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353 Kobold Change of Mind, Target Lu Yuan 1

After a series of screening, Lu Yuan finally chose a ring.

Silver ring of radiant light (Tier 3 100%): King level combat armor

This ring was not like Lu Yuan’s other Geno armaments, which had a special combat skill.

Instead, it completely increased his strength, agility, vitality, and spirit attributes.

After this ring had evolved to overlord tier, the increase in strength had become much greater.

Just by adding this ring, Lu Yuan’s basic attributes had increased by more than a third of his current ones.

In the martial arts Hall, Lu Yuan finished evolving his genetic armament.

He clenched his fist and smiled.

With such strong attributes and a king class Geno weapon, Lu Yuan’s base attributes were not something an ordinary general could compare to.

Even if a general were to engrave emperor-grade transcendent genes and temper them to perfection, Lu Yuan felt that they might not even be as good as his current attributes.

The only difference was that emperor-tier combat skills were stronger than King-tier combat skills.

He just didn’t know whether he or the dog-headed man battle supreme was stronger.

In terms of basic attributes, Lu Yuan felt that he might not be worse than him.

After all, although he was a battle supreme and had five transcendent genes, his degree of refinement was only at the advanced level and not yet at the peak.

Compared to Lu Yuan, his only advantage might be that he had an additional combat skill.

Of course, that battle Supreme genius might have also cultivated a body technique and spirit skill.

It should be said that there was a high possibility that he had cultivated.

But Lu Yuan’s Geno armament was emperor class, and it came with a special skill.

In general, it should be about the same as the dog-head man battle supreme genius.

However, Lu Yuan had a king-level spatial-type combat skill, which was a great advantage for him.

Now, Lu Yuan was confident that he could even fight this Kobold war god.

Lu Yuan took a deep breath and continued to cultivate.

There were still ten days left before he left the origin source grounds.

Since the competition on the Ice Vein planet had not started yet, it would be better for him not to waste any time.

At this moment, Lu Yuan paused and took out his communication crystal.

White light flashed on the communication crystal.

Lu Yuan picked up.

It was Si Tingxue.

Lu Yuan asked in confusion,

“Tingxue, what’s wrong?”

Si Tingxue froze and said,


Don’t call me that so intimately!”

Oh, I know, Tingxue.

Is there anything I can help you with? ”

Si Tingxue’s cold little face was somewhat helpless.

She said,

“It’s time to go.

The competition has been decided.

It’s tomorrow.

We’re going to the Ice Vein planet.”

“That fast?” Lu Yuan was stunned.

Si Tingxue looked at Lu Yuan indifferently and said,

“It’s related to you.”

“To me?”

Lu Yuan was a little stunned.

“Yes, it’s mainly because of the death of that Fiba.

In fact, the kobolds have been urging them to hurry up with the competition.

After all, Fiba was the most powerful 3rd rank genius on their side.

After his death, the cultivation time became shorter, which was very disadvantageous to them.

We’ve been holding back and stalling for time.

For us, the longer the time, the more beneficial it is.

However, the Kobold people have already lost their patience.

We can’t delay any longer.

The competition will start tomorrow.”

Lu Yuan could not help but smile.

“Then let’s go out.”

In order to leave the Land of Origin, in addition to the crystal, there were special escape rooms in the large cities of the Land of Origin, such as White Cloud City.

He could also leave from the escape room.

However, using the escape room also required spirit crystals.

A stage three general would need 100000 stage three spirit crystals to escape from the Land of Origin.

To an ordinary genetic warrior, this was a considerable amount of money.

However, to Lu Yuan, it was nothing.

Lu Yuan walked out of the martial arts Center and realized that Si Tingxue and Rebecca were already waiting.

The three of them boarded Black Bear No.

1 and went to the teleportation Hall, teleporting to the White Cloud City.

Then, he went straight to the escape room.

White Cloud City’s escape room was called a house, but it actually covered an area of about five hundred meters in radius.

It was extremely huge.

The place was divided into rooms.

After entering each room, one could leave after paying spirit crystals.

Lu Yuan entered one of the rooms and used the origin Bank card to pay spirit crystals to the device inside.

With a white flash, Lu Yuan left the land of origin.


On the plaza of the Genius Camp.

Lu Yuan came to the square to gather.

On the square, Si Tingxue and Rebecca had already arrived.

Other than the two of them, there were three other youths and a young lady.

Lu Yuan knew all four of them.

They were all third and fourth-year seniors, ranked in the top 20.

They were geniuses with King genes.

However, all the geniuses here were battle generals.

There wasn’t even a single battle supreme.

Lu Yuan’s head was a little big.

Lu Yuan had seen the other party’s hunting list of kobolds.

There were three battle supremes.

The strongest one, Xue Kuangya, was a high-level battle supreme.

The other two were low-level battle supremes.

He was being crushed in terms of high-end combat power.

Lu Yuan could understand this.

After all, the blood Bone Dog-headed people only had one tribe on a planet, while their Da Qi planet had several empires.

The Red Maple Empire was only a part of Da Qi planet, so their talent pool was different.

Lu Yuan could only express his helplessness.

Lu Yuan walked over and the few of them looked at him.

As for Lu Yuan, these seniors naturally knew him.

They all smiled and nodded at him.