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1266 I Can’t Lose!

Not only could the golden-horned dragon spit fire, but it could also borrow the power of lightning!

At this point, even the Moon Maiden could not remain calm.

Panic appeared on her face.

It was obvious that she was also shocked by the dragon’s ability.

This was because controlling the power of lightning was something that only the Moon Maiden could do.

But now, even Mike Baylor’s horned dragon could do it.

At this moment, Mike Baylor had a smug expression on his face.

He smiled at the Moon Maiden and said, “Letting my baby use the power of lightning in front of the Moon Maiden is called showing off in front of an expert, right? Hehe, I can’t help but feel a little shy!”

The Moon Maiden replied seriously, “You’re too humble.

The power of the lightning used by your dragon is not inferior to mine.

Mike, it seems that your strength has increased again.

I’m afraid I’m not your match anymore.”

Mike Baylor smiled and said, “You’re flattering me by saying that.

I know that I can’t compete with the Moon Maiden.

Hehe, but it’s more than enough to deal with someone like Jordan!”

It was obvious that Mike Baylor was still a little afraid of the Moon Maiden.

However, he remained disdainful of Jordan.

And now, it was indeed Mike Baylor’s golden-horned dragon that had the upper hand.




The golden-horned dragon continued to bombard Jordan with lightning power, causing him to dodge continuously.

“Damn it! Do you think you’re the only one who can control the weather? I can do it too!”

Jordan waved his hands as well.

Instantly, yellow sand filled the sky!

“Damn it! What the hell is this?!”

On the ground, Mike Baylor and the others could not help but cover their eyes.

This was because yellow sand kept pouring in front of them and along with it was the onslaught of a violent wind.

When the Moon Maiden saw that Jordan seemed to be changing the weather as well, she could not help but say, “It seems like controlling the weather is no longer my Moon Maiden’s specialty.”

In the past, only the Moon Maiden could do such a thing.

However, now, Mike Baylor’s Horned Dragon could do it, and so could Jordan.

When Salvatore saw that Jordan had made something out of nothing again, turning the scene into a sand dune, he cheered, “Mr.

Jordan, the sand this time doesn’t feel as fierce as before!”

Park Sora said as she covered her eyes, “There was background music before, but there’s no background music this time!”

Only then did Salvatore remember that the last time Jordan did this in front of Victoria, he played a pure song.

Salvatore laughed and said, “Hahaha, so it has to be enhanced by BGM.

I’ll play it now.

What’s that song called again? My English isn’t good.

Do you remember?”

Not long after, Salvatore found the song “Liberators” with Park Sora’s help and clicked play.

Salvatore shouted at Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan, I played a song for you to liven things up.

Can you connect it to a Bluetooth speaker?”

When Jordan heard that, he immediately took out 20 speakers and played the song.

As expected, Jordan could not help but think of Victoria after hearing the music.

His power instantly elevated a few levels.

“I just got control of the Immortal Lake from Victoria and chased her out.

If I lose to Mike Baylor now, she will definitely laugh at me.

I can’t lose!


Jordan roared as well.

In an instant, the yellow sand surged even more.

A stream of yellow sand swept into the sky like a pillar of light and rushed towards the golden-horned dragon in the sky!

“What the hell?! How did Jordan suddenly become so powerful?!”

Mike Baylor was shocked by Jordan again.

He did not know why Jordan was suddenly so motivated.


The yellow sand continuously attacked the golden-horned dragon’s face, especially its eyes.



The golden-horned dragon also continuously roared, and the entire Immortal Lake became blurry.

Be it humans or animals, no one could see clearly.

Jiumo Kasyapa said, “It seems that Deity Jordan wants to make the horned dragon unable to see his target.

In this way, it won’t be able to attack him with lightning.”

The Moon Maiden couldn’t help but look at Mike Baylor and tease him.

“When you created this dragon, did you make sure its vision was good?”

Under such a sandstorm, the golden-horned dragon wasn’t able to gauge Jordan’s position.



Under such circumstances, the golden-horned dragon could only attack aimlessly in hopes it would get its target.


One of the mutants was injured by the golden-horned dragon’s lightning and immediately spat out blood.


Park Sora also saw a bolt of lightning coming toward her.

Rong Bingshao instantly used his lightning speed to take her away, allowing her to escape.

Even Mike Baylor and the other two were not spared, so the three of them had already flown away.

The Moon Maiden said, “That dragon of yours has gone crazy.

Does it want to blast everyone here to death?”

Mike Baylor was also embarrassed.

He had agreed to deal with Jordan alone, but now, the golden-horned dragon was attacking aimlessly and had injured many innocent people.

“It’s all Jordan’s fault.

Jordan insisted on using such an improper method and angered my Horned Dragon.

I can’t guarantee that Jordan’s life will not be in danger next!”

When Mike Baylor said this, the Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa became nervous.

Jiumo Kasyapa said, “Amitabha.

Since the master plan must involve Deity Jordan, nothing must happen to him.”

All three of them looked at Jordan.

Jordan planned to take advantage of the chaos and fly over to blind the horned dragon.

However, the horned dragon seemed to be able to smell his aura.

Once Jordan approached, the horned dragon would immediately spit fire to attack.

Coupled with his continuous lightning attacks, Jordan had nowhere to hide.

“No, I still can’t fight.

I have to change places.”

Jordan was worried that the Horned Dragon would accidentally hurt his subordinates when he heard the wails coming from beside him.

Therefore, Jordan controlled his armor and flew out.

“Chase after him!”

Seeing that Jordan was about to escape, Mike Baylor immediately ordered the golden-horned dragon.

The golden-horned dragon immediately flew up and chased after Jordan in the sky.

Mike Baylor, Jiumo Kasyapa, and Moon Maiden, the three golden mutants, also flew up and chased after him.

“Get on the plane! Get on the plane!”

When Salvatore and the others saw that, they were worried about Jordan’s safety and immediately took a plane to chase after him.



Along the way, the golden-horned dragon kept attacking Jordan.

Parts of Jordan’s armor were damaged.

“This isn’t a solution.

I’m no match for him in the sky.

I have to find a place that’s not suitable for him to fight.”

As Jordan flew, he noticed a mountain range below.

He immediately dived down.

Once he reached the bottom of a mountain, he blasted a hole and hid inside.

Mike Baylor and the other two flew very quickly and followed closely.

They saw Jordan hiding in a cave.

The Moon Maiden praised, “Jordan is very smart.

Whether he fights in the sky or the water, Jordan is no match for the horned dragon.

In the narrow space at the foot of the mountain, Jordan can dodge the horned dragon’s attack.”

However, Mike Baylor said disdainfully, “He’s just a coward.

When he chose to hide in such a place, he already lost!”