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Chapter 2627: Unmentionable Disease

She seemed like a frightened rabbit.

However, the young lady appeared to be wearing a veil.

Xie Yutang rose to his feet and walked to the bamboo house.

“Would you like to come out and chat with us, Young Miss? Who are you? Are you locked up in here? We are not bad people.

Do you wish to leave?”

Hearing this, the young lady in the house hesitated briefly before opening the door and exiting.

She eyed Xie Yutang and Feng Jiu as they sat at the table.

After some thought, she turned around and entered the house.

She eventually took out a plate of cakes.

“Please eat some.”

She spoke in a low tone, the person was a little nervous.

Her eyes were dropped downwards, and she dared not look up at them, but she did so with good intentions.

“We had just eaten a large amount of food just now.” Xie Yutang lacked worldly wisdom and simply wanted to convey that he was full after eating some fruit and other foods earlier.

However, before he could finish his sentence, Feng Jiu had already taken the plate.

“Thank you.

” Feng Jiu said.

After receiving the plate, she walked to the table and said, “Come and have a seat with us!”

The girl’s eyes brightened up as she stared up at Feng Jiu.

She nodded cheerfully.

“Mm hmm.” She followed Feng Jiu to the table and joined her there.

“What’s your name?” Feng Jiu asked while eating a piece of cake.

“I, my name is Ruan Ruyun.

” She bowed her head and placed her hands under the table, nervously grasping the corners of her skirt.

“Are you related to the Ruan family? Why do you live alone here?” Since they had no way out of this place, Xie Yutang was not in a hurry and inquired with curiosity.

As a result of their interrogation, the two discovered the identity of the girl and the reason she was here.

The young lady turned out to be the Fourth Young Miss of the Ruan family, Madam Ruan’s young daughter, but she had been locked up here because of a growth on her face that couldn’t be treated with medicine.

“Really? No matter what, you are Madam Ruan’s daughter, how can she just lock you up?”

Xie Yutang was taken aback.

Their mother was very kind to him and his sister.

He was confident that even if they had a foul disease, she would not abandon them.

The family had obviously abandoned the girl in front of her.

“So you’ve been living alone in this house since you were five?” Feng Jiu was also shocked.

Could a young child live alone in this place?

Maybe no one her age had ever come in before, or maybe she didn’t think Feng Jiu and Xie Yutang were bad people, so she gradually relaxed.


My father and mother said it would be a disgrace to the family if people outside knew I looked like this, so they let me live here by myself.

They did, however, send someone to teach me calligraphy and the zither.

Every few days, my older brother would bring me something.”

“Do your parents not realise that your cultivation strength is not weak and that you are not inferior to your big sister?” Ruan Ruyun was taken aback when Feng Jiu said this and instinctively looked up.

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows as she observed her reaction.

Xie Yutang was taken aback, looked up and down at Ruan Ruyun, then at Feng Jiu.

“How do you know her strength isn’t low? Why hadn’t I noticed that?”

She eyed him with disdain and replied, “Much stronger than you.”

Xie Yutang was taken aback by her reply.

“Really? More powerful than me? I don’t think so!”