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306 Full of Theoretical Knowledge

The gloves flickered with a faint light, and in the next moment, his mind immediately calmed down.

His eyes were calm as he immediately flipped open one of the notes and read it carefully.

Although he had read many master’s notes before, and the contents of those notes were somewhat similar, Wu Mo could learn new things with every book he read.

Unfortunately, there were only about 20 notes in the internal reference room, and he had mastered all of them in less than two months.

Although he had been learning through the system’s documents, those documents were as boring as instructions.

He did not feel like he was being taught when he read the notes.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, an hour had passed.

The focused reading session also slowly ended.

Wu Mo raised his head and gently rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

The notebook before him was weathered and yellow.

It contained many insights of a six-star master blacksmith.

In the past hour, he had only read half of its contents.

However, in this one hour, Wu Mo learned a lot and corrected many of his previous misconceptions about forging.

While he was reading, Wu Mo felt as if he was drinking a cup of pure wine.

Not only was his body and mind happy, but he also felt satisfied with learning.

As such, he felt reluctant when he had to put it back in his Interspatial Ring.

Compared to the four rare materials, Wu Mo felt that these two notes were more precious.

If he could master their contents, he should be able to advance to the rank of a six-star blacksmith!

Upon reading some of the notes, he had some new insights in his heart.

After taking a sip of water, he continued to study the development of the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear.

Now, his knowledge reserve and modeling of the theoretical stage had been completed.

He already had a detailed Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear in his mind, but he did not have the appropriate equipment and related technology to cast it.

The knowledge required to design a Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear was too hardcore.

There was a jet device, an adaptive artificial limb, as well as sensors and intelligent AI operations in various parts of the gear.

Only after all four of them were cast could they be pieced together into a whole.

It was precisely because of this that forging the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear was quite difficult.

Even though Wu Mo had learned a lot of relevant knowledge from the system, he still was not absolutely confident.

The design of the kinetic skeleton and jet covered a wide range of fields.

Compared to the Spirit Wave Sword that Wu Mo had designed before, the research and development required this time was more hardcore.

The knowledge and techniques that he needed to master were also more in number.

Therefore, even after staying in the laboratory for a month, Wu Mo still could not fully understand the difficulties he was facing.

The weight of the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear was no less than 60kg, and the weight of the cultivator it needed to carry was about 75kg on average.

It also needed to change directions freely in the air as well as increase and decrease in speed.

This meant that the jet device needed to have great power.

However, these were not the only difficulties.

The collection of data within the gear, as well as the AI’s processing speed, were all issues that he was facing.

Even so, for Wu Mo, the most important thing to solve now was to find forging instruments with cutting-edge technology.

The reason was, the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear’s model data needed to be accurate to the millimeter, and the forging instrument inside the Divine-grade Forging Space did not reach this precision.

Therefore, Wu Mo could only go to other places to find equipment that could cast the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear.

In addition, its production required the use of many special alloys, which entailed a large number of rare metals.

He would have to ration them to find the most suitable materials, and these materials were difficult to find in the Fifth Research Department.

Due to the limited resources, Wu Mo had no choice but to take it seriously.

He felt that if he wanted to successfully forge the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear, the best way was to go to a large-scale armory with advanced equipment.

There, it would be more convenient to find materials or to use high-precision forging equipment.

Wu Mo had been seriously considering this matter.

However, he felt that before he went anywhere, he should completely master the documents given by the system and improve his skills to the point where he could complete the forging alone.

Only then would it be time to make a move.

Of course, this matter was important.

If he had to leave, he would discuss it with Academician Xu.

At this thought, Wu Mo stopped struggling.

Instead, he continued to adjust his state of mind and stay in the Divine-grade Forging Space, continuing to familiarize himself with the obscure knowledge.

The documents given by the system cost him thousands of points.

They contained all the knowledge and technology required to cast the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear.

Moreover, the system had simplified the contents of the documents.

Even Wu Mo, who never understood the relevant knowledge before, could easily understand the principles behind it.

Anyway, ever since he received the documents, Wu Mo had been spending a lot of time studying them every day.

However, he had only managed to understand 60% of it.

He had already memorized the theoretical knowledge, but there were still many things about forging that he did not understand.

With that said, there was not much time left before the year-end conference.

He had to race against time and build the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear as soon as possible.

It was a good thing that he had been patient and learning so much.

He had truly gained a lot.

Not only did his forging level improve, but it seemed that because he spent more time in the Divine-grade Forging Space every day, even his spirit energy had become much denser.

From the time he could only last for less than six hours in the Divine-grade Forging Space, his spirit power could now last him 14 hours.

This alone showed how fast his spirit power was growing.

Wu Mo focused his eyes and stopped thinking about other things.

He turned to read the rest of the document seriously.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

In these three days, Wu Mo had roughly read the rest of the documents.

Although there were still many points of knowledge that he did not grasp, he had a general idea of the forging practice.

It had taken Wu Mo more than a month from the initial design concept to integrating most of the required knowledge and having the confidence to plan the forging.

This was the speed at which Wu Mo was willing to spend a lot of time on learning.

Plus, he was familiar with the notes of many master blacksmiths, and his theoretical knowledge was rich enough.

If it were someone else, they would not have made such progress within half a year even with the technical analysis documents provided by the system.

After copying the finalized Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear model to his phone, Wu Mo deleted the file on his computer without hesitation.

The Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear was still a confidential project so far, and no more than ten people knew the specific details.

In general, the Fifth Research Department’s security was incredibly high, and information would not be leaked under normal circumstances.