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Solo Max-Level Newbie 405

Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 405

Temple of the Dead (3)

Green Spider Guild.

It is a new guild amongst newly created guilds that have just been established for over 3 months.

The head of engineering is Jo Nam-cheol, a 32-year-old man who had been living alone for several years and decided to form this guild with like-minded friends.

I can’t get a job and I’m getting older.

This is a case of entering the Tower of Trials, shouting “I don’t know” because life is getting tougher.

‘It’s not common. There are plenty of people who want the lottery in the world.’

Luckily, getting a good job became the driving force for the Green Spider Guild to survive.

Of course, the near-missing luck will no longer work here.

“…so you’re saying you’ll never go back?”

“Yes! With player Jinhyuk Kang, I will follow you to the end of hell!”

“Though waiting at the entrance of the ruins until I catch the boss has a much higher chance of surviving?”

“Then what are you going to do? If you lived like that anyway, it wouldn’t be the same as being dead. That’s what happened.

A tone that feels overly strong-willed.

“Okay. If that’s the case, do whatever you want.”

I have no intention of drying it.

Crossing the dangerous bridge was your own choice.


‘You said you took mandragora juice… .’

Jinhyuk’s gaze turned to Jo Namcheol’s neck.

Subtle turquoise blood flowing through the veins.

It is undoubtedly a symptom of drinking mandragora juice.

‘It was because of this that I came here without fear.’

Mandragora is a kind of drug, and it has been quite a hot item among players to forget about the fear of raids.

the problem is… The point is that the amount of juice Jo Nam-cheol and the rest of the players took is far above the normal value.

‘It is not an amount that can be saved by an individual.’

Second to the price, there is no way that beginners would have penetrated such an acquisition route.

But right then.


Ugh… .

A presence was felt between the rocks lined up along the swampy area.


They are also high elves who are rumored to be agile.

“The enemy.”

“I’m an enemy? I guess, are you idiots again?”

“You said confidently, so why are you already scared?”

“It’s not that… you don’t have to fight on purpose for nothing.”

“Or. There is a reason why we shouldn’t fight.”

“…what do you mean by that?”

“No, I was just talking to myself.”

The corners of Jinhyuk’s lips went up.

I think this raid will be interesting in many ways.


Shoo! ∩! ∩!


Arrows flying from the side.

And from the front, elves with daggers rushed in.

Kaka Kaka!

It’s so sophisticated and fast that it makes you goosebumps.

Jinhyuk and the high elf turned their bodies clockwise.

A sword strike loaded with acceleration and weight collided in the air.



The high elf’s body bounced off more than 5 meters.

No matter how much the shock was dispersed, it was not strong enough to withstand the crimson.

However, being pushed back in a head-to-head match did not mean that the momentum of the High Elves had softened.

Rather, I tried to find the gap somehow.

One of the high elf’s eyes was dyed red.

at the same time.

Arrows flew from different directions.

It’s different from before, as if an arrow is alive and breathing, the trajectory changes along the way.

As soon as one was hit, two arrows from the opposite side aimed at the vital point.

“You’re terribly annoying.”

Jinhyuk deflected every attack coming from the blind spot.

one step back.

The balance of power is not easily tilted to one side.

“…that’s pretty good. Human.”

The high elf who appears to be the head opened his mouth.

“It’s been a while since I’ve liked my body, so I tried not to hurt it as much as possible, but there’s no end to it.



Instead of a bow, a strangely curved sword stretched forward.

Are you planning to use melee combat instead of long-distance check?

Besides, the high elf-specific poison that made the wounds worse was smeared on it.

Seven close. two archers.

As the personnel arrangement changed, a fiercer battle was expected.

“Player Jinhyuk Kang. We’ll take care of those who come from behind.”

Jo Nam-cheol said he would help out.

“That’s right. Wouldn’t it be much easier to fight with just a few archers?”

“Don’t worry about the back, just trust us. We’ll get through it somehow.”

The rest of the players also took their place behind Jinhyuk.

“It must be dangerous… are you all right?”

“We have to make it impossible. Because if player Jinhyuk Kang gets hit anyway, we will all die.”

“Okay. Then, I will believe you.”

Jinhyuk focused mana forward.

As the ‘Tomb of the Sword’ was activated, a dark red river blazed along the two swords.

The curves of the high elves were also dyed with white light.

“Shoot it.”

The chief high elf gave the order.

Jinhyuk and the high elves’ feet gained strength.


The moment your feet are about to come off the ground.


“Finally caught!”

“It sounds like an idiot!”

All the players behind Jinhyuk turned around.

They aimed at Jinhyuk’s back, not the high elf, and swung their weapons all at once.

Jinhyeok’s center of gravity is perfectly focused forward, and mana is also concentrated in the front.

This means that the optimal conditions are met for a surprise attack.



What separated the sword and spear was the air, not flesh and bones.

“What, what?”

An earthquake occurred in Cho Nam-cheol’s pupil.

A perfect surprise attack with moderately depleted power.

However, the opponent had avoided such a blow of conversion too lightly.

“It’s a bit quicker than I thought. Well, since I made it look like I’m struggling, I think you guys thought the timing was right now.”

“Did you know… did you know we’re going to attack?”

Cho Nam-cheol asked as if he couldn’t believe it.

“I have some snow in the sky.”


A small drone that flies about 100m from the ground.

I used the ‘Machine Lord’ copied from Lee Tae-min to get a rough view.

