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Chapter 1675: Swiftly Martyred Chief Chris

As soon as he said that, Shiro Yashida lunged at Shredder in the silver samurai armor.

A dark expression on his face, Shredder watched as the two blades swung like a tornado and cut apart all the Experimentals blocking the way.

But Yashida was very fast and caught up in an instant.

“Got you.” Shiro Yashida’s voice was full of surprise, delight, and anticipation.

Shredder’s expression didn’t change as he looked at Yashida coldly.

Two buckles popped out from the arms of the samurai armor to secure Shredder’s arms together.

He smiled smugly.

Shredder sneered.

As soon as he said that, someone rushed out, firing wildly with both guns.

Both of them were stunned.

But their expressions then turned strange, because the person who had charged out was… Chris.

The two people with ulterior motives suddenly felt like laughing.

What gave Chris the courage? Was this the legendary “warrior” who was all brawn and no brains?

No matter what they thought, it was too late to stop him.

Yashida didn’t care about the pistols.

He might have worried if Chris had been carrying a machine gun, since the other party could’ve turned Shredder into Swiss cheese and ruined his plan.

Shredder, on the other hand, didn’t care whether Chris lived or died.

To him, Chris was a tool.

When he used his trump card, he would be able to control Yashida, that sly old fox.

If Chris died, Shredder could become the new head of Hydra’s Japanese branch, which would make it easier for him to consolidate his power.

The two bad guys who had everything worked out ignored Chris, this “ant.”

Then, something unexpected happened.

One of the bullets hit the samurai armor in the face and successfully shattered the protective lens over the right eye.

Shredder: ?

Shiro Yashida: ???

What the hell?

However, Yashida reacted quickly.

As if he had divine help, Chris turned to the side and evaded this charge.

With a loud bang, the samurai armor broke a pillar and sent fragments flying.

All sorts of debris and dust instantly covered Chris, making him look extremely wretched.

He turned around with a fierce expression and shouted, “Cut off one head and two more will take its place.

Hail Hydra!”

As he yelled, he retreated into a building on the side and fired wildly at Shiro Yashida at the same time.

Shredder: ???

Hearing Chris’s shout, Yashida’s heart jumped, but he didn’t stop.


Chris was sent flying into a building on the other side of the courtyard and disappeared.

Pa! Crack! Puchi!

The armor stopped in its tracks.

Shredder looked at the face of the metal giant in shock.

A blonde woman stuck her head out of the door, her face full of astonishment.

At that moment, the cracked right lens of the metal giant exploded completely, and something red and white oozed out.

Both Shredder and the blonde woman were well aware of what this meant.

It meant that there was a huge hole in the back of the head of the armor.

Shredder could sense that Yashida’s blood had stopped responding.

The data which the blond woman had been receiving from the armor indicated that Yashida’s heart had stopped beating.

So… he was dead? What was this plot twist?!

In the face of this baffling situation, the two at the scene fell into a brief silence.

Then, Shredder suddenly thought of something.

“Kill her.”

He realized that he had been ignoring the blonde for some reason.

She was Yashida’s personal doctor and had been at the scene the whole time.

During the battle between the Experimentals and Shiro Yashida, however, this woman hadn’t been injured at all, nor did she show any panic.

The new Experimentals were a lot more obedient, and without special instructions from Shredder, they wouldn’t let her go.

It wasn’t until he noticed the woman that he realized that there were three dead Experimentals around her.

They were covered in greenish-yellow boils on the ground, and looked like they had been rotting for days.

At Shredder’s order, several Experimentals immediately lunged at the blonde woman.

The next moment, they collapsed and rolled several meters away from the woman.

Alarmed, Shredder twisted his arms and escaped the buckles.

But it was too late.

An intense burning sensation rose from within his body, and despite already having lost most of his ability to feel pain, it was especially distinct now.

Poison? The thought immediately flashed through his mind.

Pushing off of his feet, he jumped out of the courtyard.

The blonde was surprised.

We can’t let him go.”

The Experimentals were nothing in front of her, and were basically killed instantly.

Who would have thought that this Shredder was so resistant! He could still jump after being hit with her strongest poison.

But she didn’t really pay it much mind.

It wouldn’t be easy to survive once infected with her poison – at least, she had never encountered such a being before.

The blonde woman walked in the direction that Shredder had escaped, ready to collect the vampire’s body.

She was very interested in this unusual test subject.

It was a pity that Yashida, this rich, useful tycoon, had actually been killed by Chris with one shot to the head.

It really wasn’t easy to find another target who was as rich, powerful and easy to control.

But Chris had already been smashed into a pulp by the samurai armor, and Shredder was a test subject – she had no one to vent her anger on.

Depressed, the blonde looked away from the room that Chris had smashed into.

She could already smell Chris’s blood in the air.

Before she could finish her thought, a tiny shadow flew at an angle behind her and silently arched around.


A black throwing knife pierced the back of her head and her brain stem.

The blonde froze, and her eyes rolled back.

A transparent figure passed by her, and the blonde woman disappeared.