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393 Please Speak Chinese In My Territory

Vampires and witches?

Li Hao’s eyes lit up at Linda’s words.

‘And you want to suck my blood.’

However, Li Hao had actually known before.

Vampires and witches were both foreign cultivation professions.

In the next moment, the black-robed woman looked coldly at Li Hao again.

A strange power suddenly appeared on her body.

Immediately after, a strange barrier-like power instantly enveloped her body.


At this moment, black fog appeared on the black-robed woman’s body, causing the entire space to become strange.


This woman was using witchcraft, but this witchcraft was a little different from Li Hao’s witchcraft spell.

The next moment, Li Hao felt the black fog land on his body.

Everything around him seemed to have changed.

When Li Hao saw this, his eyes lit up again.


Li Hao’s powerful cultivation power instantly circulated.

At the same time, a strange power appeared on Li Hao’s body.

Li Hao’s hand quickly moved in the air.

A circle appeared, and a strange fluctuation appeared in the entire space.


Li Hao used the witchcraft spell.


However, at this moment, ear-piercing sounds came from the black fog around the woman.

Bats appeared in the black fog.

Vampire bats with scarlet eyes and pitch-black bodies flapped their wings.

There were so many of them and all of them rushed towards Li Hao.

Spiritual light flowed around Li Hao’s body, and another sharp edge appeared in his hand.

A jade needle appeared in Li Hao’s hand.

It was one of the Nine Needles of Mystic Heaven.

However, in the next moment, the jade needle began to spin around Li Hao’s body.


There was also an ear-piercing sound.

A sharp sword aura appeared on the jade needle.

Endless sword qi filled the air, and sword light rose and flickered in the surrounding space.

In the next moment, when the sword light flashed on Li Hao’s body again, black bats were pierced and dissipated.



At this moment, the black-robed woman spat out blood.


The black-robed woman let out another scream.

Then, everyone saw the woman in black retreat with shock on her face.


When the young man saw this, he shouted at the black-robed woman.

“Lord Baron, he…”

The black-robed woman’s expression changed and she wanted to say something.

“There’s no need to say anything else.

You’re not his match! Let me do it!” Barton immediately said coldly.

Then, a cold glint flashed across his eyes as he looked coldly at Li Hao.

As Barton finished speaking, another powerful aura was suddenly released from his body.


The powerful aura was even stronger than the Core Formation realm.

Moreover, with Barton’s body as the center, a blood energy barrier appeared.

Barton looked more evil.


In the next moment, Barton’s figure flashed out and rushed towards Li Hao.

Li Hao’s expression suddenly froze, but he was fast.

Li Hao’s divine sense had already sensed the other party’s movements extremely clearly.

His reaction was extremely fast.

He threw a punch that contained powerful strength.


Immediately after, there was a powerful collision.

Li Hao’s fist hit the other party’s attack.

Li Hao also felt a powerful force, but Barton’s figure was also shaken away at this moment.

Barton’s expression froze, but soon, another powerful attack erupted and attacked Li Hao again.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang…

Then, more and more collisions sounded.

This was the first time Li Hao had fought a foreigner.

The guy in front of him was also very powerful.

The power he displayed shocked Li Hao.


Suddenly, there was another dull collision.

Barton was pushed back again.

“F*ck!” Barton cursed angrily.

He was shocked by the strength of the guy in front of him and could not help but curse.

“Please speak Chinese in my territory!” At this moment, Li Hao’s voice sounded.


Li Hao’s figure moved, and another Li Hao appeared.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, everyone was shocked to discover that a special area seemed to have appeared with Li Hao’s body as the center.

Endless spiritual power seemed to be circulating in this space, but it was filled with endless sharpness.

In an instant, everyone felt a powerful force envelop this space.


“What’s going on?”

“My cultivation seems to be unable to move…”

“How did this happen?”


At this moment, many people exclaimed in shock.

Everyone was shocked to discover that their spiritual power cultivators seemed to be unable to move at this moment.

At this moment, the entire space seemed to reject them.

“Domain! This is the power of a domain!”

At this moment, Fellow Daoist Zhang also looked at the scene in front of him in shock.

He recognized Li Hao’s method.

This was clearly the power of a domain!


Beside him, Nie Yuntian asked curiously when he heard Fellow Daoist Zhang’s words.

“Soul Formation Domain! This is the power of his domain! In his domain, he is the master!” Daoist Zhang immediately said to Nie Yuntian.

A domain could only be used by a grandmaster realm expert who had comprehended it.


At this moment, Li Hao used his domain power and enveloped Barton under his domain.

In the next moment, Barton felt in shock that the power of heaven and earth was not under his control.

At this moment, Li Hao felt like he had control.

It was as if everything was under his control, and he was the master.

Li Hao had incomparable power.

This was his domain and his territory.

“Go!” said Li Hao calmly again and immediately pointed at Barton.

As soon as he pointed, a sharp attack hit Barton.


Barton’s body was sent flying, his eyes filled with shock.


Barton also spat out a mouthful of blood.

He was clearly injured.