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Chapter 1797: Manifesting All Things

Zhu Hongyu could enter the Land of Reincarnation with just that?

As incredible as the crowd found it, they quickly realized why it was happening. Zhu Hongyu wasn’t able to do anything in the Land of Reincarnation anymore—Lu Qing had destroyed all of his pride and drive. He’d been defeated by three simple sword strokes in front of all the supremes of the chief worlds, and his opponent’s cultivation level was no more than an ant’s. Zhu Hongyu hadn’t even had a chance to show his first move before he’d been beaten so badly that he vomited blood.

After stepping forward with so much dominance and grand flair, Zhu Hongyu was essentially crippled after such a thorough loss. What could he possibly do after entering the Land of Reincarnation?

The Myriad Spirit Supreme’s face darkened. Lu Qing was too treacherous! Letting Zhu Hongyu through now was the greatest possible humiliation that could be inflicted on the man! It’d be one thing if Zhu Hongyu had a thick face and agreed to enter under such circumstances, but a genius such as he possessed extremely high self respect. Letting him in like this only served to compound his humiliation.

As expected, Zhu Hongyu spat out another mouthful of blood and fainted dead away.

Lu Qing didn’t spare another glance for him in all of the commotion. Or perhaps he didn’t think much of Zhu Hongyu in the first place. All that talk of pride and mortification was only in the outsider’s head. A piece of trash that Lu Qing could defeat with three moves was worthy only to be stepped on—and just once. Stepping on him a second time would dirty Lu Qing’s shoes.

These foreign experts were here to kill his father, seize his mother’s world of immortal dao sequence, and rob the seed of nothing that was the foundation of his family home. There was no need to show any mercy to these kinds of people.

The Myriad Spirit Supreme projected his will inside and brought Zhu Hongyu back to his side with a wave. He leveled a frosty glare at Lu Qing.

“So it’s the old guy’s turn after the little one’s been beaten?” Qing Buyi chortled. “I’ve got my nephew’s back. Just try touching him.”

“Qing Buyi, we already let you have eight hundred years. Are you going to endlessly harass us with unreasonable demands?” the Myriad Spirit Supreme sneered. “Do you think you’re invincible just because you killed Nebula? He was completely useless. Get out of the way if you know what’s good for you!”

Rather than being here alone, he represented the interests of countless heavyweights in the chief worlds. If they were kept out by a native junior, then none of them needed to bother thinking about the treasures of the Land of Reincarnation anymore. They would be hobbled in every conceivable way even if they projected their wills into the land.

The only way to proceed was to crumple up this disgusting and malicious trick. Only then would they be able to move freely through their hunting grounds. Hence, the Myriad Spirit Supreme set aside all considerations of personal dignity and decided to take action himself. Lu Qing had to die at all costs!

“Please move out of the way, Myriad Spirit Supreme.” A clear voice traveled out from behind the supreme before either Lu Qing or Qing Buyi could respond. A figure in jade green had appeared at some point and stood behind the supreme’s projection. He spoke in gentle tones and at an even pace.

Though the supreme didn’t turn around, his cheeks burned as if he’d been slapped. He’d mentally painted a picture of himself as the hero stepping forward for the good of fellow daoists in the chief worlds. Just as soon as he sacrificed his selfrespect to bully the weak, someone from his own side took him down a peg! He was suddenly persona non grata on both sides.

“The affairs of the juniors should stay that of the juniors,” the newcomer chuckled. “Jiang Kui of Rising Sunriver greets the senior.”

Jiang Kui shifted to the side and bowed to Qing Buyi before he looked at Lu Qing.

“Alright, get out of here, old man. Stop making a fool out of yourself. You may not be embarrassed, but damn if I’m not ashamed for you!” Qing Buyi roared with laughter and slapped his nephew on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Chen Xiao and I won’t do a thing if these supremes kill you. We won’t have a chance to, because your uncle Lu Feng will slaughter them before we can get to them. Ah yes, Lu Feng is the fellow selling the talismans outside. All these people are probably here with Lifeline Talismans. He created all of them, and he’s the third spacetime traveler.”

Qing Buyi backed away, leaving pinpricks of horror traveling down everyone else’s backs, including Jiang Kui’s. He shook as he looked at Qing Buyi, his eyes already starting to drift elsewhere. He represented his home, Rising Sunriver, this time and not the Corpse Refiners. The sect was unwelcome anywhere in the chief worlds, and though it was an open secret that he’d joined them, it was one that no one was willing to blatantly point out.

