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Yuchi had also brought Yue Hanjiang along to take a look at the situation.

After asking around, he found out that the directors were currently in the midst of a discussion with others from the myriad race.

He was not bothered with the details, and simply went up to the conference hall.

When he arrived, he was surprised to see so many Tiandu division chiefs present.

All of them were Dao essence realm experts too.

At the same time, many clan leaders were here.

From everyone’s expression, it was obvious that the meeting had just ended.

Other than fear and uneasiness, these directors were no longer wearing calm expressions.

Following Yuchi’s arrival, the situation at the scene immediately changed.

The Tiandu division chiefs and the clan leaders exchanged glances.

After confirming that the barefooted human in front of them was Yuchi, their mood became uncertain and uneasy.

Why did Yuchi suddenly show up now?

They did not know what Yuchi thought about this matter, nor what direction this matter would take.

The arrival of a Dao heart realm cultivator changed everything.

He was the strongest one present, and also the one who now dictated the rules.

If he so chose, no one present would be able to escape alive.

This was an absolute suppression.

When the directors saw Yuchi return, they saw an opportunity.

Like stubborn children, who now had their punishments laid out in front of them, they were now grasping for every possible rope that could save them.

Yuchi was one such rope.

Before the Tiandu division chiefs or the clan leaders spoke, the directors’ attitudes toward Yuchi made a 180-degree turn.

They were suddenly filled with devoutness toward Yuchi, and looked at him as if they had seen their savior.

“Senior Yuchi, you’re finally back.”

“These people from the Tiandu division want us humans to pay a very painful price.

They even want our Department of Inspection to capture humans for them to kill.”

“Senior Yuchi, you must help us!”

“This is 400 million lives we’re talking about here!”

“Not only that, we also have to give them an absurd amount of resources.

We don’t have that amount.

We’ve been trustworthy and frugal with what we’ve been given.

We’re all clean.”

“Senior Yuchi, you have to help us negotiate these terms.”

“We won’t dare to do such a thing again, and will reflect deeply on this matter.

Please help us resolve this matter.”

The directors were grasping at straws.

After coming to terms with the grim reality that their strength was utterly useless against these people, they were giving it their all to try and survive.

They still had a lot of money to spend, a lot of luxuries to enjoy, as well as the fame and respect of the human race.

How could they die and give up everything at this point?

Yuchi, on the other hand, completely ignored their words.

He was quite puzzled now.

He walked up to Ordinton and said in a friendly tone, “I’m not too sure what happened to the human race, so can you brief me on the general situation?”

Ordinton quickly nodded.

“Senior Yuchi, it’s very simple.

The human race launched wars that exterminated two races completely, killing a total of 40 million people.”

“As a result, all the other races in this area want the human race to pay with their blood.

According to the laws of the Tiandu division, we prepared a document that lists out 18 compensation items.

You can take a brief look at these clauses.

There are definitely no violations of the laws within the document.

This is also something that the other races have tacitly agreed to.”

Yuchi nodded.

He picked up the document on the table and looked at it briefly.

After he gained a rough understanding of its contents, he turned to look at the directors and asked, “Where did you get your strength from?”

The following process of communication was quite simple.

They could no longer afford to hide things from Yuchi, so they finally spilled the beans.

That being said, they also tried to paint themselves in a favorable light throughout the story, to try and make themselves appear as victims.

They spouted all sorts of nonsense.

There was no need to talk about the specifics.

One could simply guess based on their twisted characters.

After Yuchi sifted through the nonsense, he nodded.

The document in his hand was already placed back on the table under the pleading gazes of the directors.

Yuchi then turned his head to the Tiandu division chiefs in a rather relaxed manner and said, “The specifics will be dealt with by your side.

However, I would like the Tiandu division chiefs to pay close attention to the fulfillment of the terms in order to avoid the usage of scapegoats.”

Yuchi expressed his opinion freely.

He did not care about the specific process in which this matter would be resolved, but he wanted to ensure that the right people were punished.

He felt like laughing.

Unexpectedly, the moon god race’s good intentions were misinterpreted by the Department of Inspection.


The Department of Inspection could be said to have led the entire human race astray.