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Chapter 1793: Hidden Even Deeper

Lu Yun’s knees hit the ground; he propped himself up with his hands and gasped for breath. If Shenyu hadn’t suddenly arrived at the last second, the corpse demon would’ve snuffed the last breath out of him. Even though Lu Yun had set foot into nine levels of immortal dao sequence, there’d been nothing he could do.

Well, at least he’d known that he wouldn’t die.

Mo Yi had collected a strand of his soul force the first time he set out for the secondary worlds. She would resurrect him as soon as he died. But as opposed to trusting Mo Yi, he believed in the Dao King even more.

Resurrecting Lu Yun came at the price of Mo Yi’s life. The Dao King would never let her die. Thus, he tossed down a piece of beautiful jade that turned into Shenyu.

Shenyu was never his disciple, just a jade medallion that he carried around. After sparking sentience in it, the jade remained by the Dao King’s side. Shenyu’s casual landing flung the corpse demon back and smashed injuries on her head.

“Dao King! How dare you ruin my business!” Eyes blazing with ghostly fire, the god of Mount Tai glared at the skies over the cavern.

The Dao King sat there without a word. He wouldn’t have helped if Mo Yi hadn’t forced his hand in this manner. He had eyes only for her; he’d only ever cared about her. Everything else in this Land of Reincarnation had nothing to do with him.

Shenyu rolled up his sleeves and erupted with incredible battle strength. He beat back the corpse demon with punch after punch, utilizing the most simple way of combat possible.

“I can’t hold her off for long, think of something quick. Don’t just use the battle flag in your hand,” Shenyu called out. “You’re the commandant of tomb raiders and your bread and butter is raiding tombs. Handling ghosts and zombies inside tombs is a walk in the park for you. The corpse zombie was born to kill you, so that also means you can counter her!”

Shenyu aimed his next punch at the god of Mount Tai, forcing him to enter the fray.

The mountain god was yet to reach perfection in his state. Even with the body from the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign and corpse dao from Jiang Chen, he was still missing a piece—Violetgrave.

If Violetgrave had stepped forward earlier, that would’ve perfected the mountain god. Even though he was reimmersed in the karma of the Land of Reincarnation, he would eventually be able to extract himself and obtain hell dao.

Battling two people by himself, Shenyu grew stronger the longer he fought. Soon enough, he exerted control over the two terrifying existences.

Lu Yun nodded and released the twentieth level sequence zombie with a wave. He’d set up various mechanisms on it before they set out, just in case it was needed against the corpse demon. This was the first chance he’d had to bring it out.

Twenty levels of sequence was as fragile as a newborn in front of the corpse demon. It would’ve been destroyed if he’d taken it out any sooner.

The unexpected happened.

Sentience suddenly gleamed in the zombie’s eyes and a familiar voice traveled into Lu Yun’s ears. “Lu Yun, do you seek to kill the god of Mount Tai?!”

It was suffused with hatred—Jiang Chen! His surviving will wasn’t fixed on the body of the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign, it’d come to the zombie! Plainly, the zombie was one of his pawns and contingencies.

“Everything you’ve set up on this zombie will be successful against ordinary corpse demons, but that one cannot be considered a corpse demon anymore. It would be more accurate to call her a corpse god. Although she is a zombie, she’s mutated into a corpse god. And with absorbing my corpse dao, her terrifying might goes beyond the limits of your imagination!” Jiang Chen hastily added when Lu Yun remained silent, “I am sure that the corpse god has regained her consciousness. She wouldn’t have clutched your neck otherwise, giving time for the jade to save you. She would’ve crushed you out of existence at first light!”

Lu Yun started—he had indeed thought it was a bit strange earlier. The corpse demon had moved too slowly compared to what it was capable of.

“What should I do?” he asked.

“Have Ah Zhi and Diexi deploy the zombie kings’ major cycle formation and connect it to this zombie. I’ll be able to summon the Great Formation of Corpse Refinement from the outside realm and recover my true strength!” Jiang Chen kept his eyes fixed on the mountain god as he spoke to Lu Yun.

Jiang Chen had created the major cycle formation of zombie kings to redo the Major Cycle Worlds. The three hundred and sixtyfive Diexi’s within were refined from his corpse dao. Once the formation combined with Jiang Chen, he would be able to communicate with the corpse dao of the outside realm and bring it to himself.

The god of Mount Tai relied on the corpse dao of the Land of Reincarnation to give him battle strength. So did the corpse demon—she was the basis of corpse dao in this land.

“Alright,” Lu Yun nodded and reached out to Diexi.

“You!” Jiang Chen’s eyes went wide and he stared incredulously at Lu Yun.

“What about me?” Lu Yun looked back at him, baffled.

“Can’t you question or doubt me just a little bit? How can you so easily agree to things?” Jiang Chen asked haltingly.

“Hello, this has to do with my life,” Lu Yun grumbled. “And if you solve these two problems, your karmic relationship with the Land of Reincarnation will be at an end. Hongjun and the others won’t do anything to you. The Corpse Refiners can start anew in one hundred years.”

“What the fuck, you make so much sense that I have nothing to say.” Jiang Chen took full possession of the twentieth level sequence zombie and stood up.


Rays of grayishyellow cosmic radiance descended from the void and blasted into his body. Jiang Chen threw his head back with a howl and opened his arms, growing a pair of black bat wings from his back.

“God of Mount Tai!” he howled and pounced on his two targets, sending the mountain god flying. Shenyu jumped with surprise. Even the expressionless corpse demon paused with momentary indecision.

Lu Yun made use of the opening to leap to Hongjun, Yin Jiuying, and Jiangchen Xie. Violetgrave reached out from the Tome of Life and Death and undid their seals so she could heal their injuries.

“What’s going on over there? Things seem… a bit messy,” Jiangchen Xie stammered as he watched four ponderous monsters battle in the distance.

Jiang Chen, the god of Mount Tai, corpse demon, and Shenyu tore at each other without differentiating between different sides. Sometimes three fought one, other times the four fought each other indiscriminately. There was no telling who was friend or foe.

“Apart from Shenyu, none of them are anything good.” Lu Yun finally understood the situation at hand.

“The mountain god’s dao partner let herself be killed so she could become the corpse demon. She has her own plans in the making. She retained her own consciousness all along and knows that Yin Jiuying has seen through everything. She’s also well aware of what the mountain god wants to do!” Lu Yun ground his teeth. “If it wasn’t for the Dao King throwing down a piece of jade, the corpse demon would be the ultimate victor!”

Yin Jiuying’s heart palpitated painfully at these words. He’d thought that he was in full control of everything, but it turned out that he’d been operating beneath someone else’s eye!

“Be careful, the course demon definitely has something else up her sleeve. She’s no match for the god of Mount Tai if not,” Lu Yun took a deep breath. He’d wanted to turn down Jiang Chen’s offer of help, but if the old zombie didn’t join their side, the corpse demon would continue to hide her intentions and attack Shenyu together with the mountain god.