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455 Chapter 455 Surprise Attack

Chapter 455 Surprise Attack

Lu Yu looked at the front yard and realized that something was wrong.

When they came in, the gate was closed, but now it was half opened.

“The gates have opened.

There’s something wrong.”

As Lu Yu said this, the others also looked over and got worried.

“There’s weird.

When we came, we clearly closed the gate.

Did the wind blow it open?”

“Whatever, let’s go over and take a look.”

Xu Yuan started to walk toward the gate.

When he reached it, he pulled the handlebar and was about to close it.

However, at that moment, a long sword poked through the gate.

With a swoosh, the sword fell and cut off Xu Yuan’s arm.

Xu Yuan didn’t even react at first.

When he saw his left arm was gone, he immediately gritted his teeth and shouted in panic, “There are enemies! Be careful!”

He quickly squatted down, picked up his hand, and ran back.


The gate was kicked open, and a tall, slender man walked in.

He was wearing tight-fitting red armor and a steel mask.

He held a long sword in one hand, looking incredibly sharp.

After kicking open the gate, a few others suddenly appeared and stood behind the attacker.

After Xu Yuan returned to Lu Yu’s side, he began to use his healing spells to reattach his broken hand.

“We’ve been targeted!” Xu Yuan frowned and looked at the person before them, trying to see who he was.

Other than Lu Yu, the rest of them were panicking.

This group of attackers had come too suddenly, and they were unprepared for it.

“Hey, you seem to have dealt with the enemy inside.

Alright, you can get lost.

Remember to leave everything behind!” The attacker spoke carefreely and didn’t take Lu Yu and his team seriously.

Lu Yu sized him up but couldn’t see any helpful information, so he used his Eye of the Dragon God to scan him.

[ Huang Kai ]

[ Talent: Air-piercing Slash.

When attacking with a slash, it ignores the enemy’s armor ]

[ Personal attributes ]

[ Attack: 1600 ]

[ Speed: 1340 ]

[ Health: 2600 ]

[ Mana: 1400 ]

[ Defense: 1550 ]

The guy before Lu Yu had strong attributes, much higher than his; his talent was also powerful.

All of his slash attacks could completely ignore armor.

This meant he didn’t have to learn armor penetration skills and could focus on his attack skills instead.

This guy was a formidable enemy; his attack stats were enough for Lu Yu not to underestimate him.

“You’re not willing to tell me your name?” Lu Yu continued to ask.

Huang Kai crossed his arms in front of his chest and proclaimed, “Why do I have to introduce myself to the likes of you? What a joke!”

Standing behind Lu Yu, Han Xuefei and the others were angered by his arrogant attitude.

“Huang Kai, are you sure you don’t want to introduce yourself?” Lu Yu asked again.

Huang Kai was stunned on the spot this time.

He put down his hands and sized Lu Yu up thoughtfully.

“Do I know you?”

“You don’t know me, but I know you now.”

“You are the team from Stellaris Autonomous Zone?” Lu Yu asked.

Huang Kai was still in shock.

He couldn’t wrap his head around how someone he had never met would know his name.

“That’s right.

I’m from Stellaris.

After all, my name can’t possibly be from the Lionheart Empire.”

“So, which team do you belong to?”

Huang Kai hesitated for a moment, then said, “I’m from the Red Heart Chamber of Commerce, one of the two largest chambers of commerce in Stellaris.

The other one is called the Star Science Chamber of Commerce.”

Yun Zirou and Han Xuefei became nervous when they heard the two names.

The two girls’ families had various business properties, and their business operations could not avoid intertwining these two chambers of commerce.

Although the two countries were far apart, they had close trade relations.

Both of their counties had their own dedicated transport channels for goods.

Even if they were far apart, they could still trade goods.

However, the Freedom Federation companies couldn’t be compared to those from Stellaris.

Basically, the companies owned by the families of the two girls could be controlled by the chamber of commerce in Stellaris at will.

Lu Yu took a step forward and approached Huang Kai.

“I’ve come here to represent the Freedom Federation’s number one university.

Since you want to take my spoil of war, we won’t be solving this conflict peacefully.”

“Hmph!” Huang Kai sneered and mocked, “I know that if I attack you rashly, it will irk the Freedom Federation’s dissatisfaction.

However, no one will know as long as you all die here.”

“Well then, let me send you on your way.”

“That’s the nature of a businessman,” Lu Yu sighed, shaking his head slightly.

“They’ll do anything for some profit.”

After saying that, Lu Yu’s claws transformed into his Undead Dragon Claws.

He didn’t want to waste too much time on this guy, so he morphed into his most powerful dragon claw to fight!

A rotten aura gushed out instantly, causing Huang Kai to take two steps back; his heart began to race.

He looked at Lu Yu’s claws and felt his heart beating hard.


He strode forward, raised his sword with both hands, and slashed it down at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu quickly raised his left claw.

His palm acted like a flamethrower’s nozzle, and with a boom, a large stream of fire spat out at Huang Kai.


The flames covered Huang Kai’s body and started burning.

Huang Kai kept his sword and retreated, feeling the pain.

His expression twisted in pain as he hurriedly patted the flames on his body in an attempt to extinguish them.

However, the flames couldn’t be extinguished, no matter how hard he tried.

In the end, he gave up.

“Damn it.

Since I can’t put out these flames, I have to kill you first!”

He knew his life was on the line.

If he couldn’t kill Lu Yu as soon as possible, he would die without a doubt!

He charged at Lu Yu again, holding his sword with both hands, and slashed at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu stepped forward and punched Huang Kai’s elbow, causing him to miss his slash.

Huang Kai stayed calm, raised his sword again, and swung it at Lu Yu’s waist.

Lu Yu jumped lightly into the air, avoiding the sword.

The flying shuttle battle suit appeared, and Lu Yu flew at Huang Kai.

As he landed, he used his claws to attack Huang Kai’s head.

Huang Kai quickly raised his sword to block Lu Yu’s claw attack.

After a few exchanges, Huang Kai was forced to retreat, his arms trembling.

“I didn’t expect you to be this strong.


Huang Kai cursed through gritted teeth.

He endured Lu Yu’s combo attack and retaliated with his.

As the two fought, Huang Kai’s and Lu Yu’s teams were also fighting.

The whole situation was chaotic.