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Chapter 767: Side Story: little liar

“Why would I quit my job?” the autumn wind in the capital was strong and hot.

Most humans loved pain, and the specific symptoms were licking mouth ulcers, pressing blue and purple bruises, and the stupidity of asking the obvious.

Huo Sicheng took out a cigarette from the box, lit it, and stared at her with cold eyes.

He asked her in an impatient tone, as if he was talking to an unreasonable woman.

After all, Huo ningxin was his wife.


In that case, he shouldn’t be like a jealous woman who always competed with outsiders.

“Huo ningxin, don’t mess with me.

That’s right, they had made a promise before marriage.

After marriage, we’ll play on our own and not interfere with each other.”

The carriage was silent, mixed with the smell of tobacco.

Huo ningxin smiled.

Her eyes were red, but her voice was numb.”But brother Sicheng, didn’t you break up with Huo niannian? Why did you stay with her at the waterside pavilion in the South?”

Li Sicheng also looked at her, his eyes cold.”You investigated me?”

Huo ningxin shook her head.

Huo Sicheng stared at her for a long time.”From the moment you married into the Li family and got this marriage, you had no choice.”

“Yes, I’ve always understood, Si Cheng.”

She replied very obediently, but for some reason, the more she heard, the more ear – piercing it felt.

“Huo ningxin, don’t mess around with me,” he said as he reached out to hug her.

Huo ningxin frowned.

Seven days ago, in the same car in front of the hospital, she wondered if he had done the same thing to Huo niannian, holding her in his arms with extreme gentleness.

She thought.

I won ‘t, li Sicheng.

It has consumed all my energy.

I don’t have the strength to love you anymore.



Li Sicheng was the heir of the Li family, and he liked to show off his luxurious things.

From expensive watches to expensive cars.

When Huo ningxin went to work the next day, her colleagues in the company saw her and immediately burst into an uproar.

“Here, Mrs.

“Sigh, some people work to survive, while others work to kill time!”

“I say, Xin Xin Zi, your husband is so rich.

Why are you still working?”

“That’s right, he’s handsome and rich.

Your husband must love you very much.

I don’t care, you have to treat everyone to a big meal tonight!”

Huo ningxin pursed her lips.

Her heart ached, but could she refuse?

The happy marriage in the eyes of outsiders was just like drinking water for her.

Li Sicheng’s RV was all his things, and she was eager to have something of her own.

Even if it was only a 40 square meter building, she felt happy.

She was no longer lonely like a ghost in this city.

Soon, the employees in the company dispersed.

Huo ningxin went to work on Fu Jiang’s documents as usual.

Just half an hour later, the phone in her hand suddenly rang.

Huo ningxin picked up the call.”Hello.”

“Auntie, it’s Fu Zhi.

Many people are scolding you for being the third party who steals other people’s marriage! After seeing him, his emotions became unstable and he directly vomited blood.

The doctor is treating him now, but I remember the doctor saying that brother Nan Li’s emotional outburst would hurt his brain.

Will something happen to him, Auntie!”

The anxious voice on the other end almost came through the phone! At that moment, Huo ningxin felt her blood boiling.

Huo ningxin’s first reaction wasn’t heartache.

Her mind went blank.

Two seconds later, she stood up and asked with a trembling body,”Zhizhi, what did you say happened to Nan Li?”

“She was so emotional that she hurt her nerves and fainted.

Everyone’s blaming you.”

“Weibo?” Huo ningxin’s hands trembled as she rummaged for her jacket.

“Ningxin, did you see the comments online? The netizens are saying that you were adopted by the Huo family and you’re ungratefully snatching away the marriage of their real daughter.

“How did your husband end up in the same apartment as the Huo family’s daughter? The two of them are even hugging?”

“This must be fake.

How could this happen?”

“Huo ningxin, are you really the cruel and unscrupulous person that the netizens said you are?”

It wasn ‘t.


Huo ningxin shook her head helplessly.

On the Weibo page, there was a video of li Sicheng sending Huo niannian back to the waterside pavilion.

There was also a short essay on Huo niannian’s five – year relationship that had been interrupted by someone.

“At first, the video of President li hugging a woman was released on Weibo, and everyone thought that this person was Mrs.

They didn’t expect the fashion designer from Country m, Huo niannian, to come out and explain that her fans pitied her.

So, ningxin, is what she said true?”

Was it important? Did it matter whether it was real or not?

When the video was posted, li Sicheng did not find anyone to delete it.

Look at you, Huo ningxin, how pathetic you are!

How could you live such a failure?

The mist in her eyes blocked her from looking at everyone’s expressions, but those gazes were always fiery, like her disappointed biological parents, making her feel like there was a dagger on her back.

She rushed out of the crowd and stumbled all the way to press the elevator button.

“AI, ningxin, where are you going?”

He left resentfully.

Yingying wanted to leave this place.

It started to rain heavily in the capital.

She ran all the way to the door and accidentally bumped into a black figure.

