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Constellation Returned from Hell 300

The Constellation that Returned from Hell chapter 300

“Eun-eol is coming.”

“This time, Eun-Eul’s side was really setting the mood…”

“Somehow, articles like ‘Dragon Artifact Crabs’ keep coming out.”

“Is Eun-Eol really coming up with something?”

“Well… Eun-Eol is a bit ungrateful.


Eun-Eul, one of the Chinese Artifact conglomerates.

In addition to being a large corporation, the Chinese raid-affiliated companies received enormous support from the government, so their power was strong.

It was also the place where Eun-Eul released several hit works.

But this is America.

The reaction was a bit lukewarm.

“If you don’t really have any money, is there any reason to use silver?”

“Artifact was unstable…”

“I don’t know if the overheating problem has been solved.”

“No, that’s too harsh!”

The Chinese clan hunters, who were listening next to them, were furious.

He came along to support Eun-Eol, but after hearing other people’s gossip, he became furious.

If it was an event held in China, it was absolutely unimaginable.

“What is he saying now?”

“Hey. Didn’t you know that this place was originally like this? If you screw up, you go back to China.”

Originally, the purpose of the presentation was to make up for each other’s shortcomings while freeing up what to say.

It is not a place to talk softly while thinking about the other company!

Of course, there was no way the Chinese hunters could adapt to that.

“Did you even accept bribes from these children!”

“You must have taken the bribe. How much did Eun-Eol give you?”


As the hunters continued to fight and make noise around them, the officers came and whispered quietly.

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll call the A-class hunters who are there.”

At those words, the Hunters sat quietly.

It was at this presentation that people stronger than himself were swarming.

“Let’s see where we can put something out.”

“You’ll be shocked when you see it.”

The hunters who fought were growling at each other as to whether there was any sediment left.

“Here is an item that will open up a new future for artificial Artifact. It is <Short Sword of the Cold Warlord>!”


The Hunters who were watching blinked their eyes.

The short sword that Eun-Eol brought with her was too…

it was similar

“Ah, no. The fake one came out now.


“What kind of bastards do you have with no conscience?”

“No! The design may look a bit similar, but they are clearly different. This cold skill…”

“Hey, you ignorant bastards!”

“go away!”

There was one unexpected thing about Eun-Eul Sa.

That 1/3 of the people sitting here are Hunters!

Corporate staff and presenters kept their silence, but the Hunters just expressed their emotions outright.


“Turn it off! Where did you come from with such a miscellaneous thing!”

Ordinary citizens threw rotten eggs or tomatoes, but hunters with good power would throw chairs and props.

Chairs and props lying on the floor flew to the stage, and Eun-Eol’s staff began to scream and run away.

“Keep out those filthy scammers!”

“Turn it off! Get it off!”

“Everyone, calm down… you have to calm down!”

No matter how much they shouted, the hunters who caught fire did not stop.

The hunters were excited to commit vandalism, and it became quiet only after the police commandos and government-side hunters that were nearby came rushing in.

Choi Yeon-seung, who was watching what was going on, asked with a tired expression.

“Are you here every time?”

“This time, I’m a little more modest.”

Choi Yeon-seung was shocked.

‘Like crazy Americans… !’

fire fire fire

When Choi Yeon-seung ascended to the top, the mood changed.

Although it is a place where dogs and cows are announced, the weight of what an A-class hunter directly announces is different.

Besides, there are a lot of rumors about money

Those expectations were unusual.

“Have you ever been raised?”

“If there is, I’d like to buy some right now…”

Among the hunters, the hunters with herb-related skills were about to openly ask questions.

Whether there was a crafting skill for alchemy or a skill with an additional bonus to using herbs, the Abyss herbs were precious treasures.

“This is bad.”

A hunter belonging to the clan “Shreiber”, Lain, raised a worried voice.

The <New York Fires> clan hunters who were next to me looked at me as if they were talking about something.

“what are you talking about?”

“The atmosphere was overheated with too much anticipation! Common sense would not have finished everything now. If it’s not completed now, profanity will come right away.”


New York Fires Clan Hunters were impressed.

I didn’t admire Lane’s insight,

It was admiring to see Lane worrying about others.

‘I thought you were a bastard who knew nothing but… ‘

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s funny that you care about others.”

“…do you want to follow?”

“It’s a compliment. A compliment.”

Lane was about to swear.

Certainly, it was rare for him to care so much about others.

However, Yeonseung Choi was an exception.

Among Hunters, such a personality is really rare.

In Lane standards, he had a toughness almost like Santa Claus. How can you save the lives of people who don’t care in a dungeon like that?

“…A person like this should be treated as he deserves. Your colleagues would have been helped too.”

“I see. What should I do?”

“It’s simple. If you get booed, let’s do the opposite.”

Lane and the New York Fires Hunters nodded.

If there are people who want to fuck Choi Yeon-seung, the hunters who have been favored by Choi Yeon-seung are also here.

Even if Yeonseung Choi announces development delay, they will unconditionally cheer!

“Be careful of one thing. No matter how many boos come out, don’t attack them. If you attack, you’ll get insulted by this side for nothing.”

“A hunter day or two? Of course I know.”

It was okay to shout at each other, but even attacking could have the opposite effect.

I would be very sorry if I was misunderstood that Yeonseung Choi did it for nothing, and if I just ruined my image.

“Go fast!! So Dragon Hwang will fall!”

