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Solo Max-Level Newbie 406

Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 406

Temple of the Dead (4)



Black smoke came out with a faint scream.

This completely wiped out the parasites on Tethlon and Sylvia’s bodies.

He was finally freed from a terrible nightmare.

“Thanks to you, I lived. Jinhyuk-nim. If you hadn’t come, we would have harmed our people forever as these guys told us.”

Sylvia expressed her sincere thanks.

You could feel the pain on your face.

Since you have come this far away from the floor and village you belong to, of course you will be exhausted both physically and mentally.

On the other hand.

“I’ll kill you. I’ll definitely kill you. It’s like tartar on an orc’s molars.”

Tesla continued to swear.

So who said black?

If I had been quiet, I would have only given the treatment.

Jinhyuk completely ignored Tesla and asked Silvia what to do.

“What happened? Why are you here?”

“That’s… Recently, the demon world has started to expand its territory at random. The Demon Clans, which were normally only seen in the middle and higher layers, came to the elves of the neighboring tribes, and soon took the village elves captive.”


Jinhyuk’s expression changed.

‘At this moment, you must be hunting elves to expand your territory.’

The demon world divides the realm with Eden on the same floor.

It also bordered Olympus below.

In such a situation where both sides are surrounded by enemies, being active like this means that they are prepared for the invasion of other forces.

The opponent is probably Olympus.

Because there was only one Olympus who could keep Eden and Ragnarok in check while they were at war for power.


This alone was worth talking to Sylvia.

“But, how did you get involved? I put a barrier in the elf village?”

As long as the higher Demon Clan did not manifest, the barrier would not be destroyed.

It was a barrier that had been built with such care.

“Jinhyuk-sama’s barrier is still there. We came out of town and were captured by the Demon Clans. The high elves sought help from all the elf races.”

“These guys are the guardians of the elves, so they wouldn’t have been able to watch their people suffer. Yeah, I got a rough idea of ​​what was going on.”

Jinhyuk nodded his head.

“Well then, we’ll be on our way. Sylvia. If you have anything useful around you, rake it all in.”

“Yes? Oh… yes. Captain.”

Sylvia rolled her eyes and nodded her head.

Jinhyuk immediately asked.

“Where are you going?”

“Now that I’ve survived, I plan to join the elf warriors. Before it’s too late, wipe out all these damn parasites and find and kill the Demon Clan who attacked the elves.”

“Are there elves? Here?”

“Yes. There is a tribe of high elves fighting parasites.”

hoo. Elves who haven’t been infected yet.

This was unexpected… .

If there is an elf army on this floor, there are many ways to use it. Because the high elves were the most mobile among the troops that moved in groups.

“I’ll go with you.”


“Passing through the den of parasites just the two of you is suicidal. I wonder if there is at least one reliable protector.”

“Wow! Heck, if Jinhyuk-nim is with us, we’ll be reassured.”

“Sylvia! Who is on whose side now!”

“Well, it’s not… I just want to go safely….”

“Hey, our Ranger Captain. Why are you being so picky? Don’t be angry with Amon. Let’s see it realistically. Besides, I’m not saying I’m just going. Here’s a nice gift.”

Jinhyuk pulled the rope.


“Turn it off…”

Jo Nam-cheol was dragged along the floor.

“It’s a demon. They’re trash moving as the limbs of the Demon Clan.”

“You mean you’re going to hand this guy over to us?”

“I’ll steal information and judge you according to the rules of the elves. Will the high elves treat you like a hero?”


For a moment, Tesla’s eyes fluttered.

As Jin-hyeok said, if he took the enemy’s prisoners, his evaluation must have risen sharply.

Besides, even though he’s a mean guy, one skill is guaranteed.

If you only bend your pride, it’s a no-loss proposal.

The worries didn’t last long.

“Okay. Instead, promise me one thing.”

“What promises?”

“Knock the high elves down…”

“Hey! What do you see me as!”

“You must never steal any weapons or treasures there.”


“Damn it, I thought you would! Were you trying to steal again this time?”

“No, it’s not that I’m going to steal it. What if something is left unattended without an owner?

See if the molars or fangs are still stuck in the cave. It might look plausible for decoration, but it would not be practical.

“Don’t be bullshit. Promise me. For your honor.”

“Okay. Anyway, the eyes are fast.”

It was when Jinhyuk gave up his taste as if it were a pity.


Suddenly, a blue status window appeared in front of my eyes.

[Call request from ‘Upper Resident’]

The caller was ‘sloth’, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

He was a direct slave of the company who had been promised information in return for saving his life.

“Wait a minute.”

Jinhyuk moved for a moment.

Upon arriving at the place hidden by the reeds, Jinhyuk accepted the call request.

“It must be important information. I’m a little busy right now.”

“Uh… it’s important. That’s right. Actually, I should have said it sooner… because it’s annoying…”

Guess who’s not the sin of sloth?

Annoyance dripped from his voice even though his life was at stake.

“The introduction is complete, just tell me the main point. If you call it something that is nothing special, it will immediately activate the stigma of the soul and turn it into ashes.”

“Now… you’re on the 27th floor? The temple or something.”

“Go on.”

“The high-ranking Demon Clan… went that way. Her name is Lemia. Succubus is Guntaper’s… What was it? Anyway. She’s a pretty annoying woman.”

