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381 The Road Is Still Long

In a slightly more normal race, such as the angel race, the support of the moon god race could only be considered a good thing.

If the angel race had received the moon god race’s support, the clan leader would definitely not have hogged all of the resources for himself, nor used it to declare war on every other race around them.

Such a situation would have never transpired.

Therefore, the moon god race would never have expected this to happen.

In essence, these directors had become delusional from the many years of being in power.

When the directors heard what Yuchi said, they burst into tears and knelt on the ground, begging Yuchi to save them.

Their expressions were quite vivid.

“Senior Yuchi, we didn’t know that the moon god race was willing to support the human race because of you.”

“We thought that there was something about our human race that they found special, for example that we directors had performed our duties really well.”

“We really don’t know it was because of you.

We thought that the other party was signaling us to attack the other races to strengthen the human race.”

“Senior Yuchi, you must help us this time.

If you don’t help us, we really don’t know what to do.

We don’t want to die.”

“We still have a lot of things that we haven’t achieved for the human race.

We were really wholeheartedly thinking for the sake of the human race.

Don’t allow the human race to sink into the abyss!”

“As long as we’re given a chance, we definitely won’t dare to do this again.

We promise!”

“We won’t keep these devices for ourselves any longer.

We will definitely share the latest products with our ordinary citizens.

We love them deeply, and we will always stand on the side of the human race.”

“Please help us to talk to these chiefs and ask them to let this matter pass.”

“We have realized our mistake and will never repeat it.

Please help us here.

I’m begging you on behalf of the entire human race.


All kinds of plaintive pleas immediately filled the hall.

When the Tiandu division chiefs and the other clan leaders saw what was going on, they felt a headache coming on.

Of course, this was not the first time they had witnessed such a situation.

Since ancient times, whenever such a thing happened, this sort of frantic attempt at survival would usually occur.

Moreover, these people did not feel that they had done anything wrong.

They simply feared dying, and were not truly remorseful.

After enjoying the fruits of victory and wealth, they were terrified of losing it all.

Yuchi looked at the directors in front of him with a rather strange gaze.

“I feel ashamed for the entire human race.

In addition, I’m no longer part of the human race.

You guys were the ones who expelled me from the human race, so under such circumstances, I can’t help you at all.

If you were willing to take action, then you should be willing to own the consequences as well.”

When Yuchi came back, he saw all sorts of statues of him by the roadside, which were defaced with all kinds of graffiti and curses, which was all due to the directors spreading lies about Yuchi on the internet.

In actual fact, he had only come back to see how Fengyi and the others were doing, as well as to figure out the whereabouts of his two wives.

Now that he knew what was going on, and had found the information he was looking for, he would leave the rest to the humans.

Although things would be a little painful now, this process would be beneficial to the long-term development of the human race.

All the races had paid some sort of painful price in history, without which, they would lack the drive to push forward and grow stronger.

Regret was useless at this point.

Yuchi smiled and patted a director’s shoulder.

“You’re on your own.

I believe that the Tiandu division will act in accordance with the laws and will make the necessary arrangements among the human race.

They will only leave after the human race is ready to stand on its own two feet again.”

“Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the human race won’t be able to continue forward without you.”

“On the other hand, you can look forward to the growth of the human race.”

With that, Yuchi left with Yue Hanjiang.

Yue Hanjiang looked at the directors who were kneeling on the ground with ashen faces.

She felt very satisfied!

When she first arrived at the human city, she saw many statues and posters of her master decrying his so-called crimes.

Many insults and curses were scribbled on these items.

She also knew that these directors were the instigators behind this matter, so it was great to see these people end up like this.

Ordinton naturally understood what Yuchi meant.

“Take care, Senior.”

The other Heavenly Capital Division directors also said goodbye to Yuchi at the same time.

Yuchi nodded seriously and said, “Thank you for your hard work, everyone.”

Yuchi believed that the Tiandu division chiefs would definitely make the necessary arrangements to resolve this issue.

At that time, there should be people from the Tiandu Division who would come to the human race’s territory to deal with their Department of Inspection’s botched up internal affairs and reveal the truth to the public.

This was absolutely necessary to help the human race get back on track, and also to teach them the truth about the outside world.

It was only 400 million people anyway.

The number of people with vested interests in the two wars exceeded this number, especially the number of people who became rich because of the wars.

There was an old saying that went, ‘the more one eats, the more one vomits’.

Yuchi also believed that the Tiandu division would ensure that the right people were punished.

Hopefully, those who had been led astray by the Department of Inspection would open their eyes to the truth after this.

It would be a harsh lesson.

As for how long this lesson would last…

Who knew?

This was not just a problem for the human race.

This was a problem that many other races had as well.

If it was so easy to learn from one’s mistakes, then the world would have been at peace by now.

Yuchi led Yue Hanjiang as they slowly walked down the street.

The sky was black and it was drizzling.

When the street lights illuminated them, the pedestrians on both sides of the street could already recognize Yuchi.

However, none of them dared to move.

They just stood quietly where they were.

The entire busy street slowly came to a standstill as everyone looked at the man in tattered clothes.

At this moment, it was exactly the same as that time when Yuchi first visited the Department of Inspection.

At that time, he had also gone to the Department of Inspection to ask about Zhang Tiangang.

In the end, the other passersby also looked at him like he was a fool back then.

He thought about how many years had passed.

10 years?

20 years?

Or maybe even longer.

Other than some basic changes in the human race’s martial arts, the Department of Inspection was still deeply embedded into the human race’s DNA.

As long as they existed, the human race had no hope.

He hoped that things would get better in the future.

There was still a long way to go.