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Chapter 1748 Mystic Thearch

Mystic Thearch seemed to have an invisible weapon in hand.

Every time it flashed, it would kill a dimensional creature.

It was very strange.

Zhou Wen hadn’t had the time to do further research before following Wang Lu to Lop Nur.

Therefore, Zhou Wen didn’t completely understand Mystic Thearch’s abilities.

However, after seeing the monstrous Little Li, Zhou Wen had a guess.

Could Mystic Thearch’s ability be related to spatial powers?

Of course, it was only related.

The Mystic Thearch’s power wasn’t spacetime.

At the very least, it wasn’t ordinary spacetime power.

Mystic Thearch was dressed in extremely black armor like a shadow female samurai.

Her body resembled Starlady Polestar.

When the monstrous Little Li saw Mystic Thearch, it was unknown if he knew that his strength was inferior or if there was another reason, but he actually instant transmitted elsewhere.

However, at the same time he instant transmitted, Mystic Thearch appeared beside him like a ghost and swept past monstrous Little Li.

The white light over monstrous Little Li’s body changed as his entire body turned illusory and unreal.

It was as though he had entered another spacetime.

He didn’t seem to be injured.

Is Mystic Thearch’s power equally ineffective? Zhou Wen frowned slightly.

Just as Zhou Wen thought that he needed to think of another solution, he saw Mystic Thearch charge at the monstrous Little Li again.

However, this time, she didn’t directly hit him; she only waved her right hand like a saber.

Zhou Wen immediately widened his eyes.

Under the gaze of the Teacher Domain and himself, he clearly saw the spacetime powers on the monstrous Little Li being sliced apart.

It was an indescribable feeling.

It was as though there was a layer of transparent tempered glass between monstrous Little Li and Mystic Thearch.

Mystic Thearch’s slash split the transparent barrier into two, or rather, opened up a door.

This was only what Zhou Wen felt.

The average person would think that Mystic Thearch had casually waved her hand as though nothing had happened.

With that wave, the Mystic Thearch stepped forward and swept past the monstrous Little Li.

In the next second, the monstrous Little Li’s head flew into the air as though it had been sliced off by a sharp blade.


The flying head and the falling body exploded at the same time as an illusory transparent blob of light fell.

Zone Core! Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised.

He never expected the Zone Core to be in the body.

The moment the monstrous Little Li died, Salt Water Lake seemed to experience an earthquake.

It suddenly trembled a few times before everyone realized that the missing entrance boulder had appeared not far away.

The five-person team waiting there also appeared in everyone’s vision.

The Wang family members were alarmed and delighted.

They couldn’t be bothered to thank Zhou Wen as they scrambled for the entrance boulder.

Wang Lu looked at Zhou Wen as though she had many things to say, but she was momentarily at a loss for words.

Finally, she said,

“It’s good to have you around.”

“Why are you standing on ceremony with me? Can I have this Zone Core?” Zhou Wen pointed at the Zone Core and asked.

“It’s all yours,” Wang Lu said in disappointment.

“I do need this item, so I won’t stand on ceremony.

If you find a dimensional zone that’s suitable for you in the future, I’ll help you get the Zone Core.” Zhou Wen didn’t stand on ceremony as he picked it up.

“Let’s go.

This dimensional zone is a little strange.

It seems like that’s not all.

Let’s not find ourselves stuck in it again.” Zhou Wen pulled Wang Lu out and rendezvoused with the Wang family in front of the entrance boulder.

The Wang family had suffered heavy losses this time.

More than ten Mythical personnel had died, and two were at the Terror grade.

More importantly, the Companion Eggs that the Wang family had accumulated for a long time were lost.

However, this was already a rather good outcome.

If not for Zhou Wen, they would probably have been wiped out.

Before leaving, Zhou Wen secretly returned the box to Wang Lu.

“Take care.” Zhou Wen patted Wang Lu’s head.

He wanted to console her, but he didn’t know what to say.

He wasn’t someone who was good at consoling others.

“Take care too.” Wang Lu’s expression was odd.

Just as Zhou Wen turned to leave, Wang Lu suddenly asked,

“If I have nowhere to go one day, will you take me in?”

“Of course, but I don’t think you will reach that stage with your luck,” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“I’ll remember your words.” Wang Lu seemed a little serious.

Zhou Wen didn’t read too much into it.

All he wanted to do now was find a safe place and see if the Zone Core could advance Godfiend Era to the Calamity grade.

He also had to figure out Mystic Thearch’s abilities as soon as possible.

The power displayed by the Mystic Thearch made Zhou Wen think of something very important.

Mystic Thearch tore through spacetime to kill the monstrous Little Li.

If this ability was used elsewhere, it would be of great help to Zhou Wen.

He used spatial teleportation to return to Guide Ancient City.

Zhou Wen returned to his room and eagerly took out the Zone Core before switching to the Godfiend Era Essence Energy Art.

As his Essence Energy Art circulated, the Zone Core in Zhou Wen’s hand transformed into transparent streams of light that seeped into his body from his hands.

At the Cape family in the West District.

“Family Head, there’s news from the East District’s Wang family.

Wang Lu and the rest have returned,” the blonde middle-aged man came in front of the Cape family’s family head and said with a strange expression.

“What’s the outcome? Can that dimensional zone really replicate a Companion Egg?” The Cape family head looked up and asked the blonde middle-aged man.

Clearly, he thought highly of the matter.

“I don’t know.” The blonde middle-aged man smiled bitterly.

“You don’t know? What did the people who infiltrated the Wangs say?” The Cape family head stared at him.

“They didn’t return.

Apparently, they died in Lop Nur,” the blonde middle-aged man said.

“None of them returned alive?” The Cape family head frowned.

“No, none of them returned.

Could it be that they were discovered by the Wangs? The exploration of some magical dimensional zone was used as a ruse to eliminate them?” After some thought, the blonde middle-aged man realized that there was only one possibility.

“From the looks of it, we have underestimated the Wangs.

Since that dimensional zone is fake, this matter ends here.

You are dismissed.” The Cape family head lowered his head and continued studying the item in his hand.

The Wangs weren’t worth his anger.

Furthermore, the Wang family was a family in the East District after all.

It would be very troublesome for the Cape family to touch them.

More and more alien races appeared on the Cube’s rankings, but no humans entered the ranking.

Although there were also humans who attempted to enter the rankings, they couldn’t even cross the Lake of Fog, much less pluck the golden apple.

“I’m really displeased seeing those alien races act so arrogantly.” Li Xuan was feeling depressed watching the livestream.

When he saw Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu walk over, his eyes lit up.

He walked over with a smile and wrapped his arm around their shoulders.

“Aren’t we good brothers?”