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Chapter 1237: Refusing to Save Someone’s Life (3)

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The netizens had different views on this.

Some netizens criticized Jian Yiling.

She shouldn’t continue to be a doctor as even though she had the skills, she didn’t have any empathy.

However, some sensible netizens thought that this interview was quite questionable.

Why would such a person perform surgeries just for mere money?

Despite this, some people stated that even if it wasn’t about the money, she should still accept the surgery.

Anyone with a little compassion would be willing to help.

Some people said Jian Yiling’s behavior was cold-blooded and heartless.

She was acting all high and mighty and not treating human lives equally.

There were multiple views on the Internet.

Very soon, this became the most discussed topic of the day.

The next day, more reporters and journalists came to Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch.

As they waited outside Jian Yiling’s office, Jian Yiling was unable to concentrate on her work.

The journalists and reporters scrambled to ask Jian Yiling why she refused to treat the two children’s mother.

Fei Qing watched in a corner.

The things that were happening in front of her were exactly as she had anticipated.

Jian Yiling’s arrogance would end up hurting herself.

And of course, even if Jian Yiling agreed to perform this surgery, what awaited her would be a very awkward situation.

Because even if she successfully completed the surgery, that female patient would say that she was experiencing a series of headaches.

After all, the human brain was a very complex thing.

And so, as long as the female patient claimed that she had a headache, even if the medical instruments could not detect this, others would just believe that technology was not comprehensive enough.

This meant that the outside world would begin to question Jian Yiling’s medical skills and expertise.

Therefore, it didn’t matter if Jian Yiling chose to operate on the female patient or not.

Didn’t Jian Yiling like to take on other people’s surgeries midway?

Then shouldn’t she accept this one?

At this moment, Li Zhuojia walked downstairs.

As this incident escalated, as the Vice Dean of Lahaisen Hospital, he had to come out and face the media.

As he faced multiple journalists and reporters, Li Zhuojia calmly asked: “As everyone here knows, Dr.

If every single patient asks for her to operate on them, do you think she will have any time in her life?”

“Furthermore, everyone knows and understands the rules of our hospital.

If Dr.

Jian agrees to compromise this time, what should we do if other patients learn from this example? Once this precedent is set, how are we meant to operate in the future?”

Despite hearing this, a reporter asked: “But Jian Yiling doesn’t have any surgeries scheduled.

Li Zhuojia laughed when he heard this question: “Well, if you don’t believe in our doctors, then why are you here at Lahaisen Hospital? There’s more than just Dr.

Another reporter continued to question Li Zhuojia: “Then do you think Dr.

If she has so much free time, why isn’t she accepting any operations?”