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352 Dazzling Light, Li Qinghe’s Surprise 5

He had also taken a heavenly spirit pill with him, so he had no choice but to return.

He had to bring the heavenly spirit pill over to big sister Qinghe.

However, for the sake of the heavenly spirit pill, big sister Qinghe shouldn’t beat him up, right?


In the White Willow District, Li Qinghe was lying on the bed with his phone in his hand.

His pretty face was a little red, and there was also a hint of anger.

“Bastard little brother, how dare you flirt with your sister now? In the past, I was the one who teased him! Bastard!”

She was angry, but she couldn’t help laughing.

She lay on the bed and thought for a while.

Then, she got up and went to the cloakroom.

She took out the clothes that she had bought online with the fierce rain and had not worn before.

She hummed a little tune and put them on.


The next day, Lu Yuan wanted to go to Si Tingyu’s place to cultivate.

However, he was told that Si Tingyu was busy absorbing the heaven spirit elixir and had no time.

Lu Yuan thought about it and decided to go back and give the heavenly spirit pill to Li Qinghe.

Thus, Lu Yuan left the genius Camp, took out Black Bear No.

1, and returned to the white willow District.

After returning home, Li Qinghe did not expect Lu Yuan to return so suddenly and panicked.

Then, she glared at Lu Yuan and sneered,

“Brother Yuan, it seems like you’re already prepared to be beaten up? ”

Lu Yuan’s heart trembled, and he hurriedly smiled.

“Big sister Qinghe, I have a surprise for you.”

“What surprise?” Li Qinghe was a little puzzled.

“What surprise?”

Lu Yuan took out the heavenly spirit pill and handed it to Li Qinghe.

Rich spirit energy bloomed from the heavenly spirit pill, and Li Qinghe could naturally feel it.

She looked at Lu Yuan in shock and took the heaven spirit elixir.

After receiving the message about the heavenly spirit pill, Li Qinghe was stunned and looked at Lu Yuan in shock.

“This heavenly spirit pill can actually increase one’s talent?”

Lu Yuan smiled and nodded.

“Sister Qinghe, is this considered a surprise?”

Li Qinghe smiled and nodded, then asked, “How about you? Did you use it?”

“I used it.

I took one more for you.”

Lu Yuan recounted the incident where he, Rebecca, and Si tingxue went to hunt Zhou Er.

“So that’s how it is,” Li Qinghe nodded.

“That’s why you should use it, big sister Qinghe.

This will be good for you in the future.”

Li Qinghe looked at Lu Yuan, then smiled and pinched Lu Yuan’s cheek.

I’m very satisfied with this surprise, so I won’t beat you up.

Stay at home for now and don’t rush back to school.

I have a surprise for you later.

Lu Yuan was a little confused, but he nodded and agreed.

Li Qinghe went to absorb the heavenly spirit pill.

Naturally, Lu Yuan stayed in the house.

The next day, there was a strong fluctuation of spirit energy in Li Qinghe’s room.

Lu Yuan opened his eyes and glanced at Li Qinghe’s room.

It was obvious that she had completely absorbed the heavenly spirit pill.

Lu Yuan smiled and walked out of the room.

Then, Li Qinghe also walked out.

Lu Yuan saw Li Qinghe and asked with a smile,

“Sister Qinghe, how do you feel?”

“Very good!” Li Qinghe said, a little excited.

“After absorbing the heavenly spirit pill, I feel that it won’t be long before I can break through to the Battle Emperor realm.”

Lu Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he was also happy for Li Qinghe.

“Then I’ll have to congratulate you, elder sister Qinghe.”

Li Qinghe raised his eyebrows and looked at Lu Yuan with a smirk.

“Wait for me outside.

I’ll prepare a surprise for you.”

Lu Yuan looked at Li Qinghe with some doubt as he returned to his room.

Not long after, Li Qinghe opened the door and extended a snow-white arm to wave at Lu Yuan.

There was a hint of undetectable nervousness in his voice.

“Little brother Yuan, come in.”

Lu Yuan walked in curiously.

Then, he saw Li Qinghe wearing a sexy little black dress with suspenders, and her long legs were wrapped in black see through leggings.

Lu Yuan: “??? ”



Lu Yuan suspected that he had arrived in heaven.

