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740 Spy Among Us (2)

Although he spoke righteously, his hand was already reaching for the other party’s waist pouch.

“I have a clear conscience.

It’s fine as long as we can resolve the misunderstanding.”

Marquis Yamen also appeared very calm.

He reached out to undo his belt and took the initiative to hand over the spatial bag for inspection.

However, right when Jiang Li’s palm was about to touch the bag, both sides actually attacked at the same time.

A shock wave from the explosion swept through the entire hall, destroying the round table in the middle of everyone, causing the scene to become chaotic.

“Marquis Yamen, you really hid your strength well!”

The dust could not block the vision of many experts.

In the center of the impact, the Golden Duke raised a sun fireball and pressed it towards the other party.

All the nobles could tell that he did not hold back at all.

It was daytime now.

The power of the Golden Duke’s sun was augmented by the scorching sun in the sky.

In terms of frontal attacks, even among the Grand Dukes, they were outstanding.

However, Marquis Yamen, who should have been a level weaker, did not take a step back under such an attack.

A layer of yellow light wall blocked Jiang Li’s Merciless Sun.

There was not even a ripple on it.

From the looks of it, it was far from touching the limit of his defense.

“He’s the spy.

Everyone, capture him together!”

Hiding such exaggerated strength at such a critical moment naturally attracted the suspicion of the other nobles.

There must be something hidden in his waist pouch.

No matter what, he had to capture this person and interrogate him first.

“Yamen! Put away your ability and surrender.

Investigate this matter clearly.

We won’t wrong you.”

The other nobles approached and wanted to surround him.

Marquis Yamen also knew that this matter could not be resolved peacefully.

The things in his waist pouch could not be exposed, so it was impossible for him to hand it over.

Immediately, the yellow light swept up Jiang Li’s Merciless Sun and smashed towards the other Armored Trolls not far away.

The sun fireball exploded, blocking the experts who surrounded him.

Marquis Yamen took the opportunity to escape.

Jiang Li, on the other hand, had lingering fears.

If he had not retreated quickly earlier, the yellow light might have swept him in as well.

He originally only wanted to test it out, but he did not expect a big fish to really jump out.

More than twenty Grand Dukes immediately chased after them and fought above the Armored Troll Court.

This exaggerated lineup could easily destroy the cultivation world of the Eastern Region more than ten times without the power of chaos in the Asura World.

Logically speaking, even the Armored Troll Queen would have to retreat if she encountered it.

However, what was surprising was that the siege of such a top expert was unable to capture this mysterious Marquis Yamen.

The yellow light’s defense was astonishing.

No matter what attack it was, it could be eliminated, making people helpless.

In the end, he plunged into the ground and used an earth escape technique to instantly disappear.

The speed of his escape technique was not inferior to Jiang Li’s Nine Nether escape technique at all.

Jiang Li was slightly stunned.

Forget about the Immortal Binding Rope from before.

How many treasures was that guy hiding?

Others might not be able to tell, but Jiang Li knew that the yellow light was not an innate ability, but a super artifact with powerful defense.

It was no wonder that he did not dare to give Jiang Li his waist pouch.

Not to mention what other secrets there were, if Jiang Li saw such a good thing, he would definitely keep it for himself.

Unfortunately, he had missed the opportunity.

Jiang Li put on a regretful expression and looked at the Prime Minister of the Royal Court who was flying not far away.

“Prime Minister, what’s going on with the seal on the ground of the Holy City?”

His words were questioning.

Earlier, it was obvious that someone had opened the energy seal on the ground and helped Marquis Yamen escape.

Otherwise, how could the ground in the Holy City allow one to escape easily?

If he did not escape, with more than twenty Grand Dukes surrounding him, they could exhaust him to death.

If not for the fact that this Prime Minister had been beside them since the beginning, and earlier, he had attacked Marquis Yamen together with them, at this moment, Jiang Li should have directly captured him.

“It’s my fault for letting the thief escape.

After today, I’ll resign from my position as the Prime Minister and guard the Forest of Origin.”

To Jiang Li’s surprise, he was already prepared with many questions.

However, this Prime Minister of the Royal Court did not even have a word of rebuttal.

He directly accepted the responsibility and decisively handed over a pearl.

After removing his Prime Minister’s robe, he flew into the distance.

It caused Jiang Li to be unable to react.

He was 80-90% confident that this guy was in cahoots with Marquis Yamen.

This group of people had been brewing a plot since a long time ago.

However, after Jiang Li stretched out his hand to grab the pearl, he did not stop him from leaving.

This was because he had come with the goal of destroying the Armored Trolls.

Regarding a plot against the Armored Troll Court, they were not that resistant.

They were divided into pieces and fought together.

The benefits to Jiang Li were greater.

As long as the flesh and blood calamity that corroded everything spread throughout the entire Prosperous Ox Continent, no matter what plot it was, it would vanish into thin air.

Jiang Li naturally did not care much about this.

In addition, there were actually many of their companions hidden here.

It was not as if Jiang Li had not seen the Immortal Binding Rope and the yellow screen of light that blocked so many attacks.

If he went overboard and forced these fellows into a corner, they would take out more things and directly attack Jiang Li.

He did not have any confidence that he could withstand it.

Or perhaps, those hidden nobles would band together and call Jiang Li a spy.

If he opened his mouth, he might not be able to win against more than ten people.

It would not be good if he accidentally exposed himself now.

Therefore, he did not push his luck and left after taking advantage of the situation.

Jiang Li stretched out his hand and grabbed the pearl.

It was the core that controlled the entire Holy City.

For thousands of years, they had been a pair.

One was in the Queen’s hands, and the other was in Jiang Li’s hands.

It should have been held by the Prime Minister.

If Jiang Li took this thing away, even if he obtained the temporary command of the Armored Troll Court, as the Golden Duke who was the Queen’s younger brother and had both extraordinary combat strength and high status, no one would object to his authority.

They returned to the throne room.

The mess inside had already been cleaned up.

“Everyone, it’s already clear that Marquis Yamen is the spy.”

“As long as we find him, there will be a way to deal with these monsters.”

“Grand Duke Doppler, can your prophecy ability find traces of him?”

“Duke Seton, please lead the team to Marquis Yamen’s territory to search.”

“Before finding the culprit, please take turns to delay the spread of the flesh calamity…”

“I’ll send people to prioritize the operation of the farms in your territories.

Put the humans inside into the Royal Farm to be managed uniformly.”

This time, Jiang Li sat at the front and issued orders.

After all, he was the Great Mountain Alliance Leader and the Fengdu City Lord.

He was quite comfortable issuing orders.

However, the first few were fine.

That was until they had a disagreement about the order to collectivize the farms.

The nobles who had already lost their territory naturally had no objections.

They really wanted to redistribute the Nourishments now.

This was because there was nothing left in their hands.

However, the nobles who had not suffered any damage to their farms were quite dissatisfied.

Who would be willing to give up their food?

In order to ensure that his orders were carried out smoothly, Jiang Li could only continue.

“Everyone can send people to count the number of people.

The food needed for the nobles whose territory has been destroyed will be handled by the Royal Farm.”

“The Royal Farm has a large amount of wartime reserves.

It can definitely satisfy all your needs.”

“When the flesh calamity ends, everyone can bring back their Nourishment and rebuild the farms.

We will also send people to build the latest farms for you.”

“The Royal Court will also distribute a hundred special-grade Nourishment seeds to each farm so that you can produce special-grade seeds in your own farms in the future!”

He made a promise using the Royal Court’s name without any hesitation.

In any case, he was not the one who needed to fulfill it.