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Chapter 1747 Spacetime Strength

Everyone only wanted to escape, but they knew that escaping was useless.

Ignoring the question of whether there would be more monsters similar to Little Li, there was no way to escape.

No matter how they ran, they would ultimately return.

They would ultimately die.

Wang Lu controlled the white bear to charge at the monster, Little Li, who was fusing with various items.

This time, the monster, Little Li, didn’t dodge.

Looking at the roaring white bear, he suddenly extended his hand and pressed down on the white bear’s open mouth.

The Terror-grade white bear was pressed to the ground.

No matter how much it struggled, it couldn’t get up.

In the next second, the spot where the white bear’s palm touched the monster, Little Li, sank into his palm like the other things.

“My Companion Beast won’t do either!” Wang Lu was alarmed.

She wanted to retrieve the white bear, but how could she? Moments later, the white bear was sucked into Little Li’s palm.

Little Li’s entire body suffused a strange white light, especially his hair and eyes.

It was indescribably strange.

The members of the Wang family turned ashen.

They originally wanted to count on Wang Lu’s Companion Beast, but now, it was useless.

They immediately felt that they had lost their crutch.

Zhou Wen frowned as he looked at Little Li.

The Teacher Domain constantly circulated as it analyzed the nomological powers on Little Li’s body, but the speed of its analysis was extremely slow.

However, he was certain that Little Li had the laws of time and space, but there were some differences.

Perhaps it was the legendary spacetime power.

In a moment, the piles of items were sucked into Little Li’s body.

Little Li’s body, which emitted a strange white light, levitated off the ground.

His entire body was like a white devil enveloped by a demonic glow.

His white hair hung down, turning into white eyes that seemed to reflect the sins of the world.

“Zhou Wen, what should we do?” Wang Lu was at a loss.

The situation had exceeded her control.

“Kill him.” Zhou Wen condensed the power of Great Brahma and his body was immediately enveloped by the dark-gold armor as he threw a punch at the monster, Little Li.

The destructive beam struck the monstrous Little Li’s body.

The power was enough to destroy a Calamity-grade expert, but when the beam struck the monster, it passed through it without causing any damage to his body.

Upon seeing Zhou Wen take action, the members of the Wang family, who had thought of him as a powerhouse, felt their hearts turn cold.

They didn’t care about anything else as they fled.

They knew that they couldn’t escape, but every second they lived counted.

Zhou Wen threw punch after punch.

The destructive power of the Great Burning Heaven failed to touch the monstrous Little Li.

It passed through his body as though it didn’t exist.

Little Li’s figure flashed and vanished from everyone’s sight.

When he appeared again, he grabbed the head of a Wang family member with each hand and instantly sucked them into his body.

Zhou Wen switched Essence Energy Arts and attempted to attack the monstrous Little Li with different powers.

However, no matter what kind of power it was, it felt as though he had struck nothing.

It passed through his body without causing any damage.

Instead, it was the monstrous Little Li who instant transmitted again and again.

He grabbed the Wang family members who had fled in all directions and sucked them into his body.

Wang Lu summoned Companion Beasts to charge at the monstrous Little Li, but they were no longer effective.

They were also sucked into the monster’s body.

“Zhou Wen, I shouldn’t have brought you here.” Wang Lu sighed.

Zhou Wen said,

“Let’s cut out the banal chatter.

This fellow is indeed a little troublesome.

If I’m not wrong, this fellow should be a product of spacetime powers.

His strength should have already reached the Calamity grade, but my strength should be stronger than his.

That’s why he can’t directly absorb my strength.

However, because he has spacetime powers, it’s difficult for my strength to hit his body.

This is somewhat troublesome.”

“Why can’t you hit him?” Wang Lu hurriedly asked, hoping to help Zhou Wen.

“According to my guess, he should be able to switch to different spacetimes at will.

It looks like my strength hit him, but in fact, he’s already in a different spacetime.

No matter how strong I am, I can’t penetrate spacetime and hit him in another spacetime…” Zhou Wen explained.

“Then is there no other way?” Wang Lu was burning with anxiety.

“Unless I also have spacetime powers and can break through the restrictions of spacetime, I ultimately won’t be able to do a thing to him.

Unfortunately, I only have spatial powers and not temporal powers, much less spacetime powers,” Zhou Wen said with a sigh.

Wang Lu felt even more despair when she heard that.

She watched as the Wang family members were absorbed by the monstrous Little Li one by one.

She said tragically,

“I don’t have spacetime powers either, nor do I have spacetime Companion Beasts.

From the looks of it, we are doomed.”

“Companion Beast?” Zhou Wen pondered and said,

“You just reminded me of something.”

“You have a spacetime-type Companion Beast?” Wang Lu was overjoyed.

“No.” Zhou Wen shook his head.

“You…” Wang Lu was at a loss.

She felt that she should be angry, but at this point in time, there was no point in being mad.

“However, I have a strange Companion Beast.

Perhaps I can give it a try.” Zhou Wen wasn’t worried that he would die here.

He had already noticed something.

The monstrous Little Li had grown by absorbing the things here, but up to now, there weren’t any Calamity-grade Companion Eggs.

There were no Calamity-grade Companion Eggs among the replicated items.

Even if he absorbed everything here, he would at most be at the Calamity grade.

It was impossible for him to advance to the Apocalypse grade.

Even if Zhou Wen couldn’t kill him, he couldn’t do a thing to him.

As for the box Wang Lu had placed there previously, Zhou Wen guessed that it was empty.

Perhaps it wasn’t a Calamity-grade Companion Egg inside.

The real Calamity-grade Companion Egg was inside the box Wang Lu had given him.

Zhou Wen was somewhat impressed with Wang Lu’s foresight.

If Wang Lu really placed the Calamity-grade Companion Egg there for replication, resulting in many replicated Calamity Companion Eggs that ended up absorbed by the monstrous Little Li, who knew what level of growth he would have.

“Then quickly give it a try!” Wang Lu said anxiously.

“Alright.” With a thought, an extremely black shadow-like Companion Beast appeared in front of him.

It was none other than the Mystic Thearch Companion Beast he had just obtained.

“I hope it will be useful.” Zhou Wen ordered Mystic Thearch to attack the monstrous Little Li.

Mystic Thearch was a very strange Companion Beast.

It didn’t have any skills, but its other stats were top-notch.

However, Zhou Wen had previously attempted to get the Mystic Thearch to fight, but he realized that it wasn’t a Strength-type melee Companion Beast.