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Lord of the Oasis

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820 Chapters


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  • China


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  • 2017
Bags of salt, spices and sugar stacked from inside the shop all the way out into the streets. Merchants loaded with goods going flooded the streets with their carriages., The air was filled with fragrances emanating from all manner of spices. It was a prosperous, lively city at the side of the oasis. Sounds of metals being hammered and threads being woven were heard all over the place, as smiths and craftsmen were busy at work in their respective workshops., The banner of the successor of the Kingdom of Swadia—Baron Kant—was hanging on the city gates. The citizens lived peaceful, happy lives, revering their lord from the bottom of their hearts., Soldiers on the city walls armed with crossbows stood guard over the city, and footmen wearing mail armor patrolled the streets. The place was one of peace and security.

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  • 绿洲中的领主

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