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Chapter 735: Participating In The Movie (1)

At the same time.

The late night internet was still bustling with activity.

Netizens surfing the Internet commented on national affairs, ridiculed celebrity scandals, ridiculed weird leaders, and shared beautiful daily life..

When the netizens scrolled to a post in the official daily, everyone’s reaction was like Mush, and they curiously stopped at their fingertips.

[Martial arts, stop fighting for martial arts, martial arts practitioners, and the art of self-cultivation.

Everyone clicked on the video of Xiang Yi and Shu Xinglan’s battle.

The video had undergone post-processing, and one look was enough to tell that it was the work of a big shot.

In this video, the swordsmanship of China was displayed artistically.

The end of the video was fixed at the moment when the wooden sword broke, and it was appropriate to immediately retract the sword.

The screen turned black and showed two lines of subtitles:

[Since you have come out of the cave, you have no reason to do so.


[Virtue comes first, etiquette comes first, peace comes first, and sincerity comes from the heart! ]

The shock was overwhelming.

Countless people were stunned for a while before they could react.

——[Oh my God, I feel like I have returned to the hot-blooded feeling of reading wuxia novels when I was a child! ]!

——[Xiang Yi is really polite.

This is the spirit of Chinese martial arts! ]

[ this is a fake fight, right? She can really fight to such a level? Does our country really have kung fu? This is unbelievable! ]


After the passersby finished lamenting, they suddenly realized..

What the F * ck?

Xiang Yi was actually praised by the official media again? !

How many times had this been? !

It was already rare for other artists to be praised once.

It was as if she was an elder during the new year, showing off to her relatives how outstanding her children were!

Because the content of this video was wonderful and the production was well-made, it quickly spread and became extremely popular!

In the early morning, there were even bloggers who brought back news that the video had also become popular overseas!

Many netizens praised, “Let’s not talk about other things, Xiang Yi has really done a good job for our country!”

In this regard, the Spicy Rabbits expressed:


Very Normal

Basic operation

Our Xiang Yi is just an ordinary girl.

The fans of a few A-list female stars in the country have a stronger sense of crisis.

At first, Xiang Yi was popular, more like she was an online celebrity.

But now that she had received official recognition, it was equivalent to having a backer! The industry would also re-evaluate her business value!

It was said that several luxury brands and national brands had already started to approach her management team.

The market’s cake was only so big.

Now, it was not about snatching the cake..

It was to eat the whole cake!

Could this be tolerated?

Of course not!

Thus, a wave of organized, disciplined, and premeditated rhythm began..

They avoided the topic of Xiang Yi’s personality and talent, and focused all their efforts on one point:

[ Xiang Yi has no representative work! ]