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Chapter 1745 Why Are You Smiling?

“What questions do you have? You can ask them now.” Zhou Wen didn’t let go of Little Li’s hand.

“He’s already half-dead from your grabbing.

How are we to ask?” A Wang family member said,

“Let him go first.

There are so many of us.

Are you afraid that he will escape?”

“I’m not afraid of him running.

I’m just afraid that he won’t run.” Zhou Wen didn’t let go of Little Li.

“Family Head, what’s going on? No matter what, Little Li is a subordinate of our Wang family.

Even if we want to arrest and question him, it should be done by our Wang family.

Why leave this to an outsider?” the elder said unhappily to Wang Lu.

“That’s right.

Why are the other things we replicated fine except for Little Li? Furthermore, he’s clearly fine.

He looks half-dead and can’t even speak because he’s being held hostage.

I’m afraid someone is up to no good.”

“People from the Wang family should naturally be dealt with by the Wang family itself.”

Many people from the Wang family were somewhat displeased with Zhou Wen, but they didn’t dare make a move.

They also knew that Zhou Wen was powerful and wasn’t someone ordinary people could match.

“Zhou Wen, what’s Little Li’s situation now?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen.

Although Wang Lu was the head of the family, that didn’t mean that she could ignore the Wang family’s feelings.

If people lost their sense of belonging, the family would be over.

Wang Lu believed Zhou Wen, but she had to placate the Wang family members’ emotions.

“I’m not sure either.

I just feel that something is amiss.” Zhou Wen looked at the demented Little Li and recalled his smile.

He had a nagging feeling that this fellow was dangerous.

“Heard that? What kind of answer is that? Can you hold a member of our Wang family hostage just because you feel that something is amiss?”

“Family Head, he can’t even give a reason.

Is this how people do things?”

When the Wang family heard Zhou Wen’s words, they became even more distrustful of him.

They only believed that he had ulterior motives.

Wang Lu was in a dilemma, but she didn’t relent.

Zhou Wen could tell that Wang Lu was in a difficult position.

After some thought, he said,

“Forget it.

Since you want him, I’ll give him to you.

However, if anything happens, it won’t be my business.”

“We don’t need outsiders to worry about the Wang family,” the Wang family members immediately said.

With Wang Lu around, they felt that nothing would happen with her luck.

Desire is really a terrifying emotion, Zhou Wen thought to himself.

If it were any other time, these people wouldn’t dare speak to me like that.

But in the face of so many benefits, they aren’t afraid of offending me.

Forget it.

It’s not like I can keep holding onto Little Li.

I can take this opportunity to see what’s so strange about him.

Zhou Wen no longer held back Little Li and returned him to the Wang family.

Two Wang family members took Little Li from Zhou Wen’s hands.

Although they had some concerns and were afraid that there was something wrong with him, they felt relieved when they saw that he appeared demented.

“Little Li…” After getting Little Li back, the Wang family wanted to wake him up and ask him about what had happened, but Little Li remained silent.

He seemed to be in a daze and nothing could be got out of him.

Many people still suspected that Zhou Wen had secretly done something to Little Li.

They didn’t believe the words of the two Little Lis fusing into one.

If they didn’t know Zhou Wen’s strength, they would probably have taken him down before interrogating him.

“Family Head, I don’t think there’s any problem.

Aren’t the replicated Companion Eggs fine? In any case, we aren’t replicating people.

It should be fine.

Let’s not waste any more time.

Let’s continue.”

Everyone urged Wang Lu to quickly put down the treasure prepared by the Wang family and replicate a few more.

“Alright.” Wang Lu nodded and took out a box from her backpack and placed it on the pile of things.

Zhou Wen watched coldly from the side.

This time, he didn’t say a word.

Everyone set off again and circled the Salt Water Lake.

Although there were also people who were worried that something would go wrong, their desire for treasures exceeded their worries.

Along the way, Zhou Wen observed Little Li.

He was escorted forward by two members of the Wang family, but there was no reaction.

When they returned to the place where they had placed the items, there was indeed another pile of replicas.

The box that Wang Lu had taken out was also among them.

“See? I knew it.

There’s no problem.

Isn’t everything fine?”

“Let’s go, let’s go.

Let’s replicate a few more.

It’s best if we can each obtain one…”

“With this treasure land, our Wang family will definitely become an existence like the six families in the future.”

They were all in a festive mood, as though they would soon become great nobles on Earth.

Wang Lu didn’t say a word as she looked at Zhou Wen.

“Continue walking,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

It was useless to say anything else now.

Furthermore, he couldn’t leave, so he could only continue walking.

Round after round, more and more things were replicated.

Ignoring the Wang family’s delight, Zhou Wen found it odd.

He had clearly seen the two Little Lis fuse into one, but the replicated Companion Eggs didn’t do the same.

Even the box that Wang Lu had put down had been replicated multiple times.

There were no strange fusions.

As for the item in the box, Zhou Wen also knew what it was.

In the Wang family’s euphoria, someone had accidentally revealed it, Zhou Wen knew that it was a Calamity-grade Companion Egg.

With the Wang family’s standards, they likely didn’t have the ability to hunt Calamity-grade creatures.

It was highly likely that Wang Lu had obtained it through luck.

After circling so many times, Little Li remained in a daze.

He didn’t do anything out-of-place.

Could it be that something will happen only after living creatures are replicated? Or could it be that only humans have problems? Zhou Wen thought of all sorts of possibilities.

They walked to the place where the items were placed again.

Indeed, there was another pile of items there.

The Wang family was so happy that they were about to go crazy.

Many replicated Companion Eggs had been hatched by the Wang family—they were also fine.

As for the Calamity Companion Egg box, no one had taken it.

Firstly, they needed Wang Lu’s permission.

Secondly, even if they took it now, they wouldn’t be able to hatch it.

The Wang family didn’t even have a single Calamity-grade creature.

Just their Essence Energy was insufficient to incubate a Calamity Companion Beast.

If they forced the hatching, they would only die from having their Essence Energy sucked dry.

Therefore, no one requested to hatch it now.

Wang Lu only put away the replicated box every time without any intention of incubating it.

As everyone was feeling excited, Zhou Wen saw the dazed Little Li finally show an expression.

He revealed a strange smile again, but other than Zhou Wen, no one was paying attention to him.

This time, he didn’t stop smiling.

He kept smiling, making Zhou Wen’s hair stand on end.

“Little Li, are you awake? Why are you smiling?” The Wang family members who were escorting Little Li finally realized that something was amiss with him.