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392 Knight, Vampire, and Witch

Eastern Qi trainers?

This was how they addressed these Chinese cultivators.

Barton did not expect Linda to have become an Eastern Qi trainer in the past few months.

“Hehe, Princess Linda, do you think you can stop them just by becoming a Qi trainer? Do you think you don’t have to go back? Today, you have to go back even if you don’t want to!” Barton sneered at Linda again.

If he could bring Linda back, the Duke of York would be very happy.

He would be able to cozy up to her.

If the Duke of York became king one day, his title might rise.

Everyone knew the Duke of York’s ambition.

However, the queen was already weak and could not do anything to York.

“Princess Linda, come with us!”

“Princess Linda…”

At this moment, one of Barton’s two subordinates was called Haden, and the other was called Tru.

“I’m not going back!” said Linda firmly.

Her early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivation circulated, and spiritual power circulated in her body.

She also looked like she was going to attack.

“In that case, Princess Linda, sorry to offend you.” Seeing this scene, the guy called Haden said sternly again.

“I’ll do it!”

Haden spoke again.


As soon as Haden finished speaking, a powerful aura arose from his body.

A powerful blood essence arose from his body, and Haden’s figure became more than a size stronger at this moment.

Against Linda, who had just become a Qi trainer, they alone were enough.


In the next moment, Haden exploded with power and grabbed at Linda.

The power that erupted from Haden was clearly different from that of a cultivator, but his aura was extremely shocking.

It was even comparable to a Core Formation cultivator.

Seeing Haden’s aura, Linda’s expression changed again.

She felt a powerful threat, but Linda’s eyes were extremely determined.

She would not go back even if she died.

Haden’s hand was about to land on Linda.

However, at this moment, a figure appeared beside Linda and gently pressed her shoulder.

Linda stopped in her tracks.

“Get lost!” A cold voice sounded like thunder in this space.


A powerful force directly appeared and descended with the power of heaven and earth, directly hitting Haden.

Haden seemed to have suffered a heavy blow and his entire body was sent flying.


A stream of blood spurted out of Haden’s mouth.

The black-robed woman behind him waved her hand, and an invisible force seemed to form a spider web that caught Haden’s body.

“Boss!” Linda looked at the figure who had suddenly appeared beside her and a hint of surprise appeared in her beautiful eyes.

She shouted gently at Li Hao.

Linda had just thought that her concealment would make Li Hao angry, but now that she saw Li Hao attack, she could not help but feel excited.

“Not everyone can bully my assistant! If I didn’t agree.

Even if the heavens come, they can’t take you away!” said Li Hao calmly, but his voice was filled with a powerful determination and extreme pride.

Even if the heavens came, they could not take him away.

How domineering was this!

Linda’s heart trembled when she heard Li Hao’s words.

She was extremely touched.

“Ah! I’m going to kill you!”

In front of him, Tru was also furious when he saw Haden being sent flying.

Then, a complete power erupted from his body.

His powerful blood seemed to be burning, and armor appeared on his body.

A long sword appeared in his hand.

Unlike the swords of the cultivators of the Taihua Sword Sect, the sword in Tru’s hand was a heavy sword.

In the next moment, Tru charged at Li Hao with his sword.

“Knight! He’s a knight…” At this moment, Daoist Zhang immediately said in a low voice.

He was experienced and recognized that the guy in front of him was clearly a knight.

Knight was a foreign profession.

It was a warrior with a powerful body, just like body cultivators.

Moreover, the armor on his body was like a Dharma artifact.

When the armor was connected to his body, it gave him powerful strength.

Tru held this sword and rushed towards Li Hao.

When he strode over, it was as if the ground was trembling.


When the young man saw this scene, he frowned and shouted.

He wanted to stop Tru, but it was too late.

Tru’s sword had already slashed out.

When Li Hao saw this scene, his eyes narrowed again.

Incomparably powerful spiritual power circulated in Li Hao’s body, and incomparably powerful power surged out.

Then, Li Hao punched.

This punch was filled with purple lightning and contained the power of destruction.m


He punched out, and the entire world seemed to tremble.

The punch contained incomparably vast power.

It contained the power of the Soul Formation realm and the power of lightning.

In the next moment, there was a roar.


Li Hao’s punch hit the other party’s sword.

“Ah!” A scream immediately sounded, and Tru’s body was sent flying, just like Haden.

Even the sword was broken in two and fell to the side.

Li Hao remained where he was, calm.

At this moment, the young man and the black-robed woman looked at Li Hao.

They felt a threat from Li Hao.

“Baron, he seems to be quite powerful!” The black-robed woman spoke again.

“He’s indeed very powerful! He looks very strong.

His blood should be delicious…” The young man said again in a low voice, but his eyes were filled with light as he looked at Li Hao.

The stronger a Qi trainer was, the purer and stronger their blood and qi would be.

The stronger the power contained in their blood.

If he could suck the other party’s blood, he would be even stronger.

“Nicole, go! Use your sorcery to capture him… I want to drink his blood!” The young man said to the black-robed woman beside him.

“Yes, my lord,” said Nicole.

Then she looked at Li Hao as if he were prey.

“Boss, be careful.

That guy is a vampire, and this woman is a witch.” At that moment, Linda’s voice came again.