pagoda

Chu Kuangren successfully broke through the nine layers of restriction seals.

However, before he could enter the Chaos Fragment, a golden pagoda fell from the sky and trapped him inside.

The interior of the pagoda was majestic and sparkling.

It was forged using bricks of gold that were carved with mystical runes.

A terrifying surge of energy enveloped him entirely and limited his capabilities.

Chu Kuangren frowned.

“Wow, Immortal Hall.

You guys have really gone the extra mile to deal with me.”

He pointed his sword hand sign forward and wanted to use his sword qi to break out.

At the same time, the mystical runes of the pagoda began to shine and swirl before shooting multiple golden sword qi at him.

“Hmph!” Chu Kuangren grunted and shot his sword qi at the incoming golden sword qi.

However, after the blast of the golden sword qi, a huge flame blasted toward him, and its strength rivaled that of the Liuding Heavenly Flame inside the Bagua Furnace.

Chu Kuangren hovered in the air and activated the Drought Demon True Body, which allowed him to be immune to the scorching flames.

He scanned over the pagoda with a sharp gaze.

“Lil Ai, analyze for a weak point.”

The Seven-Floors Exquisite Pagoda might look like it only had seven floors from the outside, but the number seven did not refer to the floors.

It referred to the number of treasures it contained that had seven different kinds of Dao Technique transformation.

The seven treasures included the sword, halberd, umbrella, spear…

The Seven Floors Dao Technique Transformation was channeled by the seven treasures, and the power it contained could even trap an Arch Gilded Immortal.

Flames scorched after the golden sword qi.

Although Chu Kuangren had the Drought Demon True Body, which allowed him to be immune to fire, the flame transformed gradually into another Dao Technique.

Spear ray and sword qi attacked from all directions.

A massive umbrella opened above Chu Kuangren and attempted to crush him with immense power.

Then, a whisk swept forward, cleansing heaven and earth, while a massive ruler appeared and crushed the void.

All kinds of Dao Technique Transformations complemented each other as they attacked in near-infinite ways.

Chu Kuangren stood in the air with countless Immortal Sparks surrounding him.

The reddish-gold Fusang Tree appeared behind him with extended branches, and the Yin Yang Arch Gilded Intent it contained rivaled the illusive Dao Technique Transformations of the seven treasures.

Both sides were equally matched.


He’s really powerful.

Although he’s trapped inside the pagoda, he’s doing fine.”


It’s terrifying.

However, no matter how strong he is, it will take him some time to break out.”

“The pagoda can at least trap him for a year!”

Some of the great ones of the Immortal Hall were delighted and confident in their prized pagoda.

A year was more than enough for the Prodigies to secure all the Opportunities of Fortune inside the Chaos Fragment.

Until then, even if Chu Kuangren broke out, it no longer mattered.

Back inside the pagoda, Chu Kuangren summoned a bronze halberd.

The halberd overflowed with demonic qi, and its presence shook the land in every direction.

“Analysis complete…” Lil Ai’s voice sounded in Chu Kuangren’s head.

The pagoda might be sturdy, but nothing in the world was flawless.

In between the Dao Technique Transformations, there was a tiny window that would expose the pagoda’s flaw.

That particular flaw would only appear in a split second.

Not even an Arch Gilded Immortal could seize the moment to break out.

However, with Lil Ai’s help, Chu Kuangren could do it!

In between the Dao Technique Transformations, the flaw revealed itself.

As Chu Kuangren wielded the Great Wasteland Halberd tightly, his Immortal’s Core energy channeled to the limit, and the roars of nine dragons sounded.

The Battle Secret Technique and Chiyou’s Demonic Patterns were activated at the same time.

With the buff from the True Emperor Dragons and the two secret techniques, Chu Kuangren’s energy reached an unprecedented level.

He swung the halberd forward, and the massive halberd ray shone brightly.

It was the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique final form, Great Wasteland Subjugation!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Great Wasteland Halberd’s ray extinguished the Heavenly Flame.

As the sword qi and the halberd ray dissipated, it ripped a hole in the massive umbrella.

The halberd strike struck the sturdy pagoda structure, causing the entire pagoda to shake.

It started to crack, and when the crack reached a certain threshold, a massive hole opened up in the wall.

Back in the outside world, the crowd was still talking about Chu Kuangren being trapped in the pagoda.

All of a sudden, heaven and earth trembled.

The golden pagoda at the entrance of the Chaos Fragment shook violently before a massive hole burst open in the wall.

The pagoda was broken! The golden bricks that formed its walls scattered outward, and massive energy gushed out like a torrential current.

Countless cultivators gasped in fear.

“H-How is this possible!?”

They were almost certain that Chu Kuangren would break out of the pagoda but not so quickly!

He had only been trapped for a while!

The cultivator who claimed that the pagoda could trap Chu Kuangren for at least half a year was utterly embarrassed.

“How did he do it?”

“Wait! I think he managed to catch the flaw of the pagoda and strike its weak point!” said one of the great ones.

His words left everyone in awe.

“The Dao Technique Transformation in the pagoda is illusive and unpredictable.

How did he capture that split second in such a short time?”

“Don’t ask me.

I don’t have an answer!”

“How did he locate the flaw?”

“Maybe it’s luck?”

“Luck? I would want to have such luck! There must be something fishy going on!”

“Chu Kuangren is unpredictable and cannot be measured by common means!”

No matter how the great ones refused to believe it, Chu Kuangren had broken out of the pagoda, and it was a solid fact.

The white figure flew out from the pagoda wielding the halberd.

The Immortals Sparks around him shone brightly, and his aura pressured all life on the land like a peerless Immortal King.

“No matter what method you people use, you can’t stop me,” Chu Kuangren said as he looked into the sky.

Then, he headed into the Chaos Fragment.

The great ones looked at each other helplessly.

“What are we going to do now?”

“What else? He’s already strong enough to break through all our hurdles.

The only thing we can do now is to pray for the Prodigies inside the Chaos Fragment.

Let’s hope that they are lucky enough to avoid him.”

“I’m worried that even if Chu Kuangren isn’t going after the other Prodigies, the other Prodigies might go after him.”

Prodigies were all proud people, after all.

Although they were all suppressed by Chu Kuangren’s absolute power, once they had the chance to turn the tide, they would take it even if it required a great effort.

Chaos qi was rampant inside the Chaos Fragment.

Common Immortals could not have made it inside alive.

Only Gilded Immortals and above could venture around freely.

The riskier the place, the better the Opportunity of Fortune!

The Chaos qi in the Chaos Fragment might be deterring, but all the treasure hidden inside it could be considered some of the rarest treasures to ever exist.

Then, inside the chaos, shimmering Immortal Sparks shone brightly in every direction.

A dense energy fluctuation spread outward.

Many of the sky-prides and Prodigies sensed it, and it intrigued them.

“This energy fluctuation means some treasure has emerged!”

“Let’s go have a look.”

Amid the shining Immortal Sparks was a jeweled tree growing out of chaos.

The leaves were dense, but only two fruits were hanging from the tree.

One of them had green energy swirling around it, while the other had lightning energy.

The fruits had Daoist patterns contained in their respective energy.

A figure arrived before the jeweled tree.

When he saw the hanging fruits, he was shocked.

“This is…”