Although the scope of his ability to see was limited due to poor utilization of his abilities, it was still more than enough to obtain the necessary information.

“That… I didn’t care.”

“Even if not, you were suspicious from the start.”

“What do you mean?”

“High elves don’t get hit by parasites. Basically.”

However. Being infected with parasites like this means using a new method that existing parasites cannot do.

In other words, a third party intervened.

“And those who are familiar with this place but have time to prepare in advance. Those are the only demons who used this place as their home base.”

At Jinhyuk’s words, Jo Namcheol’s face changed 180 degrees.

“…the build-up was a bit wrong. I thought the story was pretty plausible…. I guess I made a mistake in choosing the high elf.”

“Well, if I had to point out, it was also a problem to overdose the juice of Mandragora. Disguised as a clumsy new guild, it was also a problem to catch my attention.”

It was good to direct a scene where he sacrificed himself to fight the high elves, but under normal circumstances, the raid would have been annihilated.

Especially if it’s a raid from a new guild like this.

“Everyone… you mean you were deliberately pretending not to know?”

“Nothing is as easy to use as a stupid enemy. Originally, I was going to stay silent until the end, but things have changed.”

Jinhyuk’s eyes turned to the elves.

A familiar face was mixed among the high elves.


This is the guy I met in the Elf Forest on the 6th floor.

I did a pretty good cosplay and it stayed in my memory, but somehow this guy is crawling here.

And the elf ranger Sylvia, whom I met on the 6th floor, was also at the back.

For these two to be here, something must have happened among the elves.

“Well, okay. You seem to be pretty quick. So what are you going to do? You’re too tired to deal with the high elves, can we handle it?”

Now all sides are enemies.

Even if raw meat is stagnant, this situation will inevitably be difficult.

“There seems to be some misunderstanding, too, but the reason the fight seemed to be tense was because it was deliberately gentle to get you to confess.”


Jinhyuk’s body disappeared.

… Quang!

The body of the high elf at the forefront was smashed to the ground.

This time, the high elf who was right next to him flew aside.

I didn’t even understand how it happened.

two already. And in the blink of an eye, the third elf passed out on the spot.


“Just something…”

The elves fell down like a doll with a broken cord when they wondered if they could hear a sound.

It was only now that Cho Nam-cheol realized that something was wrong.


Kwajik! Uduk!


A desperate scream rang out.

Jo Nam-cheol, who had all the bones of his body shattered, trembled all over his body.

“Don’t be stingy. I still have more to ask.”

“Are you…do you…really? Losing… it’s almost lame…. Aaaah!

“I would have said that I was asking the question? Don’t use your mouth for nothing, just rest when you can. I’ll come back later.”

“Ah… Alghess.”

Even his teeth are all gone, and every time he speaks, the sound of the wind comes out of his mouth.

Still, the fear of death was greater than the pain, so Jo Nam-cheol did not dare even make a sound of being sick.

It was because he had clearly seen with his own two eyes that all his colleagues except himself died.

Jin-hyeok, who cleaned up the situation, went to the place where the elves were this time.

They were all caught and stunned, but only Tethlon and Sylvia were conscious.

This is thanks to the preparation and feeding of an antidote that repels parasites.

“How are you? Are you okay?”

“Ugh… I think I’m getting a little out of my mind.”

Tesla grabbed his head with his hands.

“It’s good. But that’s the start. The movements of these guys inside the body have slowed down a lot, but they need additional stimulation to get them out altogether.”

“Damn. Anyway, there’s nothing good about meeting you guys. Looking at your skinny face, do you think you’re using the weapon you took from us well?”

It seems he is quite upset that he lost the fangs and molars of Pentagris.

Still, it’s useless if you open your eyes wide and stare at the life saver.

Jinhyuk’s hand moved like lightning.


“Aww! What are you doing?”

“You have to do this to make the medicine work faster. It’s best to beat it, but it’s a big deal if you do it and damage your brain.”

“But if you hit me with a slap…”


“aaah! You bit your gums. You motherfucker!”

“Does it hurt that much?”

But what about it? is it starting now?

Jinhyeok patted Tesla on the face without mercy.

It is a continuous slapstick with a strangely rhythmic feel, like playing a percussion instrument.

“Yeah. It’s super sticky. It’s become like a sticky rice cake while our teslon hasn’t seen it.”

“That…but. Aww! Mmm, stop. Stop!”

“What if you stop, and then you lose consciousness again? Are you going to do what the parasites tell you to do again?”

“Oh, that’s…!”

“Isn’t it? Your clan is suffering so horribly, there’s no way you can’t stand this alone.”

The captain of the rangers who protect the village.

Thinking of the suffering elves, something like this… . It is nothing.

“Shoot it.”

Tesla bit his molars.

“Again, I have no personal feelings.”

Jinhyuk exhilaratedly massaged Tesla’s face again.

How long has it been?

“Huh? I… I think I’m fine?”

Sylvia was next to him, wiggling her hands and feet.

Watching Tesla, I was determined that my turn would come soon.

Somehow, the uncomfortable feeling of being infected completely disappeared.

free moving body. Both eyes were clear there.

“How…what happened? Why…Sylvia….”

Teslon, whose face swelled up, stuttered.

“Ah… Come to think of it, the medicine I gave you a while ago was divine medicine, so after a while, the parasite died on its own. I forgot.”

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