As a divine nation, Rising Sunriver was unquestionably stronger than ordinary factions. However, Lu Feng’s reputation was too fearsome and prestigious. He was the one who’d bestowed additional lives upon cultivators via modifying the Lifeline Talismans. That made him the darling of countless powerhouses in the chief worlds. Who dared offend him?

Kill Lu Feng? Would he lack Lifeline Talismans when he was their maker? He was impossible to beat and an invincible enemy to make. As opposed to engaging in hostilities with him, it was far better to keep him happily appeased.

“Hoi, Jiang! Do whatever you want,” Qing Buyi smirked. He could tell what Jiang Kui was concerned about. “It’s the strong bullying the weak if a supreme kills Lu Qing, but if one of you juniors kills him, that’s on him. He deserves his death then.”

Jiang Kui studied Qing Buyi’s face and nodded carefully. “I hope the senior means what he says.”

“But first, you have to be able to kill him. He can smash you to death with pure life force given all the Lifeline and Resurrection Talismans on him,” mumbled Qing Buyi. He didn’t address that part to Jiang Kui.

A ray of jadegreen sword light shot out of Jiang Kui’s hands and cut straight at Lu Qing. His cultivation level was inferior to Zhu Hongyu’s, but his battle strength and grasp of order and dao were far superior.

Jiang Kui was one of the four great geniuses of the younger generation. He was so strong that Lu Yun hadn’t had a chance to resist when he cut through one of the golden armored warriors with one stroke.

Lu Qing kept his cool despite an attack coming for him and once more flared purple light from his shortsword. This time, however, was vastly different from his first challenger. Each of his strokes solidly connected with Jiang Kui’s sword light, but all of them shattered on impact like an egg striking a rock.

Lu Yun’s sword dao was less than Jiang Kui’s sword dao. Lu Qing took half a step back and pushed off from the ground, twisting eighteen times in the air.


A massive purple dragon appeared in the skies and boundless sword light formed a hazy purple sea around it.

Vast Dragon Seaturner! The first sword technique that Lu Yun created after arriving in the world of immortals! It was a pure technique as opposed to being sword dao, a combat art with sword dao as the foundation.

“The young man is promising and worthy of being taught,” Lu Yun quoted with a smile.

“Huh? Vast Dragon Seaturner is less than the three moves from before, no?” The little fox was a bit worried.

“Dragonrise, Dragonsoar, and nameless are directly tied to sword dao. Vast Dragon Seaturner is the evolution of sword dao into a combat art,” Lu Yun responded. “Cultivation is directly tied to dao, but returning to its origins is the wrong path. The great dao exists to manifest all things. Life from the purest, simplest form of dao is the most complicated!

“We cultivate not to trace dao back to its roots, but to make it more complex and direct it to create all living things. That is the purpose of existence itself. My three moves are my sword dao, whereas Vast Dragon Seaturner is the demonstration of its might. My road was wrong, so I forsook sword dao. Lu Qing’s sword dao has reached great perfection, so he should pursue the strength that comes from sword dao!”

Lu Yun’s eyes grew brighter as he spoke; he was very satisfied with his son.

Qing Buyi had taught Lu Qing for eight hundred years, but the latter had held fast to his own dao all this time. He hadn’t changed himself despite Qing Buyi’s influence. Vast Dragon Seaturner encompassed boundless sword momentum and clashed ferociously with Jiang Kui’s harrowing move.

Lu Qing walked his own path; he didn’t completely follow the path of sword dao that once belonged to his father. Lu Yun’s sword intent was one of the oceans. Vast, endless, the dragon churned through the neverending deep. Lu Qing’s sword intent, however, was a more terrifying existence—the chaos sea.

In the countless eons that he’d sat in the chaos sea, Lu Qing had fully comprehended it. Even his nascent spirit was formed from the observations of it. Vast Dragon Seaturner… turned in the chaos sea.


A pillar of gray light shot into the sky and hacked Jiang Kui’s stroke into two. Lu Qing struck again.

Peng of Kun!

The second move that Lu Yun had invented. An enormous kun fish rose into the sky and transformed into a peng roc, spreading its wings in flight.

This move knocked Jiang Kui back half a step.

“Not bad.” Gravely solemn, he sent his sword light to the side. It changed from thriving, jadegreen vitality to a deathly black. Strands of gray fog appeared in his eyes as well.

One of Jiang Kui’s arms withered away and crushed the sword in his hand, then struck out at the roc rushing out of the chaos sea.

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