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1264 Golden Horned Dragon!

Although the Moon Maiden was only a woman, she had an extremely strong aura.

After all, she was the earliest golden mutant.

Mike Baylor and Jordan had her to thank for becoming golden mutants.

She had obtained her talent the longest and was probably the strongest.

Therefore, her words were still very intimidating and dignified.

“As long as he doesn’t have such thoughts, I naturally won’t either,” said Jordan.

Jordan had to give the Moon Maiden face as well.

However, all of this still depended on Mike Baylor’s attitude.

If the other party wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of him, they could snatch his golden bloodline directly.

Then, Jordan would use the same method to get rid of Mike Baylor!

The Moon Maiden said to Jordan, “You’re part of our grand plan.

Mike won’t kill you.”

After saying that, the Moon Maiden walked to the side and left the battlefield to Jordan and Mike Baylor.

“Brother, come on!”

“Best of luck, Mr.


“Master, you can do it!”

Park Sora, Salvatore, Randall, and the others cheered for the two of them.

On the other hand, the mutants did not cheer.

“Gosh, who should we support? Although Deity Jordan is our new Chief, we’ve actually been the other mutant’s subordinates all these years!”

“Why are you thinking so much? We’ll support whoever wins.

Only the winner will truly become our leader.”

“Hehe, I hope Chief Jordan loses.

Working under him is too boring.

We can only do righteous things.

In the future, he can’t kill or commit arson or rape beautiful women at all!”

“That’s right, that’s right.

If the other golden mutant wins, we can still be as carefree as before! If we can’t stand anyone, we can kill them.

If we like any woman, we can f*ck them! This is the life of a mutant!”

Most of the mutants were used to living a superior life compared to ordinary people.

They were used to doing so-called “bad things” and did not like a leader like Jordan who had a sense of justice.

At that moment, Mike Baylor looked at Jordan with a sharp gaze.

“Jordan, you’re my disciple’s nephew.

I’ve heard him talk about you since a long time ago.

At that time, if I wanted to kill you, it would be like stepping on an ant.”

Jordan did not doubt Mike Baylor’s words.

Previously, Jordan did not have the ability to create something out of nothing.

He probably only could predict the future.

Facing an opponent like Mike Baylor, he would die.

Moreover, Mike Baylor might have known about him when he was not a deity.

Jordan said, “There’s a saying I’ve heard.

A scholar who has been away for three days should be treated differently.

I, Jordan, am no longer the same as before.

Put down your pride.

Talent emerges with every generation.

You’re no longer invincible!”

Jordan knew that Mike Baylor must have been very domineering in the past few years.

Other than the Moon Maiden, he could not find a match at all.

The Moon Maiden was a woman and so beautiful.

Mike Baylor couldn’t fight her.

Although Jiumo Kasyapa was a man, he was a humble and gentle monk, and it was impossible for him to fight with others.

Therefore, Jordan would be the first powerful opponent Mike Baylor had encountered since he became a golden mutant!

Mike Baylor laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, good! I admire your courage! To be honest, ever since I became a golden mutant, I’ve always had a good relationship with the Moon Maiden and the monk and we’ve rarely even sparred.

I can’t find an opponent at all.

I also want to fight to my heart’s content! Since you dare to accept the challenge, then… Come!”

Mike Baylor said “come” and suddenly emphasized his voice.

Not only that, but he also spread his arms and looked up at the sky.

It seemed like it was not only directed at Jordan.

There seemed to be someone else.

Jordan also realized that something was wrong.

He did not attack rashly.

“His talent is controlling animals.

Could he be summoning his ferocious beasts?”

Jordan was right.

In the next second, a roar came from the sky.

The roar was low and heavy, making one’s ears tingle.

In the next second, Dragon, who was watching the battle from afar, suddenly reported, “Master, the drones in charge of patrolling the sky near us suddenly fell.

They seem to have been attacked!”

Dragon’s reminder confirmed Jordan’s suspicions.

“Mike Baylor is indeed summoning his mythical beast.

Moreover, this mythical beast is flying over from the sky!”

Previously, Randall had brought back the black tiger and the gorilla.

They were both land animals.

This time, the mythical beast brought by Mike Baylor could fly!

In Jordan’s impression, animals that could fly were not too powerful.

However, after a few seconds, the roar got closer and closer.

Suddenly, a huge dragon circled in the sky and appeared in everyone’s line of sight!

The moment the golden dragon appeared, even the sky changed color.

The originally clear sky suddenly became dark and ominous.

Under the oppressive clouds, there was still a faint hint of lightning approaching!

“Oh my God! Look! It’s a dragon! I can’t believe my eyes! There really are dragons in this world! This isn’t a legend!”

“Too domineering! This dragon is too domineering! Was this personally tamed by Randall’s master? Oh my god, so Randall was lying to us previously.

This beast-taming ability belongs to his master!”

“This is a horned dragon! It’s a creature from ancient Chinese legends! Mike turned it into reality! I wonder how strong this dragon is and if it can fight against the golden mutant!”

“It definitely can! Look, once it appeared, even the world changed greatly, and the weather changed! This dragon can affect the weather, so you can imagine its power!”

Everyone was shocked by the appearance of the golden-horned dragon.

Randall was also very excited.

Even the Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa looked shocked.

Jiumo Kasyapa asked the Moon Maiden, “Moon Maiden, have you seen this horned dragon before?”

Moon Maiden also looked up at the domineering and mighty horned dragon and shook her head.

“No, I didn’t even know that Mike actually successfully developed a dragon.”

Jiumo Kasyapa put his palms together.


This dragon has such powerful pressure.

I’m afraid that Deity Jordan will have a tough battle.”

A tough battle?

The Moon Maiden felt that Jiumo Kasyapa’s words were a little tactful.

In her opinion, this dragon could change the weather like her.

Its ability was extraordinary, and it had already reached the level of a golden mutant.

Jordan, who had just become a golden mutant, was definitely not a match for him.

The horned dragon was hovering above Mike Baylor’s head, and above the horned dragon’s head was a strange vortex of dark clouds that flickered.

Mike Baylor said proudly, “Jordan, to show my respect for your double identity as a golden mutant and a second-generation Deity, I took out my most powerful ferocious beast, the top-notch mutated golden horned dragon! If you can defeat it today, I’ll give this Immortal Lake and the Mutant Tribe to you!”