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327 The Great Nature Sutra

The ancient planet, which was no longer dead, was filled with grief.

Qin Chen was well aware that this would be the most terrifying attack he had ever seen.

After all, this was the full-power attack left behind by a peerless expert.

The faces of Supreme Sage Qin Chen and Prince Zhan changed drastically.

They knew how terrifying this attack was.

For a moment, the innate sword embryo burst out with the rules of chaos! Tens of thousands of divine rays bloomed!

The white jade celestial bell was like a God leaving the cauldron as its emperor’s might seemed to come from ancient times!

The Son of Heaven’s Sword’s unparalleled emperor’s might was as if Emperor Shi himself had arrived!

The divine iron rod’s heavenly dharmic power was like the return of the battle sage ape!!

In contrast, the elder’s laughter rang out from the ancient planet that had turned green.

“Haha, hahaha!”

He had never wished to become an emperor! To have such a grand scene to send him on his way, how fortunate! How very fortunate!

Whitey looked at the ancient planet that was exploding and let out a furious roar.

Then, its voice dissipated as it was swept away in all directions by the terrifying explosion.

Countless stars were affected, and the three closest stars were reduced to cosmic dust.

In this terrifying battle, the death of the Great God was the finale.

Scarlet multicolored light and divine patterns interweaved.

After the ancient planet exploded, there were shockingly planet core fragments.

That ancient planet had actually developed a life of its own! Unfortunately, it had

exploded as the Great God elder withered.

It was so terrifying!

Yuji and the big scorpion had no words for the terrifying scene they had just witnessed.

It was an indescribable scene.

The innate sword embryo and the white jade celestial bell in front of Qin Chen were trembling non-stop.

Even though he had the Chaotic Holy Body, he still spat out a mouthful of blood.

“This Great God’s end was near.

We arrived too early,” Qin Chen smiled bitterly, “If we had come a little later, this Great God might have died naturally.

There was no need for him to die in such a battle.”

It was a loss, a big loss.

This was a Great God who wanted to die.

Even if Qin Chen and the others didn’t come, the old man wouldn’t be able to make it.

Qin Chen looked into the distance.

The Son of Heaven’s Sword protected Supreme Sage Qin Chen while the divine iron staff protected Prince Zhan.

Both of them had already fainted from their injuries.

If Qin Chen had not refined the last drop of blood essence left behind by the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor, he would have ended up in a more miserable state than Supreme Sage Qin Chen and Prince Zhan.

But fortunately, it seemed that the two of them were not dead and still alive.

This time, to not die was already a profit.

As for Whitey, it returned with unsteady steps, its shoulder socket empty.

The attack just now had destroyed one of its arms.

One should know that this was the body of a Great God.

It was already good enough that Whitey could survive such a terrifying attack.

Qin Chen looked at the place where the explosion had just occurred and the light floating there.

A planet core!

This ancient planet was already evolving towards a higher life form.

If it hadn’t exploded with the old man, it would have been a miracle!

How terrifying was it for an ancient planet to turn into a living being?

It turned out that Divine Fire Great Emperor was after the planet core.

The planet core was like a celestial item, emitting scarlet multicolored light and the radiance of divine patterns.

In the dark cosmic, it was like dazzling starlight.

An ordinary planet would not have a planet core.

Only those with living beings could develop a planet core, but there were very few such planets.

How rare were planet cores that emitted scarlet multicolored light and divine patterns?

When the big scorpion saw the planet core, he didn’t move.

He knew that Qin Chen and the others had almost lost their lives to obtain this thing.

However, that didn’t stop him from staring at the planet core.

“A treasure!”

If one were to refine and absorb the planet core, it might be able to greatly increase one’s cultivation realm.

Even an ordinary Great God would also be unable to resist the temptation of the planet core.

After all, not only could the planet core be devoured and refined, but it could also be used to forge divine weapons!

It had countless wondrous uses.

In fact, they couldn’t be counted as having killed the old man because the latter’s strength had long weakened.

In the end, he used his life origin to fight with no qualms and released his last splendor before he died.

He wanted to die.

Qin Chen laughed bitterly in his heart.

No wonder the Great God was someone who could glimpse into the ancient great emperor realm.

Every Great God was an unparalleled expert and could not be underestimated.

On the ancient planet, half of the withered branch fell and stabbed into the ground.

A little sprout actually grew, adding a touch of green.

It seemed to represent life and hope.

Without death, how could there be life?

[Ding dong!]

[An extremely powerful divinity remnant has been discovered here.

Would the host like to check in here?]

[Note: This location can be checked into repeatedly!]

Qin Chen did not expect to be able to check in here.

Of course, he chose yes.


[Ding dong!]

[Congratulations, you have checked in to the land left behind by the Great God Muzha.

You have obtained the reward, the Great Nature Sutra!]

[Great Nature Sutra: A Great God level technique.

After cultivating it, one can be reborn with a wisp of vitality.

It can only be used once.

Even if there is only a drop of blood left, one can still be revived.]

Qin Chen was shocked!

What kind of heaven-defying cultivation technique was this?

Even some emperor-level cultivation techniques were not as powerful as this, right?

Was this Great God-realm elder, Muzha, so invincible?

To be able to be reborn from a drop of blood was almost immortality!

If Qin Chen placed a drop of blood somewhere in advance, that would be equivalent to him having a chance to resurrect.

This was simply a cheat!

The big scorpion collected all the planet core fragments and pieced them together into a ball, then handed it to Qin Chen.

After that, Qin Chen brought Supreme Sage Qin Chen and Prince Zhan to an ancient planet nearby.

He guarded them and waited for them to wake up.

After several days, the two finally opened their eyes.

They were seriously injured, but fortunately, they survived.

Next, Qin Chen divided the planet core into five parts, one for each

Both Yuji and the big scorpion were embarrassed to take it.

After all, this time, they didn’t do anything at all.

Supreme Sage Qin Chen’s face was pale as he said, “Since the Elder King gave it to you, then take it.”

Even Prince Zhan nodded.

Finally, under Qin Chen’s insistence, Yuji and the big scorpion accepted their portion of the planet core excitedly.

This time, they finally understood how small and insignificant they were.

They were simply too weak.

They had to properly raise their realms this time.

They wanted to make themselves stronger.

Thinking of this, Qin Chen began to devour the planet core and refine it.

After Qin Chen had done so, it was a huge help to him, allowing him to advance closer to level 8 of the Supreme Sage realm.

He might even be able to break through to level 8 of the Supreme Sage realm in one go!

Once he reached that level, he would not be far from the Shifang divine realm.