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Ten days later…

It is a college exchange from today.

Coming back from the dining room with Ray, he fell straight into bed.

“Are you going to sleep?

“We still have time.”

My stomach swelled and I fell asleep, or I could hear my sleep right away.

Concon, and the sound of tapping something sounds.

It’s through the window.


When I opened the window, there was Misha outside.

“What’s up?

“Mr. Cat. Nah.”

When Misha called, a familiar black cat ran over here.

After a little ride on Misha’s shoulder, she jumps to the edge of the window.

It’s Ives Necron, the Seven Demons.

“Did something happen to you at Dillhayd?

Ives was offered to explore the trend of Avos Dilhevia in Dilheyd, just like Melheyd.

That’s why I came all the way here, so I guess I have urgent business.

“Three old Seven Demons disappeared from Dirhade”

Ives opens his mouth.

“Hmm. Where have you been?

“I’ve checked up to where I entered Gailladite here. He’s gone, but he’s not out of town. He’s got to be lurking somewhere.”

At this time of college exchange?

I just think I’m up to something.

“What’s your involvement with the College of the Brave?

“I don’t know yet. I also put a net on the human beings at the College of the Brave, but so far I haven’t seen any contact with the Seven Demons.”

If the College of the Brave and Avos Dilhevia are conspiring, it’s an easy diagram to understand.

“Okay. Continue to explore the trends of the Seven Demons.”

“Thank you. In addition, there’s one more thing I want to tell you. It may not concern Avos Dilhevia, but it does concern me.”

“What’s up?

“I visited here, and I overheard it by chance, but the Gailladite humans are told a legacy of deep darkness”

Hmm. Speaking of which, did the shooter’s owner also say it?

“Is there something wrong?

“It’s like an oral tradition that’s been told to humans for a long time. Eventually, the deep darkness swallows Azesion again. But I have nothing to fear. Pray with hope. To our legendary brave man. Then shall the resurrection of his man appear, and clear his darkness with the light of hope.”

That’s a common cliché.

“I wonder if this deep darkness is referring to the Rascal Demon King”

“You mean the oral biography that prophesied my reincarnation?

“I don’t know. Perhaps they’ve been telling the story of my son, who will eventually come back to life, to make you a dead man again.”

“Hmm. Do you have a basis?

“I was a little curious to find out, and by the graduates of the College of the Brave, it seems that this oral message is conveyed to all of Azecyon. Deep darkness is said to bring despair to humans. But the braves don’t explain what it is exactly. To overcome the deep darkness, you must not know.”

It would have been the credence of the brave to spread the word of mouth in such vagueness.

Human beings have always believed in things we don’t know.

“I mean, is this what you’re trying to say? The College of the Brave is planning to kill the reincarnated Demon King again so that the Demons don’t know otherwise. Now try to destroy it completely without even leaving a root.”

“If it was an oral saying that the tyrannical Demon King would bring despair, it would have reached us, the Seven Demons, the Old Emperor, immediately. I was wondering if you were going to lay down a hostile opponent under the name of deep darkness and not give Dilhayd a pretext to attack in.”

The world has become peaceful. Demonic and human interactions were also interrupted.

That’s good, you mean you waited for the tiger’s sight and opportunity with a shiatsu look on your face?

I’ll be reincarnated.

“That’s not an impossible story. But that can be odd. The Demon King’s name is passed down to Avos Dilhevia at the College of the Brave.”

“Is that for sure?

“Looks like he laid down a warrant, but a little student slipped his mouth. Not to say absolutely, well, you’re pretty much sure.”

Ives is silent and thinking.

We still know that for two thousand years we have been watching opportunities to connect our will with oral biography and heritage and defeat the Devil King of Atrocities.

But if I’m wrong about the key demon king, I’m not talking about Manuke. Because the College of the Brave can’t find me, and I’m going to fight a false demon king.

“Haven’t Avos Dilhevia’s plans and those of the College of the Brave, intertwined and created this situation…?

says Ives.

“Well. But if the Seven Demons are coming to Gailladite, it could be.”

