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The Villain Of Destiny

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  • Web Novel


  • China


  • China


  • Heavenly Villain


  • Ejutsu Anime


  • 2019
Su Hao traveled through the city and came to a world of fusion novels, and became one of the villain male protagonists. He even kidnapped the heroine at the beginning of the game. Su Hao was a little flustered. In this world, the protagonists from all walks of life turned out to be… The son-in-law of the Dragon King pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger, the superhero starts from scratch, the soldier returns, the peerless killer, the entertainment king, the anchor of cultivating immortals, the immortal respects students… In the face of the children of luck, where should he go? “Ding-the host’s mood fluctuations are detected, and the destiny villain system is activated. Please make the following choices.” [Option 1: Release the female lead, like nothing happens, reward: Eliminate the host male villain’s role! 】 [Option 2: Hunt down the protagonists from all walks of life and become the villain of Destiny. Reward: lucky ten consecutive draws! 】 Since then… Su Hao uses heaven and earth as the chessboard, and the protagonists from all walks of life as chess pieces, becoming the ultimate boss behind the scenes, dominating everything, covering the sky with only one hand…

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Associated Names

  • Villain Is Here
  • I Am the Fated Villain
  • Me
  • the Heavenly Destined Villain
  • Wǒ! Tiānmìng Dà Fǎnpài
  • Wo! Tian Mìng Da Fanpai
  • 我!天命大反派

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