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326 A Instantaneous Moment of Splendor

Whitey wasn’t seriously injured.

Its body was that of a Great God, so how could it be easily injured?

At that moment, Supreme Sage Qin Tian and Prince Zhan had already activated their Son of Heaven’s Sword and celestial iron rod respectively as they charged toward the elder.

The old man had never thought that he would have such a day that he would be treated so grandly.

This was simply a surprise for him, all shock and no happiness.

The more terrifying the opponent, the likelier the Great God would die.

Moreover, it would not be an ordinary death.

He would die without even knowing why.

He would be confused and wondering when he had offended these lunatics.

It was like a knife falling from the sky when a person was just sitting at home.

The destructive battle with dazzling light was a top-level battle.

In the era where there were no great emperors, no one had ever thought that there would be such a shocking scene.

To think someone dared to provoke a Great God.

It was simply bearding the lion in its den.


A peerless figure like the Great God had his pride, after all.

How could he laugh and forget about it after being treated like this?

He immediately made a killing move.

The withered branch in the Great God elder’s hand had transformed into a terrifying towering tree that seemed to have survived from the ancient era.

The runes on the towering tree were vanishing, but it was clear it had not reached its limit since it could transform to such a size.

With the help of the Great God, the tree reached a hundred thousand feet tall!

Then, it smashed toward Supreme Sage Qin Tian and Prince Zhan.

To think the terrifying giant tree could transform to such a terrifying extent.

The two targets felt as if they were facing the most undefeatable God in the world.

Heaven-reaching divine might was unleashed as the two extreme emperor weapons, the Son of Heaven’s sword and the divine iron rod, were like divine treasures that descended from the celestial realm.

They bloomed with the most terrifying fluctuations that were like huge waves set off by a vast ocean, enough to destroy the river of stars for thousands of miles!

Such a terrifying wave swept across the cosmic and reached the stars thousands of miles away, causing dust to rise.

This was the power of the extreme emperor weapons!

However, the Great God-realm expert was not to be trifled with either.

A huge piece of wood shot out, and golden light rushed into the sky.

At every instant, countless divine powers fell!

Although he was old, he was still peerless!

A Great God was indeed a Great God!

Even though he was already past his prime, he was still not a character to be trifled with!

With a branch in hand, his divine might traveled thousands of miles and slashed through a planet!

In the hands of the Great God, the branch had already turned into the sharpest blade, and the blade light illuminated the sky.

The Son of Heaven’s sword and divine iron rod were fully activated, but they were still suppressed.

This was related to the cultivation realm of Supreme Sage Qin Tian and Prince Zhan.

The stronger they were, the more terrifying the power they could unleash.

Unfortunately, they were facing a Great God.

The extreme emperor weapon could only somewhat suppress the elder.

It was time for Qin Chen to make his move.

Qin Chen turned into a stream of light and performed the moving secret technique.

His body tore through the void and in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived on the battlefield.

The old man roared.

He wanted to exterminate these juniors! How could a generational Great God be defeated like this?!

Qin Chen poured the divine power in his body into the innate sword embryo in his hand.

With the white jade celestial bell on his shoulder, he unleashed the phenomenon of celestials and Buddhas preaching the Dao and unleashed extreme celestial might!

Then, he charged at the Great God.


The Great God fought back and used supreme secret techniques and emperor-level supernormal knowledge.

Although his beard was white as snow, he was once invincible!

His blood energy was like a blazing sun burning in front of everyone’s eyes.

His eyes looked disdainfully at all living beings as he shot out two bolts of lightning that could penetrate the planets.

His body was like a furnace as flames burned on him, condensing into a fire dragon.

As expected of a peerless expert!

Just the pressure he unleashed was unbearable for everyone.

Meanwhile, Yuji and the big scorpion were getting nervous.

They had never fought with a Great God before.

Even with four extreme emperor weapons, they were still not 100% confident.

After all, a living Great God was only a step away from the ancient great emperor realm, and they had once looked up to that realm.

Although the other party hadn’t arrived in the realm yet, he could still compete with the heavens!

“So what if you have extreme emperor weapons? Young ones, it’s a pity that you’re still too weak.

Today, I’m going accomplish the feat of challenging four extreme emperor weapons all at once!”

The Great God exploded with a strong killing intent.

At this moment, Whitey flew over as fast as a ray of light.

It punched out.

Although the punch had zero technique, it could still penetrate the void and shatter the surrounding space! The power of space strangulation shot towards the Great God.

“If you were Ancient Chaos, you would still be qualified to fight me.

But you’re not even Ancient Chaos, so get lost!” The Great God roared, and his body shone extremely brilliantly.

His punch was like a pouring river of stars, and the aftermath could even shatter meteorites.

The attack landed on Whitey.

This time, Whitey was injured.

Cobweb-like cracks appeared on its body, which was enough to show the power of the punch.

“Not good!”

Qin Chen roared.

He could tell that Whitey would not be able to withstand the attacks if two more punches landed on it.

Therefore, he unleashed the power of his extreme emperor weapons and charged at the old man.

He couldn’t let the latter kill Whitey.

Facing four extreme emperor weapons at the same time was extremely difficult for the old man.

However, it was also an honor for him to die in such a grand battle in his later years.

He was no longer stingy about his life origin.

Instead, he went all out, pursuing to bloom to the extreme, wanting to leave a legacy behind in this world!

This was an intense battle.

Both sides had fought to the point where the sky turned dark and the stars dimmed.

The living beings on the outer perimeter witnessed this scene only to be shocked for all eternity.

Planets were constantly being slashed through.

The battle was brutal and caused people to tremble.

It was said that chaotic times were about to arrive.

Could this be a sign?

The Great God was bleeding and everything was blooming!

The Great God-realm elder smashed his withered branch into the ancient planet’s ground.

Then, a touch of green rose from the pitch-black ancient planet, causing the ancient planet to no longer be dead.

A terrifying fluctuation exploded from the Great God-realm old man’s body.

He wanted to fight again.

If he had chosen to escape, he would not have died like this.

But he didn’t, because he was a Great God! He was the peak of this world!

The Great God elder’s body decayed rapidly like a piece of paper burning.

Finally, he turned into ashes and was buried in the vast universe.

His last strike was this ancient planet itself.

Although the old man’s physical body had died, his consciousness was still around.

He wanted to let his consciousness be the last dynamite and become his last moment of splendor!

Even if his soul was destroyed and he couldn’t enter the cycle of reincarnation, he would still do the same!

“Quickly retreat!”

Qin Chen’s first thought was to swallow and refine the last drop of blood essence left by the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor.

He recovered to his peak state and infused his divine power into the extreme emperor weapons.

Then, he used the moving secret technique and stood in front of Yuji and the big scorpion.