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738 Flesh Disaster (3)

The speed at which this flesh pollution spread was too shocking.

“According to this situation, it’s only a matter of time before the carpet spreads to the Royal Court!”

The Golden Duke spoke with a heavy expression because his duchy was the second to be destroyed.

In the territory of the duchy, the hundred billion citizens and vast land had all fallen.

Apart from himself and some experts under him, not even an Armored Chicken could escape.

Of course, with the Grand Duke personally acting as a spy and commanding his subordinates to die, it would be strange if the Armored Trolls in the Gold Kingdom could escape.

The reason why the flesh pollution could spread so quickly was naturally because of him.

Jiang Li opened dozens of spatial cracks one after another, allowing the Flesh Mountain clone to bloom everywhere in the territory of the Prosperous Ox Continent.

Moreover, all the areas covered by the flesh carpet had become the territory of the Flesh Mountain clone.

According to the rules of the Asura World, the flesh clone had also obtained an unprecedented reward.

Now, the number of arms had already exceeded a thousand, rushing towards two thousand.

It had already far surpassed the original Vemacitrin at his peak.

Even Jiang Li could not determine how powerful the current Flesh Mountain clone was.

Just as he had thought, as long as the invasion of the flesh clone was not stopped at the beginning, once it developed to the middle and late stages, it would cause subversive destruction.

What he had to pay attention to was not to get himself involved.

“Not only is this pollution spreading extremely quickly, but there’s also a special power that can make our clansmen go crazy! Even nobles and Grand Dukes will be affected.”

“But we’ve already searched every place and haven’t found any traces of those humans.

How did this pollution appear?”

All the higher-ups discussed the flesh and blood calamity that corroded the world.

The only clue was the front line of the Azure Cloud Continent.

This matter was definitely related to humans.

After suffering such a heavy blow, they finally stopped arrogantly calling humans Nourishment.

Because now, they were the ones who were slapped on the chopping board.

“I think this is not just the power of humans.”

“I’ve fought them at the front line for a hundred years and have never seen humans use this power.”

“It was not until the last war that it suddenly appeared.

That doesn’t seem to be their power.”

The person who spoke was a Duke who had retreated from the front line.

“I’ve brought people to investigate.

The center of every flesh pollution is a spatial crack that leads to an unknown place.”

“I think this flesh pollution comes from another world.”

“If we want to completely resolve it, perhaps we can only have hope by entering that world!”

A Duke proposed a solution, but it was equivalent to not saying anything.

There was not much room for discussion.

They were all Armored Trolls.

They would probably become meatballs on the spot as soon as they stepped into the crack.

Solve the problem? It was more like delivering food to that mountain of flesh.

“There are already too many Armored Trolls dead and injured! Should we ask the Queen to help?”

Someone else suggested.

Now, they could only place their hopes on the Queen who controlled the highest combat strength of the Armored Troll Court.

Unfortunately, the Queen did not appear.

“Her Majesty is preparing for the Origin Ceremony.

We can’t be distracted.”

“No matter what, we have to delay it until after the Origin Ceremony.”

“The speed at which the flesh carpet spreads is actually not fast.

The most important thing now is to find the reason for the appearance of that spatial crack!”

“We need a method to destroy the spatial cracks that have already formed!”