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307 Lone Wolf Is Injured

However, with his previous experience with Chu Qingyan, Wu Mo felt that it was better to be careful.

He had spent more than a month completing the final model, so he could not allow others to easily steal it.

After he deleted the document, Wu Mo looked at his phone.

It was already around 11.00 am, which was still a long time before lunch.

However, Academician Xu had told him in advance that he needed to go to the research building at 11 o’clock for the monthly meeting.

Now that he was a senior researcher and a major, which was the same rank as Professor Liu, he had the right to attend the monthly meetings.

He walked out of the laboratory and headed to the lounge on the top floor.

At this time, several researchers in white lab coats were chatting in the lounge.

When they saw Wu Mo come out, they immediately quieted down.

Many of them were looking at him in awe.

Since Wu Mo had accepted the rewards and medals issued by the military officials on the top floor of the research building, the atmosphere of scientific research there had become much more intense lately.

Many young researchers were secretly trying their best.

Wu Mo watched as the researchers returned to the laboratory and continued their work.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“A great body of work can’t be achieved overnight.

You have to balance work and rest.”

He reminded himself and quickly took the elevator down.

Outside the research building, Wu Mo stepped on the dark red leaves and walked toward the location where the monthly meeting was held.

It was already late autumn, and many of the lush trees in the summer were only left with bare branches.

The bushes on both sides of the path had no flowers in full bloom, but the mountains in the distance were still covered in a thick green.

The cold wind whistled past, and Wu Mo shrunk his neck, subconsciously speeding up.

It was getting closer to the end of the year, and it probably would not take long for snow to cover the place.

“I heard that it started snowing yesterday in Shanglin City.

We should be able to have a snowball fight now.”

Wu Mo’s breath was white as he exhaled, and he could not help but smile.

A few minutes later, he passed through a Space Distortion Array and arrived at the research building.

Wu Mo then took the elevator to the seventh floor.

As soon as he walked out of the corridor, he saw Academician Xu standing at the meeting room door.

At this time, Professor Liu and Professor Tan were also present.

There were a few senior researchers in their 50s as well.

“Wu Mo, you’re here.”

When Wu Mo approached them, Xu Wuyue immediately stepped forward to greet him.

The people around him nodded at him too.

Everyone in the Fifth Research Department knew who Wu Mo was.

Everyone had also begun to treat him with more reverence.

“Good morning, Academician Xu, and good morning, Professors,” Wu Mo greeted them with a smile in return.

They talked about their work, including the cooperation between the big families in the capital.

There were also recent missions from the military.

Although Wu Mo had not been paying attention to these things recently, he had heard about them.

He knew that the Fifth Research Department was getting better and better, and all kinds of collaborations were coming their way.

A few minutes later, everyone was present, and they entered the meeting room together.

Just like last time, Wu Mo sat on Academician Xu’s right.

Old Wen, Professor Liu, Professor Tan, and a few senior researchers were on the left.

While Academician Xu did not have the highest position in the Fifth Research Department, the president had not returned since he was sent to the mega war zone a few years ago, so everything was left to Academician Xu and several professors to manage.

As such, it was not a problem for Academician Xu to sit at the head of the table.

In the meeting room, everyone sat quietly in their seats.

Academician Xu took out the projector pen and began to speak on the Fifth Research Department’s current development.

There were still many strategic matters that they needed to finalize together.

The projection screen showed the Research Department’s current status and growth.

Everyone expressed their different opinions, and Wu Mo also put forward new ideas on the issue of mass production.

By the time they got 10 minutes into the meeting, they had properly handled the matters that needed to be solved.

It gave Wu Mo a deeper understanding of the Fifth Research Department.

He thought that the meeting was about to end, and just as he wanted to talk about his idea of going to the armory…

An ear-piercing ringtone rang out of nowhere.

Wu Mo looked over and noticed that Academician Xu’s phone on the table was ringing.

The rest of the people in the laboratory did not raise their heads.

They continued to read the documents in their hands.

Wu Mo, on the other hand, was frowning slightly, feeling a little uneasy.

‘Has something happened?’

He was suspicious.

Xu Wuyue finally noticed that his phone was ringing.

He had planned to end the call immediately and call back after the meeting was over, but when he saw the caller ID, he promptly picked up the call with a serious face.

“Hello, Sir.

What can I do for you?”

When the rest saw Academician Xu’s serious expression, they gradually quieted down.

The entire meeting room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

“Okay, Sir.

I understand.”

After a while, Xu Wuyue hung up the phone and frowned.

“Wu Yue, what happened?”

Professor Liu, who was standing at the side, was a little confused.

What on earth had happened to make the military leader personally give him a call?

Everyone looked at Academician Xu, but they did not say anything.

“Lone Wolf is injured and he’s been hospitalized.

This time, his injury is incredibly serious, and his right leg has been amputated! The higher-ups have arranged for us to forge a few pieces of equipment that can help support his bones.

Now that a captain of the Special Forces is unable to fight, we need to find someone to replace him in the meantime!”

Xu Wuyue’s voice was heavy as he emphasized each word.

When the people around him heard the news, they were shocked.

Who was Lone Wolf? He was a peak six-star cultivator.

He was one of the Special Forces’ trump cards.

His strength was infinitely close to the seven-star rank.

What on earth had happened to cause Lone Wolf to suffer such a heavy injury?

“What happened? How did he suddenly get so seriously injured?”

In the meeting room, Professor Liu was the first to ask a question.

He had a serious expression and many questions on his mind.

“I’m not too sure either.

I only heard that after he finished his security detail at the exhibition, he went on a secret mission.

He might have encountered a powerful beast and gotten seriously injured!”

Xu Wuyue shook his head helplessly and sighed in his heart.

Although Lone Wolf was not the strongest in the Nine Provinces, his reputation in White River was not weak.

Even though most people did not even know what Lone Wolf looked like, most people in any organization under the military would have heard of his reputation.

However, they did not expect the powerful leader, Lone Wolf, who had multiple amazing achievements, would actually end up in such a situation.

“What kind of ferocious beast could be so powerful to seriously injure Lone Wolf? It had to have been at least at the peak of Rank 6!”