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517 Mo Tu The Buddhist

Hong Yuanchu and the other Daoyuan realm cultivators had been paying attention to the process of Mo Tu’s transformation, the demon race Daoyuan realm cultivators in particular.

They sensed a vast power emerging from Mo Tu’s Dao path in his residence.

Their expressions changed when they realized that this vast power was able to suppress demonic power.

In this case, it seemed that they either had to choose Buddhism or stand opposed to Mo Tu.

Hong Yuanchu glanced at them.

The experts of the ancient demon race had tried their best to contact the demon race cultivators and even promised them many benefits.

If the demon race cultivators did not know how they would be treated as mixed-blood descendants, they probably would not have been able to resist the temptation.

However, if the promised benefits continued to increase, would they be able to maintain their stance?

Hong Yuanchu did not know.

Therefore, it was the best choice for these demon race Daoyuan realm cultivators to become Buddhists.

After Mo Tu came out of seclusion, a discussion would unfold.

Time passed as Chu Xuan focused on perfecting the structure and laws of the Great Dao world while waiting for the reward of the 75-year milestone.

Soon, it was almost time for the 75-year milestone.

Incidentally, Mo Tu had finally succeeded in becoming a Buddhist.

At this moment, in the heavenly domain, the Daoyuan realm cultivators looked at Mo Tu in shock.

Why did he seem like a different person?

His short hair was surrounded by Buddhist light, and he looked like a kind and virtuous person.

Hong Yuanchu was stunned.

Mo Tu was his old rival.

He had always suppressed Mo Tu.

Ever since they were young cultivators, the two had always been fighting, as such Hong yuanchu was confident that he understood Mo Tu better than any of the other demon race Daoyuan realm cultivators present.

However, at this moment, even he felt that Mo Tu was a little unfamiliar.

Could becoming a Buddhist result in such a large change?

“Buddha is merciful.

Greetings, almsgivers.”

Mo Tu put his hands together.

After he entered Buddhism, he naturally had the appearance of a Buddhist.

Hong Yuanchu and the rest were stunned.

“Are you still Mo Tu?”

Ruoxian could not help but ask.

“Of course.

From now on, I’m the arhat, Mo Tu!”

Mo Tu placed his hands together.

She felt that Mo Tu was strange and not familiar at all.

“Ruoxian, you little b*tch, stay away from me! I don’t get close to women!”

Mo Tu glared at her.

Ruoxian’s face turned red with anger.

It was undoubtedly that b*stard Mo Tu.

She snorted and turned to leave.

Mo tu looked at Mo Zhan, and Buddhist light bloomed.

His voice was like thunder as he rebuked, “Demon, why don’t you quickly convert to Buddhism?”

” I’ll let you guys see the boundless dharma of your Buddhism!”

Mo Tu snorted coldly and raised both his hands.

Buddhist light bloomed, and the power of his Buddhist Dao path emerged, suppressing the demon race Daoyuan realm cultivators present.

Hong Yuanchu heaved a sigh of relief.

Mo Tu might look solemn, but his personality had not changed.

He was just a little more arrogant than usual.

He left immediately.

He would let the demons solve their own problems.

He could tell that Mo Tu’s Buddhist power could suppress demonic power.

Mo Zhan and the others would surely become Buddhists if nothing unexpected happened.

Mo Tu, that b*stard, actually became stronger after he became a Buddhist!

He had to continue to cultivate and increase his strength!

Not long after Mo Tu’s successful transformation, Mo Zhan also followed suit.

Soon, all the demon race Daoyuan realm expressed their intentions to become Buddhists.

Chu Xuan naturally was happy to help, and passed some connecting Dao crystals to Mo Tu to distribute.

At the same time, this meant that the demon race had completely separated from the ancient demon race.

This was a completely new path.

Soaring Flood Dragon was tempted.

Chu Xuan said that this was an opportunity.

In fact, Soaring Flood Dragon had already sensed some changes in the nine zones’ monster race.

He just did not know what those changes meant or were.

He immediately expressed that he wanted to study the Monster Dao principle and asked for Chu Xuan’s help.

Chu Xuan was naturally willing to oblige, and so Soaring Flood Dragon began to comprehend the Monster Dao principle.

At present, only the Ghost World lacked a Daoyuan realm cultivator.

That being said, the Ghost World was related to the reincarnation cycle, so Chu Xuan had to find the right candidate.

Looking at the Desolate Ancient Zone, he had some ideas.

Still, it would have to wait until he surpassed the million-mile mark.

In the meantime, the 75-year milestone was about to arrive.