Remia Celtrick.

Yes, it’s a known name.

He was the henchman of Guntafer and had a fairly strong unique ability.

The mission must be completed, and the process is neat, making it one of the most annoying enemies except for the Demon King class.

“And ‘gluttony’

A child caught in it also came. Be careful. that word… ha. I’m calling to tell you. Is this enough for your life?”


One of the Seven Deadly Sins came here.

This one is bigger than I thought… ?

‘I was going to finish it a little lighter and go upstairs, but it might take a little longer than I thought.’

Now players are preparing for a naval battle on the 29th floor.

Before entering the 30th floor in earnest, they were advised to get the benefits on the 29th floor.

‘It will take a week or two for players to settle down on the 29th floor, so I guess we should set that as a time limit.’

At least a sea dragon

You just have to go back until ‘Gigantdalos’ appears.

As the situation becomes more difficult, the return will also be large.

pounding! pounding! pounding!

When I thought of that, my heart began to beat happily with anticipation and excitement.


with a splash! with a splash… .

Sludge that sinks down to the calf.

The further we went, the deeper the swamp.

“Are the high elves really here?”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue.

Even though he was protected with mana, crossing the swamp was usually not difficult.

Not to mention Tesla, for Sylvia, even taking a single step seemed limiting.

“I’m almost there, so be patient. Rather, why did you bring this skull bag with you? Isn’t the girl next to you even a human?”

“Oh. Our T-Bone?”


T-Bone tilted his head.

“It’s okay. Even if it’s a thin undead, it won’t do any harm to the elves because it’s a different kind.”

“Yes. I like milk with a lot of calcium. Ogre milk is the best if possible.”

“Did you see it? You say you don’t like elf meat.”

Frey, too, will obey orders quietly, so don’t worry.

Of course, all of this wasn’t to my liking from Tesla’s point of view.

If I had to say it for a hundred days, the seeds wouldn’t even get eaten, so there was nothing I could do other than mumble.

How long would you have walked like that?

Finally, the end of the swamp appeared.

A fortress that seems to have been abandoned long ago.

The exterior, made of wood, looked like it was on the verge of collapse.

“It’s a strange atmosphere for a place where elves live. It’d be better to call it an undead village.”

“Master. It is an envoy for the undead to live in a place like that. At least five years or less, if the south-facing neighborhood has all the facilities, I don’t know.”

“Three monkeys.”

Tesla opened his mouth.



The whole fortress shook.

Magnificent giant trees soared above the worn-out barriers. Soon, thick grass grew as if it would cover the sky.

A heavenly fortress made of great nature.

At first glance, the front door with various types of barriers and anti-magic defenses overlapped was not unusual.

“We have prepared our own way to avoid the enemy’s eyes. Only those who know the password can enter.”

“Indeed, it would be possible to cheat to some extent like this. Our Sloan is smarter than you think?”

“Don’t call me by a nickname like a beggar. If you don’t want an arrow in the back of your head.”

right then

“Who are these guys!”

A sharp shout was heard among the trees.

High elf warriors.

“On the 6th floor, this is Tesla who leads the rangers! I was attacked by a parasite and barely escaped and came back here!”


“Ah! I remember. The elf who led the 4th Ranger Company.”

“Yes, that’s right! Come on in… Huh?”

A gust of wind escaped from Tesla’s mouth.

An arrow that passed by her ear pierced the ground.

The arrowhead still trembles.

It was clear that he was trying to threaten outright.


“There is no case where a person infected with a parasite will come to his senses again. I don’t know how he managed to pretend he has regained his sanity, but the poor excellent grade quality won’t work.”

“Oh, that’s a misunderstanding! We really got rid of the parasites in our body!”

“Huh. Yeah? How do you mean? Did the undead next to him even help?”

The high elves looked down with hostile eyes.

It looks like you’ve misunderstood something.

Of course, misunderstandings accumulated in such a way cannot be easily resolved.

“It’ll take a year with words. I don’t have time to talk to the guinea pigs. Just call the guy upstairs.”

Jinhyuk stepped forward.


“Did you dare give orders to the high elves?”

The fair faces of the elves were severely distorted.

“Are the ears long like rabbits and you can’t hear properly? Or do you have to repeat what you said 100 times because your intelligence deteriorated after eating grass to understand? I’m trying to save you guys, but don’t be patient and open the door.”

“You’re going to tear this bastard to death!”

The high elves with their eyes turned over drew a protest.

This time, the goal is to kill, not to warn.

“It’s okay.”

“Dalgrak. To bring dirty cutlery to the Master.”

Frey and T-Bone appeared in front of Jinhyuk like lightning.



The arrow, split in half, fell on the floor with a sharp sound of iron.

“Uh, what are you doing now! Obviously, I promised to stay calm!”

Teslon yelled at Jinhyuk with a white face.

However, Jinhyuk smiled as if it was nothing special.

“Anyway, people with strong self-esteem don’t listen to them. Even more so if the other person is a human like me.”

If so, please let me know in detail.

Is the other person a person who can show pride? Or maybe it’s a beehive that you shouldn’t touch.

“Whether it’s late or early, you have to sort the sequence at least once.”

Jinhyuk took out his longbow ‘molar’.

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