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Chapter 882: Chapter 067: lying as if he was telling the truth

“Stop.”Ling Xin was furious.

Ling Jing didn’t even turn his head.

“This is my attitude.

Don’t be angry.

You have five sons anyway, so you don’t need me.”

After saying this, his figure had already disappeared from the restaurant.

Ling Xin looked at his back and was furious.

“Don’t be angry.

“It’s good that he’s gone.

“If you have the ability, don’t come back in this life.”

Liu Xiyun sighed in her heart.


Su Peizhen learned how to make dumplings from Xiang caiping.

The dumplings she made were not as good-looking as Xiang caiping’s.

“Not bad, your skills are better than last year.”

Xiang caiping did not forget to praise her, so much so that she was embarrassed.

And Xiang caiping’s bun was really beautiful.

“It’s fine.

We ate it into our stomachs.

Who cares what happens?”

This made sense.

She did not forget to look at Xiang caiping’s movements from time to time and try to learn from her.

She was willing to learn, and Xiang caiping was also willing to teach.

“Like this, and then this, and finally this, see? Squeeze like this in the middle, squeeze a little tighter, this will look good.”

“Okay, got it.”Su Peizhen continued to do what she was doing, trying her best to make it look more beautiful.

Xiang caiping talked about some new things in the community.

There was a place for square dancing in front.

Xiang caiping was not interested in it in the past, but now she had nothing to do and went there every night.

She was also young and energetic.

The mother and daughter were talking happily when the doorbell rang.

Su Peizhen was stunned.

Although she had told Su Chenghui about her moving, Su Chenghui didn’t know the specific address.

She didn’t want him to come.

Xiang caiping was also stunned.

Who would come at this time?

“Go and see who it is.”


When she saw Ling Jing standing outside the door, Su Peizhen didn’t have time to think about anything else.

Ling Jing held the door with one hand and didn’t let her close it.

Su Peizhen was stunned by his words, but she didn’t intend to let go.

If you don’t get out, I don’t care if I catch you.”

Ling Jing’s strength was much greater than Su Peizhen’s.

“I was kicked out of the house.

With a somewhat aggrieved tone, Ling Jing looked at Su Peizhen, thinking that if she was soft-hearted, she would let him in.

“You’ve been kicked out of the house?”Su Peizhen sneered.

“It’s true.”Ling Jing nodded heavily with a sincere expression.

Peizhen, I have nowhere to go now.

If you don’t take me in, I’ll end up on the streets.”

What nonsense.

“Peizhen, who is it?”

“Get out.”

Su Peizhen was anxious to chase her out, but how could it be faster than Ling Jing’s? He heard Xiang Caiping’s voice from inside and reacted quickly.

“Auntie, it’s me, Ah Jing.”

“Ah Jing?”Xiang caiping was suddenly energized.

“A jing, why is it you? Why are you here?”There was still flour on her hands, but the smile on Xiang caiping’s face was very bright.

There was no doubt at all that she had only said the name of a small community.

“Auntie, I’m sorry to disturb you.

However, there are too many things.

I’m only free today.”

Ling Jing’s attitude was very sincere.

“You Child, you don’t have to be so polite.

Ling Jing didn’t look at Su Peizhen, he just looked at Xiang caiping.

“Auntie, I came here suddenly.

He had indeed come to Su Peizhen’s place right after he left the Ling residence.

He hadn’t come to look for Su Peizhen previously, but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t paid attention to her situation.

After leaving the Ling residence, other than the impulse to see Su Peizhen, there was nothing else in his mind.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.

Ling Jing stood at the door and seemed to be a little embarrassed.


Xiang caiping signaled him to enter.

When he passed by Su Peizhen, he winked at him.

Su Peizhen’s face was very stiff.

Today was New Year’s Eve, and it was the New Year.

The result of enduring patiently was to watch Ling Jing follow Xiang caiping into the door, watch him follow her to the restaurant, and watch him sit down next to Xiang caiping.

“Auntie, are you making dumplings?”


Look at this question, asking him if he wanted to eat? So he was going to ask Ling Jing to join him for New Year’s Eve Dinner?

“Mom –“Su Peizhen couldn’t bear it.

“I just came to pay a courtesy visit.

As she spoke, she glanced at Ling Jing.

Ling, we don’t have anything to entertain here.

It’s better for you to go back and spend the new year with your family.”

Once she said this, Xiang caiping felt that it made sense.

Ah Jing, it’s the New Year.

Don’t you want to go home and spend the new year with your family?”

Xiang caiping was very traditional.

“Auntie.”Ling Jing looked aggrieved.

I have nowhere to go now.”


Su Peizhen tried her best to control the urge to roll her eyes.

“How could this be? It’s the New Year, your dad, he…”

“I made him unhappy.”Ling Jing spread his hands.

I wasn’t willing.

We had a fight, and then he chased me out.”

Su Peizhen looked at Ling Jing expressionlessly, watching him lie as if he was telling the truth.

This man had become used to lying.

As the young master of the Ling family, he could do whatever he wanted.

“Why is your Father Like This?”Xiang caiping looked at Ling Jing, Her Eyes Full of heartache.

Why Don’t you apologize to your father?”

“Let’s talk about it later.”Ling Jing shook his head.

It’s useless for me to say anything.

It’s better for me to come out and lay low.

Maybe when he calms down, he’ll be willing to listen to my explanation.”

“That’s true.”

Xiang caiping nodded, but soon fell into worry again.

“But, it’s the New Year.

“It’s okay, Aunty.

“Stay in a hotel?”Xiang caiping’s tone immediately aroused Su Peizhen’s high vigilance.

But before she could express her opinion, Xiang caiping had already spoken first.

“Staying in a hotel is better than staying here.

“Won’t it be inconvenient?”Ling Jing’s eyes flashed with joy.

“Yes.”Finally not wanting to restrain herself, Su Peizhen said without thinking, “It’s very inconvenient, very inconvenient.

“Peizhen, you child –“Xiang caiping looked at Su Peizhen in shock.

“Mom.”Su Peizhen clenched her fists by her side.

It’s really inconvenient to take in a man.”

“The house is so big.

How is it inconvenient?”

“Mom –”

“It’s decided.”Xiang caiping looked at Ling Jing.

Peizhen is really like that.

No ill intentions.

It’s the New Year, how can I let you stay in a hotel?”

“Thank you, Aunty.”Ling Jing smiled brightly.

You’re such a good person.”

Su Peizhen gritted her teeth.

She just watched Ling Jing enter the room without saying anything.

He even succeeded in staying.

“You Child, you’re So Sweet.

I’ll finish making these dumplings first.”

“Auntie, let me help.”

“You know how to?”

“No, but I can learn.”Ling Jing rolled up his sleeves.

Don’t worry, Auntie.”

“Good, good, good child.”

Ling Jing ran to wash his hands and then came back quickly.

Xiang caiping had patience to teach, and it was rare that Ling Jing also had patience to learn.

As he learned how to make dumplings from Xiang caiping, he did not forget to sneak a few glances at her.

In her eyes, it was pride and provocation.

Su Peizhen was on the other side of the dining table.

That kind of emotion came again.

It was as if he was Xiang Caiping’s son, and she was just an outsider.

Damn Ling Jing.