Otherwise, how could she have such a beautiful dream?

Li Qinghe, who had been wearing a lazy smile the entire time, actually looked a little embarrassed.

However, she recovered very quickly and revealed an evil smile at Lu Yuan.

She even put her hands on her slender waist and made a sexy pose, blinking her eyes at Lu Yuan teasingly.

“How is it? Is it good? His sister had bought this when she went online shopping with the fiendish rain.

She hadn’t worn it yet.

Little brother Yuan, you’re the first one to meet him.”

Lu Yuan, “Big sister Qinghe, can I sit on the bed?”

Li Qinghe was stunned for a moment, then seemed to understand something.

He looked at Lu Yuan’s lower body with a strange look, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

She looked at Lu Yuan with an evil smile.

“Eh? If you want to sit, then sit.”

Lu Yuan was speechless.

He didn’t feel good.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t beat you, I’ll let you know what cruelty is right now!

Lu Yuan only dared to complain in his heart, and then sat down obediently by the bed.

Li Qinghe smiled.

that’s the end of the benefits! Big sister, I’m going to switch back!

Then, Li Qinghe ran back to the cloakroom.

After closing the door, she leaned against it, her pretty face turning red at a visible rate.

She lightly patted her chest and let out a breath.

There was still a shy look in her eyes.

She felt that her heart was beating a little too fast.

After calming his heartbeat, Li Qinghe’s complexion returned to normal and he changed back into his original clothes.

She looked at the little black dress and black silk, fell silent for a moment, and then carefully put them away.

Lu Yuan had not expected Li Qinghe to give him such a surprise.

He was very satisfied.

It was just that the time was a little too short.

Of course, he felt that his rationality might not be able to take it if it took too long.

If he really couldn’t control himself, he felt that he might be beaten to death by sister Qinghe.

Suddenly, he felt that a shorter length might be a good thing.


Wait …

What the hell was this heavy rain?

After Lu Yuan calmed down a little, he suddenly thought of Li Qinghe’s previous words and his expression became a little strange.

‘Hmmm …’

If this was a nickname, it was quite in line with the characteristics of a mentor.

Lu Yuan didn’t dare to think too much and sealed this nickname.

To avoid being silenced when the time came.

Li Qinghe chased Lu Yuan out the moment he came out of the bathroom.

Lu Yuan noticed the strange look in Li Qinghe’s eyes and felt embarrassed.

Li Qinghe was a battle-king after all, so she must have discovered some unspeakable secret.

He quickly slipped away.

After returning to school, Lu Yuan started his normal life again.

He would go to Si Tingyu’s house to cultivate his steel body.

Ever since he had heard of Si Tingyu’s nickname from Li Qinghe, Lu Yuan felt that Si Tingyu had become someone he could not look at directly.

It was terrifying.

Si Tingyu, on the other hand, did not notice Lu Yuan’s daily routine.

She continued to beat Lu Yuan up when she was cultivating.

Lu Yuan’s progress was quite fast.

Now that steel body’s amplification had increased to nearly three times his defense, he was both happy and in pain.

In the Land of Origin, since he could no longer hunt for Kobold geniuses, Lu Yuan cultivated in peace.

However, Lu Yuan had heard that the competition between the geniuses of the Kobold and the red maple Empire had become increasingly intense.

Geniuses from both sides had died, and they were unable to enter the origin source grounds.

Lu Yuan knew that on the genius camp’s combat strength ranking, Li Qingmei, who was ranked 4th, and Zhang Shi, who was ranked 7th, were killed when they were hunting the dog-headed people.

Even more people died at the bottom of the rankings.

Of course, the dog-headed people weren’t having a good time either.

Many of them had died in the battle.

Although it was just a competition before the ice vein star, both sides had suffered a lot.

Time passed.

One and a half months later.

Lu Yuan had entered the Land of Origin six times and absorbed 1.3 million Level-5 spirit crystals.

He had tempered the spatial teleportation gene to 70%.

The basic attributes of spatial teleportation were the highest.

After the improvement of the tempering degree, Lu Yuan’s basic attributes had also increased greatly.

Lu Yuan found that he could now carve another King Geno armament.


This is the end of Part One, and