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Chapter 1236: Refusing to Save Someone’s Life (2)

And this…

The onlookers couldn’t say there was anything wrong with his words.

After all, his words were completely reasonable.

However, if Jian Yiling didn’t want to take on this surgery, they couldn’t do anything about it either.

You couldn’t force someone to perform a surgery.

However, someone said to Jian Yiling: “Dr.

Furthermore, their children are still so young.”

“Yeah, just consider it a good deed.”


They’re still so young.

It’d be a tragedy if their mother disappeared from their lives.”

Jian Yiling’s colleagues attempted to convince her.

However, Jian Yiling was not swayed by these words.

This was her reason.

Because of Jian Yiling’s determination, the security guard led the man and the two children back to the ward.

In the afternoon, many reporters and journalists suddenly appeared at Lahaisen Hospital.

The reporters and journalists wanted to interview Jian Yiling about her refusal to operate on the mother of the two children.

They even went into Jian Yiling’s office to question why she was so cold-blooded and cold-hearted.

“The doctors here are capable of performing the surgery,” Jian Yiling replied.

“So what you’re saying is that the surgery is too easy so you don’t want to take it on?” a young female journalist asked sharply.

“Please don’t misinterpret my words.”

“Then how do you explain your reluctance to take on this surgery? We’ve looked into your schedule and noticed that you don’t have any operations scheduled.”

“Just because I don’t have anything scheduled doesn’t mean I need to take on this surgery.”

“There should be a reason no? I heard that you just operated on an old gentleman from a rich and powerful family recently,” the journalist continued.

“Why are you emphasizing the words rich and powerful family?” Jian Yiling replied.

“Well, the biggest difference we see here is that you’re only willing to accept surgeries and operations depending on the patient’s social status.”

“That’s not the biggest difference.

On the other hand, if I don’t perform this operation, another doctor will be able to save this female patient’s life,” Jian Yiling calmly replied.

The journalist was stumped by Jian Yiling’s words.

At this moment, the two young children ran into the room.


Her brother also copied his sister’s actions.

The two children’s actions made the hearts of the onlookers ache.

Many of the cameras were directed over to the children to film this touching scene.

Very soon, the interview of Jian Yiling appeared on multiple major media platforms.

After some editing, the interview presented in front of everyone presented Jian Yiling as a ruthless doctor who only cared about money.

Therefore, she was not moved by these two children’s pleas and cries.

Even Jian Yiling’s answers had been edited.

The part about her explaining why she refused to operate on the children’s mother was completely cut out.