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Chapter 1838: Martial Demon Cave

This time, Han Fei paid a heavy price.

Although Han Fei had a lot of resources, they couldn’t withstand such consumption.

Han Fei planned to keep many resources and take them back to the Yin-Yang World.

However, when he was shopping in the super resource store, he really couldn’t control himself.

For example, when he saw the leaves of the Divine Demon Vine, Han Fei knew that the leaves were made of precious Divine Demon Threads.

To put it bluntly, it should be easy to refine nine sets of battle suits with the nine leaves, which equaled nine sets of Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures!

Also, the sixth-grade Soul Pill… If this thing was to be auctioned, the price might be 5 million higher than now.

There were still some in the resource store because the resource store had a rich variety of items.

Of course, among these things, the first things Han Fei could use were the 11 big veins.

Those were the tendons in the Sea Establishment Realm!

Using them to refine the Void Lines, its power was enough to shake Sea Establishers.

The news that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan spent billions in the resource shop spread throughout the entire Martial Emperor City in a moment.

After all, they spent too much money!

Although the Martial Emperor City was said to have countless treasures, it was rare for someone to spend billions like Han Fei.

Even the leaders of the ten pirate groups had never spent so much money before.

Of course, the main reason was that these things were useless to them.

At this moment.

Not long after Han Fei left the resource store, he saw Li Kaitian.

Seeing Han Fei, Li Kaitian immediately greeted him, “Captain, I heard that you came to the island and the resource store… Old Song was afraid that you didn’t have enough money, so he asked me to send you money.”

Li Kaitian immediately took out a Sun-Moon Shell and handed it to Han Fei.

Then, he looked in the direction of the resource store and asked tentatively, “Have you finished buying?”

Han Fei said, “If I wait for you to deliver me money, I would have been detained for a long time.

Li Kaitian nodded.


Han Fei said impatiently, “Forget it.

It can’t be much higher.

Let’s go back first.

The Martial Emperor’s inheritance will open in two days.

Let’s go back and study it.”

“Hey! Captain, what did you buy? We haven’t visited this resource store yet.

As soon as Li Kaitian said so, someone exclaimed not far away, “Look, that’s the Avenger, Han Fei.

“Wow, a pirate captain is indeed extraordinary.”

Someone greeted Han Fei, “Captain Han Fei, is the Avenger still recruiting?”

Han Fei said casually, “No.”

The man only felt it was a pity, but he didn’t take it seriously.

However, Li Kaitian was stunned.

Li Kaitian still remembered that Song Kaiyuan and the others discussed that Han Fei might have 30 to 40 million ultra-quality spiritual stones.

Logically speaking, this money should be enough.

Song Kaiyuan only asked him to deliver Han Fei money just in case.

Han Fei asked, “What are you waiting for? Lead the way!”

Night fell.

One could still see the moonlight and the stars.

Just as Han Fei and the others were about to reach the rented yard, suddenly, Han Fei glanced at a figure in the distance.

The figure didn’t intend to hide but appeared in front of everyone in an instant.

Li Kaitian was still dumbfounded.

However, Xia Xiaochan’s face changed.

Han Fei looked at the coquettish face and the mocking smile.

Even if he had just spent a hundred million, he still felt bad.

Han Fei said indifferently, “Long time no see! Why? Are you going to attack me in the Martial Emperor City?”

The man opposite him chuckled.

It’s a little beyond my expectations.”

Han Fei sneered.

You killed me once, remember?”

Chun Huangdian held his head high and smiled with his hands behind his back.

Let’s talk after you transcend the heavenly tribulation!”

Then, Chun Huangdian looked at Xia Xiaochan and said, “Little Princess, all these years, I indulge you squandering resources and exploring secret realms and holy lands.

Xia Xiaochan blushed, but she still raised her head and said, “Don’t think I don’t know… You have an ulterior motive.

I’m just too weak to wake her up.

Otherwise, why would you nurture me?”

Chun Huangdian said leisurely, “What you said makes me really sad.

Now that your man has come to you, you betrayed us without hesitation although you are our princess!”

Li Kaitian listened on the side and felt the sweat on his back dripping down.

Judging from the conversation between the two of them, the person in front of him should be Chun Huangdian from the Merman Royal Family.

Han Fei said, “Do you have anything else? If not, get out of the way.

Chun Huangdian’s lips curled.

However, do you think you can stop me by making up some groundless information?”

Han Fei said, “We’ll see when the time comes.

Chun Huangdian chuckled.

With that said, Chun Huangdian still had his hands behind his back.

After Chun Huangdian left, Han Fei still looked awful.

Han Fei secretly wondered if he had underestimated Chun Huangdian.

Xia Xiaochan said, “Don’t worry.

Han Fei nodded slightly.

Let’s see how to deal with him after we get the Martial Emperor’s inheritance.”

The next day.

Han Fei’s deeds continued to spread in the Martial Emperor City.

The news about the Oracle and Chun Huangdian had finally spread throughout the Martial Emperor City.

When the news spread, the entire Martial Emperor City was in an uproar.

In the past, although the mermen were powerful, they weren’t strong enough to dominate the Raging Sea.

Song Kaiyuan and the others went out to shop early in the morning to get some information about the Martial Emperor’s inheritance.

Han Fei didn’t go out again.

At this moment, Han Fei could feel the arrival of his clone, which meant that Xue Zhan had come.

The Heavenly Talents of the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces must have all come for the Martial Emperor’s inheritance.

If Xue Zhan didn’t come, it would be strange.

However, this time, Han Fei had to find a way to withdraw his clone.

The next morning.

Han Fei used the one day in Forge the Universe to refine all ten Azure Dragon Tendons.

As for the other resources, he would refine them one by one when he had enough time.

Today was the day the Martial Emperor’s inheritance was opened.

Song Kaiyuan and the others had already quietly returned to their camp.

In the lush mountains, there was a flat valley.

When Han Fei saw the black mist, his pupils were constricted slightly.

“Huh? Why does this look like the star sea mist of the Thousand Star Proving Ground?”

At this moment, there were more than 23,000 people standing in the square, from junior Venerables to Half-Kings.

Among these people, there were very few junior and intermediate Venerables, but most of them were advanced Venerables and peak-level Venerables.

Even so, there were more than 23,000 Venerables here!

This number made Han Fei realize that there was no shortage of Venerables in this world! The Venerables in the entire Raging Sea were probably several times more than this.

When Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan arrived, they immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

Among them, many people frowned when they saw Han Fei.

For example, the Golden Crow World, the Medicine King World, the Dream Weaving World, the Spirit Refining World, the Infinity World, the Asura Pirates, the Crimson Fire Pirates, the Predator Pirates, the Fierce Wind Pirates…

These people were all enemies of Han Fei.

Han Fei had robbed too many people from the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces.

On the Snow God’s Temple’s side, Ice Snow Chuling looked at Han Fei who had appeared openly.

On the Devil Girl Pirates’ side, Long Wu, Zhenzhu, and a group of Venerables who had interacted with Han Fei looked extremely complicated.

Back then, they didn’t expect this guy to be so terrifying.

Han Fei ignored these people and stared at the black fog in front of him, saying casually, “So that’s it?”