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739 Spy Among Us (1)

This time, it was the Prime Minister of the Royal Court who spoke.

He sat at the head of the long table and presided over this meeting.

Usually, this Prime Minister handled more than 90% of the matters in the Royal Court for the Queen.

He was second only to her and above everyone else.

However, at this critical moment, many Armored Trolls still hoped that the strongest person in the Armored Troll Race could appear.

At this time, they actually had to put aside the matter of life and death because of a pointless thing like the Origin Ceremony.

This made all the nobles present very dissatisfied.

Unfortunately, they could not even see the Queen.

They had no choice.

“This Origin Ceremony is probably not as simple as I imagined.”

Jiang Li, who was sitting upright on the Duke’s seat, glanced at the Prime Minister before slowly turning around.

His two vertical eyes swept past the nobles.

The mouth under the armor curved into a strange smile.

He originally felt that the Armored Troll Royal Court’s centralized authority was much more united than the Azure Cloud Continent that was divided into five large regions.

However, as he gained a deeper understanding of the Armored Troll Race during this period of time, he gradually discovered something.

Among the many nobles of the Armored Troll Court, it was naturally normal for them to form factions.

However, Jiang Li discovered through some method that there was another faction hidden among them.

“The acting skills of these nobles are really clumsy.

They can’t even be bothered to put on an anxious expression.”

After already sensing some clues, the more he looked at the few armored nobles, the more he felt that there was something wrong.

Jiang Li did not want to be caught unaware.

He had to think of a way to find out more about these people or find some trouble for them.

After a moment of silence, the Golden Duke suddenly spoke again, causing the noisy hall to fall silent.

“A spy!”

Everyone looked over.

“Golden Duke… what did you say?”

The Prime Minister of the Royal Court did not completely understand Jiang Li’s meaning.

“There’s a spy among us.”

He paused for two breaths before continuing.

“Our noses can smell the humans 200 miles away.

However, after such a long time, we still can’t find any traces of foreign humans in the Prosperous Ox Continent.”

“Every Nourishment in all the farms has a specific number on them.

There are statistical checks every day.

It’s impossible for outsiders to hide among them.”

“In that case, only us Armored Trolls can open the spatial crack in the Prosperous Ox Continent!”

“Moreover, that spy must be powerful and have a high status!”

His gaze swept across every armored noble present as he shouted.

“That spy might be among us!”

Jiang Li’s words instantly caused the atmosphere to become cold.

On careful thought, that was true.

The Armored Trolls might not have as much research on spatial cracks as the human cultivators of the Azure Cloud Continent.

However, there were several spatial experts present.

The appearance might be different, but the basic principles were still similar.

If one wanted to directly cross space, if it was within the range of their mental perception, they naturally had to tear through space and pass through.

However, as long as it exceeded this range, they often had to leave coordinates in advance to connect the two.

This was the Gate of Hell of Fengdu City.

As for the spatial crack that crossed two worlds and overlapped the passageway, not only did it need enough energy to support it, but someone had to use special artifacts or buildings to guide it no matter what.

The existence of the spy was very likely as the Golden Duke had said.

Among the people present, from the Duke to the Baron, everyone was sizing up their colleagues around them.

They did not know who had a problem.

Observing everyone’s reaction, Jiang Li sneered and spoke again a moment later.

“Marquis Yamen!”

“Please explain why this place has already been polluted by flesh and blood on all sides, except for your Marquis’s territory!”

In the middle of the long table where everyone was sitting, there was a huge sand table that drew the detailed terrain of the entire Prosperous Ox Continent.

Among them, the red area scattered everywhere was occupied by flesh and blood pollution.

As for the territory of Marquis Yamen, it happened to be stuck in the middle of the pollution.

Moreover, after so many days, the flesh pollution did not have any intention of spreading to his territory.

Anyone with discerning eyes would know that there was something wrong.

The reason was actually very simple.

A spy who hid with all his might was often not easily discovered.

The person who was framed usually became very suspicious.

That situation was naturally specially arranged by Jiang Li.

It would have been better if he did not say this.

After being pointed out by Jiang Li, sure enough, many of the armored higher-ups looked at the veteran Marquis with suspicious gazes.

The few nobles sitting around him even took the initiative to distance themselves.

“I didn’t do it.

I’ve been in the Royal Court all this time.

The Prime Minister can testify to that.”

Marquis Yamen did not show any panic.

He continued to sit calmly.

He really had the bearing of a firm mountain that would not collapse under pressure.

“I don’t want to doubt my loyal companions.

Why don’t you hand over your waist pouch and let us check?”

“If there’s no problem, I’ll apologize to you personally!”

As he spoke, Jiang Li stood up from his seat and approached Marquis Yamen.