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Chapter 1235: Refusing to Save Someone’s Life (1)

Since she had the Dean’s recognition and appreciation, her position in Lahaisen Hospital would be secured.

“Alright,” Jian Yiling lightly replied before she directed her attention back to her computer.

What did Jian Yiling mean by that?

Was she looking down on her?

Did she not take her seriously?

The look in Fei Qing’s eyes grew even darker as she withdrew her gaze from Jian Yiling.


Two days later, Lahaisen Hospital admitted a female patient who had a parasite in her brain.

The patient came to Lahaisen Hospital in order to be Jian Yiling’s patient.

If they wanted Jian Yiling to perform the surgery, they had to submit an application to Lahaisen Hospital’s headquarters.

And the chances for this were very slim.

And thus, by visiting the Beijing branch, the family members of this patient hoped that Jian Yiling would make an exception for them.

However, Jian Yiling did not choose to accept this surgery.

Instead, the Beijing branch followed through with its normal administrative processes.

This caused strong dissatisfaction among the patient’s family.

They argued all the way into Jian Yiling’s office.


You clearly have the ability to save my wife.

Why do you refuse to save her?”

The man was in his thirties.

He was followed by two young children.

The little girl was roughly seven or eight years old whereas the little boy was roughly four or five years old.

Both of them were crying.

As the little girl understood what was happening to her mother, she knelt down and begged Jian Yiling: “Dr.

Please save her… I beg you…”

Jian Yiling’s face was calm and her tone was indifferent as she replied: “The doctors in this branch have the ability to successfully complete this operation.”

She wasn’t refusing to save someone’s life if the doctors here had the ability to successfully complete the surgery.

Furthermore, the condition of the female patient wasn’t life-threatening.

“We asked around and everyone said that you’re the best surgeon here! If you operate on my wife, she will have the highest chance of survival! I also asked around and I got told that you have no surgeries scheduled! Hence, you have the time and ability to save her.

“Sister, please save my mother! Please! I’m begging you!” the little girl knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

This scene was difficult and heartbreaking to look at.

“I have my work to do.

Her thoughts did not change because of the man’s pleas.

She did not reconsider her words because of the two children’s cries either.

Was Jian Yiling this cold-hearted?

The two children were on their knees begging her already!

Or was it because this man was from an average family? Was it because he wasn’t rich like Grandpa Li?


“Make them leave,” Jian Yiling calmly said to the security guards.

Upon hearing these orders, the security guards helplessly said to the family: “Please return to your ward.

However, the man was determined to make Jian Yiling perform the surgery: “But this is my life! She’s the mother of these two children! Is it wrong for me to want her to have a better chance of survival?!”