“that’s right!”

Among the Hunters, I could hear some of the quick-tempered ones screaming.

It was a common boo at presentations.

This kind of booing comes out by default

it was a crisis.

“Are you crazy?”

Choi Yeon-seung was about to give a speech at those words, but then stopped and came down.

The Hunter, who had just shouted at the sudden appearance of Choi Yeon-seung, said in bewilderment.

“Ah, no. The freedom of the press… the freedom of the press… Whoops!”

“What kind of bullshit? If you tease your snout, you should be prepared for it.”

Puff Puff Puck!

Choi Yeon-seung lightly lifts the Hunter into the air.

After luck, I beat a few.

Everyone forgot the situation and admired the stunts of defeating by fixing the opponent as if tied with a string in the air.

“Wait, it’s a bit harsh to use violence like that…”

While the people who had come to their senses were babbling, Yeonseung Choi dragged a few hunters with their mouths, threw them into the corner of the stage, and prepared again.

At that sight, the atmosphere became cold.

‘You’re digging your own grave!’

Jacob looked at it and smirked.

As a former hunter, he could not overcome his temper and had an accident.

Now, if only booing was poured out here, it would have been a gold medal. Because there will only be a story about the CEO of Dragon Industries, who couldn’t hold back and swung his fists.

“Hey. Can I do that?”

“…ah, no. I don’t think it’s possible.”

Lane also had a dizzy expression on her face as if she wasn’t expecting it.

No matter what, like that fist

wielding the What to do with the atmosphere later…

“Well. This time, Dragon Industry announced that they would grow Abyss crops. I thought it was time to show the results, so I brought this up.”

Yeonseung Choi took out the case with her horse and prepared to open it.

People unwittingly focused their eyes on the inside.


Did you really nurture it?

‘Isn’t it enough success just to have sprouted?’

‘Isn’t it a scam to get it from somewhere else?’


With the sound of the case being opened, the mana inside rose. Hunters could all feel it.



Everyone was at a loss for words and only blinked at the sight of Goren’s life candle filled with the case.

At most, I thought it would be a fuss by bringing about a sprout as a sample… ?


“You’re all grown up!?”

“I brought it here because I’m all grown up. What are you talking about?”

“Are you really all grown up!? No, how did you do that so quickly…”

“Let me try it!”


Without much hesitation, Choi Yeon-seung took out a life candle and threw it.

The Hunter was frightened to see him throwing a treasure more precious than any cheap Artifact like a stone, and he flew away.

“What if I just throw it away!!!”

“I comforted you, so why are you upset?”

“Even so…”

The Hunter grumbled and carefully took the Life Herb from his bosom.

And use skill.

– Intermediate plant absorption!

The Spiral Hunter’s name is Dorian. depending on

He was a famous hunter.

The Hunter grade was C+ grade, but the position in the party was a healer, and besides, he used a rather unique way of healing instead of just using healing magic.

 <Plants Absorption> The same skill absorbs the plants of the Abyss as it is and makes potions on the fly.

Hence the nickname Alchemist!

“This… this!?”


“Tell me! You bastard!”

As soon as Dorian was alone, the other hunters who were curious began to get nervous.

“Isn’t that guy too fussy?”

“You know what’s going to happen if you react like that.”

“After the broadcast, the state…”

“Gin, it’s really great! I think it’s the best quality of all life herbs I’ve ever touched… It’s not even an A-grade word, is it really grown??”


The hunters who were present were startled.

It was much more praiseworthy than I had expected.

You raised it yourself, so even if the quality was a little lower than that from the dungeon, it was a big hit, but is it better than that?

“I, can you check me too?”

“Yeah. It’s good to eat.”

“Me too! Give me a chance too!”

Among the hunters gathered, all the hunters who are curious and want to have a higher grade are all

Ururu flocked.

Hunters lined up, pushing each other like people flocked to the tasting table at a mart.

It was surprising to see how he patiently waited patiently as if he had become a gentle sheep, and when given the herb of life, he received it with gratitude.

“Is it real?? Hey. How did you bring this up?”

“Can I buy this? It’s not at a level where you can buy it, right?”

“What are you doing at Dragon Industries?

I don’t know if I did Did you replace the technicians?”

There was a strange corner of the hunters eating the bitter life herb while frowned upon.

Seeing that, Aine was convinced.

This is a huge success!

Who would be suspicious of that appearance? Even if he pulled weeds from the roadside and sold them, he looked confident.




“You’re more tired than I thought.”

“You’ve worked hard!!”

After the presentation, Yeonseung Choi tilted her head back and leaned against the chair.

He wasn’t physically tired, but the hunters who asked questions like a flock of dogs were more exhausting than he thought.

– How the hell did you bring this up…

– Do you think you’re going to answer that now? Choi Yeon-seung Hunter. Let’s be honest! The youngest among all the guys here other than us

Few would have believed Seung-Hunter’s words! Give our clan some supplies first…

– Is this bastard around now? What Excellent grade quality is here! How many eyes do you see?

– go away! What are those who don’t have the ability to use that?

– Everyone, calm down… You need to calm down!

Even Choi Yeon-seung hadn’t expected that they would fight each other by the neck to get the supplies first.

What kind of idiot’s presentation is such a brawl?

Does this mean it happened a lot?


Yeonseung Choi raised her head. Familiar staff stood there with a cautious attitude.

They were employees of Hansung Energy.

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