Avos Dilhevia, the College of the Brave, and me and the three factions have their own thoughts, and now we’re in this Gailladite.

Nothing, I don’t suppose that’s why.

We should also keep in mind that unexpected things happen.

“Follow the fate of the Seven Demons. I’ll go to the College of the Brave. Just today, it’s a college exchange.”

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Ives jumped a little and went out the window.

“Per odd?

Misha grabbed the edge of the window with both hands and stretched her back.

Only her face peeks from it.


“For every demon king?

Is that what you mean?

“That’s the place. I see you’ve come to a difficult place.”


“If I have to. What were you doing out there?

“School attendance”

Misha says pale.

“Isn’t it too early?

‘Cause it’s my first day.

I see, that sounds like Misha.

I threw myself through the window and went outside.

Misha looks up strangely.

“Let’s go together”


Happily she nodded.

Misha and I walk relaxed and come to the College of the Brave.

When I put my hand on the gate, the magic key was automatically unlocked to see if the conditions of < Locking Boundary (Digit) > had changed.

We crawled through the gates and entered the college.

“Speaking of which, where were you going?

“Grand Auditorium”

Misha looks around for a moment.

“Over there.”

There was a sign indicating the direction of the grand auditorium at the location indicated.

It would have been prepared for students at Demon King’s College.

Follow the instructions on the sign, walk up the stairs and down the aisle to the Oz.

There was a double open door on the poke. The plate says Grand Auditorium.

When I opened the door, it was a vast space inside.

The rear seats are in a high position, the lectures are in the lowest position and blackboards are visible from every seat.

“That’s huge.”

“College exchange is a large number of people”

There are two classes of students at Demon King’s College alone.

Some students from the College of the Brave, maybe even in classrooms of this size.

“Whoa. Anos, it’s you. Morning.”

In the front row seats, a female student with long stretched black hair waves her hands wide.

Eleonor. She ran up the loose stairs in the grand auditorium and came this way.

“It’s early. Anos, could you be a surprisingly honorable student?

“What, whimsical?”

Misha tilted her neck wonderfully.

“Do you know him?”

“Uh, I’m sorry. I haven’t introduced myself yet. Brave Academy 3rd, Eleonor Bianca.”

Then Misha lowered her head with a pepper.

“Demon King College 1st Regeneration, Misha Necron”

“Nice to meet you, Misha. Eleonor is fine with me.”

Kokuri and Misha nod.

“Say hello.”

“Just fine. I need to ask you something about the brave Cannon.”

Then a voice sounded from the entrance.

“Heh. What is it? I’ll give you an answer, if you like? Brother of Demon King College.”

What came was a blonde boy I saw in the magic library.

Redriano and Laos were with us.

“Nice to meet you. I am the third in the sequence of the College of the Brave, belong to the selection class’ Jergacanon ‘, reincarnator of the second root of the brave Canon, Heine Kanon Iorg, Creator of the Holy Land”

Hmm. You’ve got everything and you’ve been introducing yourself a long time.

“I heard Laos bothered you. Sorry, he got into a fight a little early.”

“That’s not enough to be apologized for. I played with him lightly.”

Next to Heine, Laos looks grumpy.

“It would help if you could say that. Oh, yeah. If I tell you next, what, can you play me, too?

Huh. Say something funny.

“What kind of play do you want?

“Today’s class is seated, though. Recreation is here, and we’re going to do something like a little rivalry with Delzogate and Arklan Iska. Does that mean losing is better answering whatever their questions are?

I see.

“I don’t mind.”


Heine uses the magic of Contract.

If you lose today’s confrontation, answer the other person’s questions without lying or falsely.

“By the way, I’d like to know who the tyrant demon king is.”

Heine asks, as she puts her exploration here.

“Oh, of course, I don’t care what the confrontation looks like after I hear it -“

Never mind, I signed the contract.

“Heh. Is that okay? It’s so easy to sign. Unlike magic fights, I don’t think we can do everything we can?

“Nothing, there’s nothing wrong where the tyrannical demon king finds out with whom. And…”

I’ll tell the Heiners the obvious facts.

“I don’t care what the terms are, I can’t lose.”