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454 Chapter 454 The Terror Of The Undead Fire

Chapter 454 The Terror Of The Undead Fire

The blizzard in the castle began to weaken.

Even so, the entire castle was covered in frost.

The ground in the front and backyard was covered with thick ice.

Lu Yu couldn’t help but exclaim at Irene’s top-tier skills, even when she was in an awakened state and her attributes were weakened.

Even if her attributes were nothing special, he could still see how powerful these skills were.

Unluckily, Irene was up against Lu Yu’s Undead Fire, which was even scarier than anything else she had encountered.

It was a fire that was unable to be extinguished.

It burned the soul and was something that could infect anything it touched.

Once it stuck to a person, there was almost no hope of survival.

Irene let out a series of painful screams.

She gritted her teeth and endured the pain, looking at Lu Yu with hollow eyes.

“You bastard, what did you do to me?”

She asked.

“You’re dead.

I’ve said it before, and I won’t let you go!”

Lu Yu could tell she didn’t want to let them go.

She showed mercy earlier because she was in a weakened state and wasn’t up for a battle.

Once she was rested, she wouldn’t be afraid even if there were tens or hundreds of Lu Yu!

But now, she was having a hard time fighting him; she was losing!

“If this flame can’t be put out, it seems I have to end your life as soon as possible!”

She quickly discovered the flame specialty and raised her staff.

Crystals appeared around her, and tiny ice needles formed.

“Ice needle waterfall! Accept this baptism, and you will die in pain!”

At least a million ice needles flew toward Lu Yu!

The ice needles covered a large area, almost half of the hall, making it difficult for Lu Yu to dodge them and forcing him to take them head-on.

If it was an open space, Lu Yu might be able to avoid this.

Lu Yu’s claws switched to his Diamond Dragon Claws.

He crossed his arms in an “X” position in front of his body, covering his chest and head.

A golden barrier appeared, and it shielded Lu Yu’s body, deflecting the shower of ice needles.

The ice needles struck his shield, sounding like a hailstorm hitting a car window from the front passenger seat.

Lu Yu blocked the ice needles with all his might as Xu Yuan started to heal Wang Meng.

Han Xuefei raised her hands but felt helpless against the hailstorm of powerful ice needles.

Su Qing wanted to help but was stopped by Yun Zirou.

“Your attack is of the light element and will extinguish Lu Yu’s flames.

You should stay behind.”

Upon hearing this, Su Qing sighed helplessly and could only take a step back.

Yun Zirou began to release her many fireballs to attack Irene.

Although the damage caused by her attacks was limited, it was enough to make Irene turn her head; Irene’s concentration was disturbed.

At that moment, some ice needles broke through Lu Yu’s Golden barrier and began to stab into his arms.

Lu Yu lowered his body to prevent too many needles from hitting his lower body.

The ice needles landed on Lu Yu’s arms, causing scratches on the armor on his arms.

His shield value was also continuously decreasing.

Although the attacking power of these ice needles wasn’t high, there were enough of them to make a difference.

Moreover, each of them seemed to be able to penetrate his armor by a small amount, making it difficult for Lu Yu to hold on.

After a short moment, the ice-needle hailstorm stopped.

Lu Yu put down his hands and the remaining ice needles on his body.

At that moment, Irene was half-kneeling on the ground, supporting herself with her staff.

She was starting to get weaker, making it even more difficult for her even to stand up to fight.

“Now, do you still think I’m talking big?” Lu Yu looked at her.

“Where did you get the guts to attack me? Do you know who I am?” She growled in a low and angry voice.

Lu Yu shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t care who you are.

In any case, I’m taking your equipment!”

“Hah, you’re really a despicable thief.

I’m sure unlucky to have lost to you.

I’ve just woken up and still haven’t done many things.”

She spoke with a regretful tone.

Lu Yu was curious about this and asked, “What are you planning to do?”

She glared at Lu Yu and rebuked, “You don’t need to know!”

“It doesn’t matter.

You’re going to die soon, anyway.

I won’t end your life myself, and you can slowly be burned to death by my Undead Fire.”

Irene knelt on the ground with a plop and sank into a state of weakness.

The continuous release of skills had almost exhausted all her mana.

She couldn’t kill Lu Yu, not even a teammate of his.

This cemented the fact that she was in grave danger.

She was surprised.

She didn’t know where Lu Yu’s confidence came from, especially when he didn’t escape, even after she had initially displayed such a strong aura.

She was shocked by his confidence.

She didn’t know Lu Yu had his Eye of the Dragon God, which could see through everything, including her attributes and status.

It was because of the information advantage that Lu Yu had been able to persist until now.

He knew that his strength was on par with hers, and he had the help of his teammates to exhaust her.

It was impossible for him to lose, no matter how he fought.

It would be a pity if he didn’t take the equipment she had on her for free.

Lu Yu walked up to Irene and took the staff from her hand.

After taking a closer look, he received the staff’s information.

“Ice core staff.

The increase in elemental attack isn’t bad, having a 15% damage increase and providing mana recovery.”

Lu Yu turned around and looked at his team members.

In the end, his gaze landed on Han Xuefei.

“This weapon is for you; take it.”

Lu Yu threw the weapon to Han Xuefei, who quickly caught it.

“Thank you.

I’ll take good care of this equipment.”

She lowered her head and looked at the staff.

Although she acted calm on the surface, she was very excited on the inside.

Lu Yu continued to look at Irene.

Seeing that she was wearing a blue robe, it was a good piece of equipment.

“Let’s go out first,” Lu Yu said after thinking for a moment.

“We’ll return and take off her equipment after she’s done burning.”

Lu Yu took the lead and walked out.

Wang Meng stood up, holding his stomach that had just healed, and walked out shakily.

“Aren’t you going to take off her equipment now?” Xu Yuan asked.

“Let’s leave her some dignity before she dies.

She can’t live, or we will be dead.”

If Irene had been left alive, he could forget about getting close to this area.

When she recovered to her peak, Lu Yu would have no chance of defeating her.

Since there was such a great opportunity, if he didn’t grasp it, he would regret it for sure…

Lu Yu opened the double doors and was stunned when he saw the front yard.

“That’s weird.

Did someone come here?”