While the world was spinning, someone raised his hand and quickly pulled back his crying face.

“I’m sorry,”she said.

“It’s okay.” The person’s eyes were gentle and almond – shaped.

Before she took her hand out, she stuffed a black umbrella into her hand.”Take it.

It’s raining heavily outside.”

Huo ningxin didn’t have time to look at him carefully.

She thanked him and quickly took a taxi to the hospital.

There was a faint peach fragrance in the air.

Fu Chao slowly tied his bow tie and glanced at Fu Jiang, who was smiling lightly.”What were you doing just now?”


“I saw it.

“Also, I know her.

She’s our high school classmate, the little girl who always followed li Sicheng.” Why did you hit her?”

Fu Jiang adjusted the gold – rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose.”If I don’t hit her, how am I supposed to help her?”

Fu Chao was confused.”???”

Are you crazy?

Are you any different from the loafer who pulls the hair of other girls in kindergarten?


” Fu Chao scolded him.

However, he paused and continued,””I told you before that I felt like something was missing around me.

“A little.”

“Then what do you think is missing? I really can’t remember.

I don’t even find other people’s children noisy.

“Do you think that I had a one – night stand with someone a few years ago and had a group of lost pearls outside?”

Fu Jiang pursed his lips.”What novel have you been reading recently?”

“Nine babies in one baby.


No wonder.



By the time Huo ningxin arrived at the hospital, the doctor had already examined li Nanli.

“It’s a little strange.

The doctor could only say,”if the patient saw something that stimulated him before he fainted, it could theoretically cause him to fall unconscious.” However, his body’s indicators aren’t too bad.

He was lucky this time, but I can’t guarantee the next time.

“Thank you, doctor.

As soon as she closed the door, she started crying as she looked at her son on the bed.

“Auntie.” Fu Zhi called her from the side.

“Yes, Zhizhi.” Huo ningxin wiped her tears and forced a smile at her.”Thank you for your trouble today.

I’m sorry for the joke.”

Fu Zhi shook her head.

She put her hands behind her back and said,”Auntie, don’t say that.”

He paused for a moment and continued,”I’ve seen the comments on the internet, but I know that there are some things that make a Tiger out of three people.

The murderer is still out there, and the only ones injured are you and Nan Li.

Auntie, crying won’t solve your problem.

If you don’t do it, Huo niannian will do it again soon.

Do you want to see your son get hurt again?”

Yes, Huo ningxin didn’t want to.

But what could she do?

All these years, she had explained to her parents and Li Sicheng countless times, but all she had received was …

“Auntie, I can help you.

Do you need my help?”

Huo ningxin looked up in disbelief.



November was a bright and beautiful month.

It had the coldness of winter, but the sun was high up in the sky, warm as usual.

Li Changgu’s divine power was recovering well.

At the beginning of the month, the Huo family and the Li family released an official statement.

She denied the internet’s claim that Huo niannian was the real heiress of the Huo family.

It also revealed the fact that Huo niannian’s biological parents had raised Huo ningxin in the countryside.

Fu Zhi only moved her fingers and sent the recording of Huo niannian’s face and the proof to the Huo family’s elders.

In his memory, Huo niannian was a sensible and obedient child that they had raised.

But now, Huo niannian’s ferocious face in the video reminded them of the past.

As for her parents, as soon as they thought about how their child was adopted by Huo niannian’s parents, they couldn’t treat it as a mistake.

They began to regret trusting a stranger instead of their own daughter.

In order not to be criticized behind their backs and make people think that they didn’t want to adopt a daughter because they had a biological daughter, they completely hurt their biological daughter’s heart for the sake of their face.

As parents, most of them felt that “all parents are right,” so they vented all their emotions on Huo niannian.

Huo niannian had no other choice but to beg li Sicheng.”Sicheng, you’ll help me, right?”

She begged the man like a mad woman, but all she got was a cold smile.”Huo niannian, I thought we had nothing to do with each other ever since you drugged me and went abroad.”

“Besides, I’ve already made it clear to you in the car that day.”

For the first time, Huo niannian realized that Huo Sicheng knew everything.

After all, he had been with Huo ningxin for 17 years.

His sarcasm and his unwillingness to get close to Huo ningxin was nothing more than him feeling that falling in love with Huo ningxin was more embarrassing than when he once said that he would never fall in love with someone like her.

She pretended to sprain her ankle on a rainy night, and when Huo Sicheng helped her put on her seatbelt, she deliberately glanced at Huo ningxin, who was standing at the entrance of the hospital.

Huo ningxin lowered her head and stared at the bluestone steps in front of her.

She felt extremely carefree.

Huo ningxin shouldn’t have returned to the Huo family in the first place.

Even li Sicheng had been paying attention to this little girl when he was not paying attention.

If he didn’t love her, why did he just resist his family and accept the fact that he was married to Huo ningxin?

That was why he felt guilty towards Huo niannian.

She had been involved with Huo Sicheng for a long time because of this promise, which was enough to make Huo ningxin crazy and fragile.