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Chapter 1812: Nan Xu Shows His Domineering Side

“Principal, my aunt is still a minor who is not yet of age.

She only came to school today to accompany me for the Open Day activities in place of my parents.

So, if there is an issue, I hope Principal can resolve it with me directly.

After all, I am the main person involved.”

As Nuannuan was still trying to find the words to express her stance, Nan Xu spoke in a rather responsible tone.

His words were extremely domineering.

He was indeed worthy of being a child of the Nangong family.

The principal choked on Nangong Xu’s words.

“Alright, since you don’t want to resolve it through your guardians, I’ll discuss this matter with you.”

The principal asked, “Nan Xu, you heard what I said just now.

“Yes, I want to defend myself.” Nan Xu answered very seriously.


Nan Xu asked seriously instead of answering, “Principal, is there a clear rule of the school specifying that setting up a homework contracting business on campus is not permitted?”

“Although there is no clear rule, it is each student’s duty to do their homework.

“This so-called duty is just to complete the tasks they have been assigned.

Just like in school, as long as the students don’t encounter any harm, it will be enough.

As for my actions, I was merely helping everyone carry out their own individual duties.

I do not feel that I violated any rules.”

“Since it was someone else’s duty, shouldn’t you helping them be considered as interference?”

“But they still handed in the work themselves! It’s just like how it isn’t a teacher’s duty to stop bullying beyond school grounds.

However, many students may choose to hold back while in school to avoid being punished—but may end up murdering each other outside school grounds.

If something as such were to happen, the school cannot be expected to have stopped it.

Similarly, although the students are expected to have done the homework they hand in themselves, as long they hand in the completed work, they should be considered as having completed their duties.

Why am I in the wrong?”

“School and society have different divisions of responsibilities.

If students fight on school grounds, it is the responsibility of teachers to handle it.

If they fight beyond school grounds, it is the responsibility of the police.

Fighting and helping people do homework are two very different things.

You cannot compare them.”

“Then, my homework business only operates outside school grounds.

My customers weren’t given a choice at first about whether they wanted to use the service or not, but now they do have that choice.

If the customer is willing to pay, then the worker is responsible for providing them good service.

I operate in good faith and maintain a pristine reputation.

May I ask, Principal, what exactly did I do wrong? If I don’t help them with their homework, does Principal really think they wouldn’t find someone else to help them instead? If it’s going to be done regardless of moral responsibility, why does it matter who does it?”

Nangong Nuannuan felt that Nan Xu had certainly inherited her talent for sophistry.

After thinking for a long time, the principal finally found a loophole in what Nan Xu said and responded—